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I have had continuous issues with Rogers regarding my service, bills and charges. I have tried to change packages to lower my bill time and time, but it does not appear to work. They lock my cell phone if I do not pay in full, and do not credit for the time they have done this. As of February of 2014 my bill was to be back to 0 balance as I was told my an agent of the company. I always make a payment but may not be in full as the bill is always so high. I have recently contacted them to change my packages and disconnect some of my services so that I do not keep being charged these amounts and I was told it was not possible to do so. This makes no sense as i am trying to lower my bill and not have to keep paying the high charges but they will not allow me to at this time so my bill just keeps increasing! I want to cancel with them and it is not affordable. I cannot do this without paying the full amount owed but yet I am still being charges the high monthly fees and for service I no longer want. What can be done about this? Thank you.

Aug 11, 2014
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  • Jl
      Aug 12, 2014

    I think you signed a contract? If so, you are obligated to pay until the contract is fulfilled. Smart phones are not free. You can pay for the phone upfront or you can pay for it monthly, but it is not free.

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  •   Aug 12, 2014

    Hi there. Sorry to hear about this. We have sent you a private message about this as we would like to try and assist with this matter - Wagdy

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  • Bs
      Aug 17, 2014

    JLSeagull, no I did not sign a contract and I don't have a smart phone. I did not say it is free! Not sure what you are saying here, but did not provide any assistance.

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