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Rogers Home Phone / rogers disconnection of home phone

1 62 Broomfield DriveScarborough Toronto, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

Rogers has been switching to some sort of new system for their home phones and we opted not to switch to this new system. We were not notified of any changes to our account or service. Our account is paid up to date (A1 payment history) and for no reason Rogers disconnnected our home phone without notice of disconnection.

We called to inquire why this happened. We also spoke with numerous representatives from Rogers all stating that 'our account cannot be located on their system'??? What is going on here. We have been loyal clients, pay on time and they cut our services with no notice and to add to that, our account is completely deleted from their system!! In addition, we spoke with a public relations representative (not sure of title) and they said they will give us 3 months free but you can't get the number back? Who's fault is this? If they can totally delete an account without notice then i'm sure they can give us the service and the number back. (phone number we have had for 10 years!)

I think that we paid right up until next month too! We have a family business running from home... this has caused loss of business, requiring us to change the contact numbers on all our business facimiles! Not to mention undue stress.

Any input on what steps to take?

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  • Ro
      25th of Jan, 2008
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    rogers home phone - overdue payment sent to collections

    I spent 2 hours on the phone arguing with they rogers reps. I was was pissed off over a bill that i paid to disconnect by phone to switch back to bell. I terminated the service on June 18. It took them ten days to disconnect it. They billed me $20.74 for ten days of service. Which was so bull ### considering there was no active line.
    So now 6 months later i received a invoice for $85.52. In which I find out that they sent to collections with out send me a notice. phone thing is that i never received any of the calls or invoices.

    So now we have to pay this stupid bill so her credit rating isn't shot to ###. I hate rogers!
    I'm so sorry I switched from bell to rogers!

    They have the worst customer service representatives .

  • Ma
      21st of Feb, 2008
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    Related issue I think you will find interesting. We switched our home phone service from Bell Canada to Rogers. In turn went to try and connect Primus DSL internet, and they cannot find the number. Primus recommended, but laughed and said "good luck", that I contact Rogers and get the CIC (Circuit Identification Code" so that they could activate the line. Rogers refuses to give this information up, and certain that this must be against CRTC legislation, lodged an inquiry. Initially CRTC tells me there is no laws governing internet, but I said I just want my Circuit ID, this is a PHONE issue, and can they refuse to give this info to me. THey are looking into it. In your case, you have a direct phone issue, I would lodge a complaint with the CRTC. Follow the steps on the link. Actually, since you have no phone service you can talk to someone immediately and the phone number will be provided with your complaint reference # immediately completing the complaint steps.

    Good luck!! Rogers should not be allowed to get away with what they do.

  • Ma
      21st of Feb, 2008
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    Sorry, here is the CRTC complaints link

  • Ma
      21st of Feb, 2008
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    CHeck with the CRTC what the laws are pertaining to this. Worst case, at least you get to lodge a complaint with the governing/regulating body.

  • Ky
      27th of Feb, 2008
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    Same thing happened to us but because of confusing bill we werent paying for it. They admitted mistake but then when they tried to get the number back from the person who got it he said no so now they turn around and say we never had the number and they never said we could have it back. We are proceeding with legal action and I would advise you to do the same. More people should to stop the Rogers insanity they continue to do.

  • Ti
      12th of Jan, 2010
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    Reference number: 478131

    Thank you for contacting the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). This is an automatic confirmation that we have received your message. If a further response is required, we should contact you within 10 working days. We apologize in advance for any delay that may be caused by the high volume of correspondence received in the Commission.

    If your request is urgent, for example, if it involves the disconnection of your telephone service, please contact Client Services toll-free at 1-877-249-2782 and provide the above-mentioned Reference Number. If you use a TDD, you can reach us toll-free at 1-877-909-2782.

    To reply or to add to your submission click here

    This is the information included in your message.

    Industry of interest/concern: VOIP
    Type of message: Complaint
    Your Message: -Cancelled request for home phone service back to Rogers from Vonage in September 2009.
    -Received numerous annoying 800- calls from Rogers that I owned them an amount on my home phone service.
    -Contacted the number provided and then 888-rogers1 number. No They had no record of a home phone service under my phone number.
    -I suspected fraud and called the police, crime busters, OPP phone busters. No reponse back.

    -As of Jan 6, still receiving annoying 800 calls and by this point received an invoice from Rogers in Toronto that I owed them for a home phone service. Received two invoices. Once from Nov and another from Dec. I was out of country until recently and am now following up on this with the Rogers 1 800 number with customer service - Spoke with Jill. They have the correct acct no. now, Agent will be calling from Hybrid Rogers telecom. 1-866-2141 to advise when account has been cancelled and credited.

    Jan 8, 2010 @ 2:28:
    -Received call from Roberta at Rogers, 1-647-747-1005 that the service had been cancelled and my account would be credited. My Vonage home phone service stopped working after receiving this call.

    Jan 12
    -Erica, operator no is 40102, customer service for home phone and digital internet transferred me to the Hybrid Service. I spoke with ?. I asked for reimbursement for all the trouble I have had since September, the fact that my number needs to be released and ported back to Vonage and that I have no Vonage telephone service right now due to their negligence. I have a record of over 80 voice mails in my email from Rogers that I owed them for a home phone service, dating back to September 2009, that no Rogers rep knew about how to stop. I considered changing my number, I called the police, I tried reasoning with the number at Rogers I was being directed to, with no help until now. Here I am with no phone service for a week and all Rogers say they are going to do is correct their problem, without any other compensation for all the trouble I have had????? I believe Rogers needs to be more accountable and be penalized for this type of harrassment and mismanagement.

    Can you help or refer me to a lawyer who could seek a settlement from Rogers for all the annoyance and difficulties I have had.

    Jan 8 @ 2:28
    -Received call from Roberta at Rogers, 1-647-747-1005. Home phone service stopped working.

    Jan 12
    -Erica, operator no is 40102, customer service for home phone and digital internet. She transferred me to the Hybrid Service, Customer Service. Their direct no. 1-888-764-3771, ask through voice mail to be transferred. I explained the problem to new person for 20 minutes (at 11:30am) and spoke with 632509. ? and was disconnected. Dee, operater no QA60. She advised that I had already been compensated for $127.00 dollars and that I was not to be compensated any further in a manner that indicated that she had no regret for all the difficulties I have received. She said that the disconnection of my telephone service Jan 8 had nothing to do with Rogers and that it was a Vonage problem. Vonage were contacted Sunday Jan 9 and created a ticket to commence Monday morning to have the number ported back from Rogers to Vonage and advised that some times Rogers are reluctant to do this but they thought they could have this completed by Tuesday. It is now Tuesday and my home phone service.

    -Spoke with supervisor, Mathew, operator no. Q195. There was nothing that Rogers can do to affect my service with Vonage according to their service. Porting takes my number. He would compensate me for $25.00 on my account. I advised that I would take this issue up with CRTC and legal representation.


    -sent a complaints message to:

    Called Vonage technical support, located in India, rep: Kamil, ticket no 24139368. According to Rogers as of today's date this number 613-741-5854

    Ticket status: Changed. still open as of now. Vonage has not received a response from Rogers as yet, problem has been escalated advanced operations team, telephone number to request to Rogers to have porting process complete. Number is not with Vonage. Rogers has to release the number from their database. I have to wait for two more days. This requries an outage to release the number and put it back into Vonage's database. Put on hold, while he checks something. I have to wait 24hrs, 2 more days for this action to be completed.

    I don't understand this disorganization, why it requires my service to be cut, while my number is changed over to a different carrier. CRTC should stop this problem from happening.


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