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We have been using rogers for over 2 years now and have been less than pleased with their service. A couple months ago, after been fed up with slow speeds and constant drop outs we decided to call rogers for a solution. A technical support employee convinced us it was our crappy router and suggested us to get their all-in-one modem/router for an extra $1.50 a month.

After the first bill the next month we noticed that we were going over the 60gb monthly limit, something that we never encountered before. After months of carefully monitoring our bandwidth and even sometimes avoiding the internet completely in fear of being charged, I was still shocked to notice we were going over the 60gb limit.

Searching the day to day usage, I noticed that one day 18gb's were "donwloaded". Easily 16 gigs more than normal. This was the same day I was trying to watch a movie on the Play Station 3 that I transfered over from my laptop. I had trouble getting the sound to work so I had to transfer this 4gb file over several times. I didn't think much of it because it wasn't useage.

After multiple calls to Rogers who explained to me something that I already know, how "transfers on the same network are direct transfers and don't count for bandwidth because it had nothing to do with the internet" (DUH). I insisted that because it was a modem/router, it was incorrectly mistaking a LAN transfer for internet usage. Essentially Rogers charged us 18gb's of bandwidth for ONE file (putting us over our monthly limit). Moreover, this explained why we were always over our limit because we transfer all kinds of movies/songs to our Playstation.

After he talked to his boss, who talked to someone else who talked to the guys that runs the servers, they informed us that it does indeed count as useage. Frustrate and busy with other things, I called back the next day and within 10 seconds my overage charges for the past couple months were refunded.

I was wondering if anyone else has any similar problems with the *** all-in-one modem/router and I wonder how many other people are being unnecessarily charged because they share/transfer files in their OWN network. Also, isn't this illegal?

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  • Di
      1st of Oct, 2008
    Rogers Communications - rogers home phone
    Rogers Communications

    In November 2017 I switched my home phone services to Rogers (VOIP). To make a very long story very short, it took Rogers 18 days to install the service that would not work. Twenty-three phone calls and three service visits later resulting in days without phone service that I was paying for (including no 911 ability), my Rogers VOIP home phone finally worked. Since then my phone service has been corrupted in some capacity many times. This final time, I have just made many service calls (on my work cell phone) and three Internet service calls as I now have no dial tone - yet again. To add insult to injury, Rogers emailed me stating that my phone service works fine!

    Let's not even go into their inaccurate billing and account information. That will be another complaint.

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  • Br
      28th of Nov, 2008
    Rogers Communications - they don't care

    My mother is 91 years old. She wears a emergency wrist band in case of emergencies she can push this button and immediatley it dials an emergency service. This goes through the phone in her condo. She lives alone and has had a serious issue with her heart that cannot be operated on so they give her pills to rectify the problem as much as possible. Anyways, the phone was down and we called Rogers - they told us they could not get there until 3 days later. Why couldn't they make it there right away. Obviously something was more important than a person's life.

    I have had numerous issues with there internet service at my mom's place. I live in Calgary and send her emails containing pictures. They wouldn't even go to my mom's place to look at the computer - even when I offered to pay. They said when they hooked her up she got the Standard install rather that the 'Ultimate' install where they check her computer and make sure she can get on the internet. I couldn't get them to go there. It turned out the problems was with the modem and that is why the phone quit working. When they discovered that and when we informed them that she has an emergency wrist band that's tied into the phone they said 'We can make it in 3 days'. They don't care about the customer, only themselves. I can see why there is so many complaints about Rogers.

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  • Lo
      15th of May, 2010

    Rogers...worst customer service ever. I can't count the number of times I've called in for help and after waiting for an hour I get dropped.

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  • On
      22nd of Sep, 2010
    Rogers Communications - bad service
    Rogers Communications
    United States

    They delivered an expensive scuplture, with fragile written all over the box. They smashed by bashing in the side of the box. They charged me more than it should have been after destroying my item. I called and faxed for days weeks, now in month #3... no one there acres, they say fax this, and i do and then i call and they say never got it. So I send it to a new fax number and they call and say I need to fill out another form and another form, and then i call back and they cant find anything and ask to start the process over... its designed so that nio matter what the customer looses everytime. They hold all the cards.

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  • Sl
      7th of Jan, 2011
    Rogers Communications - bunch of thieves
    Rogers Communications
    United States

    I have 5 phones with rogers for the lat 12 plus years, I wanted to upgrade the old phone, they not only charged me more than anyone else as new to rogers ($300) but also $35 for upgrade, now I want to cancel all my phones with them, hey want to charge anther $380 per phone for early cancellation. I just went through my monthly bill, they are nothing but rip-off, I would never recommend my worst enemy to get a phone from them. No loyalty to customer, very rude on the phoe, I have been paying $800.00 plus per month. They simply do not care about any customer. The management people don't have time to talk to me as they are too busy. There should be a law to protect consumer, as these people are nothing but bunch of thieves.

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  • Tr
      6th of Mar, 2011

    Seems when you go to cancel your Rogers internet, you have to give them 30 days notice, they take your modem, but still charge you for the full 30 days with out service... what kind of theft is that? Now, because the TV isnt bundled, it will go up $20 higher than the listed web site page price... how does that work? wild... Have you noticed that their stores are closing? No video rentals? so they must be trying to screw people for lost revenue...

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