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J Nov 16, 2017

We stayed at the Guanacaste 3 years ago and had an excellent time. My daughter was so impressed that she booked her wedding there this October. Whe we arrived there this year we noticed a decline in the upkeep of the hotel (cups floating in the pool in the morning and management more confrontational). The wedding planner that my daughter worked with quit before we arrived and she was not told until after we were at the resort. The day of her wedding was somewhat confused. When we went for dinner after the wedding my daughter wanted to switch from steakhouse to Italian because steakhouse was not air conditioned and our meal the night before was invaded by animals that looked like raccoons (3 of them on table)
Italian restaurant staff we very accommodating but restaurant manager who initially agreed to moving us if we lined up with other hotel guests wanting to go there changed his mind. He asked one of bridesmaids who spoke Spanish into his office then locked the door and began yelling at her that we would be going to the steakhouse. She said she was uncomfortable and wanted out. He continued yelling at her and slammed his fists down on his desk. Vivian then pushed past him and ran back to the wedding party. My daughter came out and he aggressively approached her to within about 6 inches when my wife pushed him back away from her. Amanda then told him we were eating at the Italian and walked away from Javier (the restaurant manager). We thought things had ended but during dinner my wife went out for a cigarette and saw Javier in the smoking area with about 5 security personnel. She came back to the restaurant concerned something else was going to happen during dinner, but nothing did. We heard later that because he was the only manager there he was in charge of security.
The next morning about 4:00 Iran into the grooms father who told me he had been called to the front desk and they said something was was wrong with a guest named Shawn but they wouldn't tell him anything. I went to the front desk with Craig to find out what was going on. When I got to the front lobby I was an ambulance out front, two ambulance attendants sitting in the lobby with about 4 police officers. I spoke with the manager at the desk who had me identify Shawn from his passport then told me he was dead. He told me Shawn was acting erratically then just dropped dead and the police officers were there waiting for a different set of officers to come because there was a death in the hotel
As I stood at the front desk I noticed Shawn's sandals in front of the lobby desk, their positioning reminded me of how shoes end up after someone is hit by a car. I also noticed a line of blood on the floor in behind the desk 5 to 8 inches long by about 1 to 2 inches wide. The manager would not tell me where the body was and had me contact the Canadian Embassy so that we could notify his family. I felt uncomfortable but wanted to believe the manager
Talking to other guests later I was told that if he was having a heart attack or was having an overdose he would not have the energy to act erratically he would be lathargic and require help to move.
Shawn was a groomsman in my daughters wedding and she met with a manager in the morning to find out what happened. She asked to see the body and was told it had previously left the hotel. She asked to see the video footage from the two cameras at the front desk and he told her it was given to the police and he had not watched it. Then told her he watched some of it and Shawn was acting erratically and he died from an overdose. When she got out of the managers office she was told Shawn's body was taken out while she was in the office.
I talked to the Nexus representative who assured me that the true cause of death would come from the autopsy because we were being told conflicting accounts of what went on. I found it very concerning that we were told it was an overdose and the police did not interview any of the 42 people that went down for my daughters wedding.
We later read in a local newspaper that the Riu had released a statement that Shawn Had fainted while handcuffed in a chair.
Our last 2 days at the resort, my wife, my two younger daughters (9 and 10), my son and our guest lived in fear waiting for something else to happen. I was never so relieved to leave a place in my life!
Shawn's family paid to have his body returned to Canada and to have another autopsy done. The autopsy that came from Costa Rica was missing a toxicology report and the returned body was missing the brain
I believe that an incident happened with the hotel security and all of the ingredients to have a similar incident are still in place down there. I also find it suspicious that a coroner could be so incompetent as to not do a toxicology test and not include the brain with the body remains
You have a problem at this resort and it should not have come to the point that a man loses his life to show you and what is more alarming is that there seems to be a cover up to keep everything status quo

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