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Complaints & Reviews


After reading many negative reviews we still decided to take a week's vacation at the Riu in Mazatlan in...

Thornhill Food

rip off

I've experienced a total nightmare with the RIU Santa Fe. I booked my wedding with them. I"ve never been treated so poorly by anyone in the travel business as I did by RIU staff. They just kept telling me they didn't need anything else then would email me a couple weeks later and tell me they continue to request the same information and I don't respond. They constantly threatened to cancel my wedding if I didn't send them the info, regardless of the fact that I sent them their emails telling me they didn't need anything else. The only reason I didn't cancel things sooner was due to family coming who didn't purchase travel insurance. Hurricane Jimena hit and really complicated things. I was told by their wedding coordinator, Nelly, if we can't be there by Wed we can't get married. Well, flights weren't available to get us there on Wed so the trip got cancelled. She told us this was the legal requirement. On Thurs we got an email from her saying if we got there on Friday they would marry us legally. Now, according to her the law was 4 days, not 24 hours. I am not sure if she has the power to change a law or just use them as guidelines. Of the 11 family members going, 7 lost some of their money because they were told we couldn't get married there, so they cancelled. While trying to work things out I was told by Andres and I quote "this is not my problem, it is yours." I asked to speak to his supervisor and he told me he didn't have one. Then he proceeded to hang up on me. I am still in utter shock about how we were treated. And no, the day was ruined and we didn't get married there. We picked that day specifically, in tribute to my father who passed on (it was an important day for him) and were not able to get married. My heart is still broken over this and RIU is not offering any type of resolution. You will get nothing but heartache with this company.

I will not rest until I get a response

We have stayed at the Riu Palace Riviera Maya from 15 to 29 July 2009. We paid more than 12 000 euro's
for the package which includes the air fares from the Nehterlands to Cancun. We have 3 daughters aged 18, 15 and 13 and
therefore we booked two roos next to each other. Our eldest daughter has epilepsy so we needed to check on her on a regular basis.

We stayed in room 1033 and the girls in room 1034. The problems started fro day 1 when the key to room 1034 just did not work. I went to
the reception and told them and 4 hours later someone came to fix the lock as nothing was wrong with the cards. But the same problem happened
again and again every single day. I spent hours every day walking back and forth to the reception to get help. Calling them
did not help as they did not respond at all.

On Tuesday 21 July our eldest daughter came to our room at midnight because she did not feel well. When we wanted to return with her at 00:30,
we could again not get into th room. I went to the reception again and aksed for their help. The problem was that the person that
could get into the roos when the lock did not work was not there, so we could not get in. We knocked on the door for half an hour and only then
one of the girls that have been in the room woke up and opened the door. The reception told us that they could not fix the door and the only
possibility was that we packed all our stuff immediately and moved to two other rooms that were situated far worse than ours.
I refused that because I did not want to wake the youngest so I slept with the two girls with an open door. Needles to say that I have not
slept at all the entire night.

On 22 July we went on an excursion so they promised that it would be fixed. When we arrved back at 19:00 it was indeed fixed
but that night it broke again. I was furious because everytie I wnet to the front desk, I had to tell the entire story again to the person
at the desk. They could not find anything on the system about the situation at the room.

The next day I met with Anilu who is the manager. She said that she would try and get us better rooms as a compensation for the
problems that we had. She gave us two keys, one to a suite in which there were still people (1066) and one that smelled of smoke
(1065) which was exactly the same as those we were living in. I refused that. This all happened on 25 July. At 16:00 on this day
(a few hours ago) the lock broke again and they came again to fix it.

Apart fro all these problems, the airconditioning did not work on 21 and 22 July in room 1034 and the bath in room 1033 is still broken.

customer service

I left expensive glasses at reception during check out on June 25th. I immediately contacted the front desk and made arrangements for them to be secured and shipped back to the US via UPS. I've made payment, sent the shipping label, the international paperwork and have been waiting for shipment. I've spoken to Rosemary(Maria) and Julio and still UPS has not picked up the glasses (although I had UPS on the line and scheduled the pick up - I was informed by UPS that the glasses were not available when they came for pick up). I've made numerous international calls at my expense to be placed on hold indefintely, disconnected and finally told by Rosemary that I did not send the paperwork when she in fact was on the phone with me and UPS confirming pick up on 7/8 with all documentation in hand. She then told me she has had enough and hung up on me. This is unacceptable - it will be a month since my trip and I should not be treated in this manner. I would have considered returning until the experience of customer service of these individuals. Please help me get these prescription glassses.


Recently (March 14 to 20th) my girlfriend and I, with recommendations from my sister, chose to holiday at a Riu Resort. March break did not come soon enough.Upon our arrival the staff greeted us with a warm welcome and showed us to our room. The room seemed mediocre and not at all like the photos. As our week passed by, things seem to get progressively worse. The awful stench of sewage and gas was somewhat disturbing.The bed was most uncomfortable and flee ridden .The toilet's tank filled in the middle of the night, disrupting a poor sleep to begin with The shower curtain showed stains of mildew and the beds did not have a protective cover. The resort itself was lovely, the food was very good, the saff wonderful and the beach, what can I say...beautiful...A few nights into our holiday both my girlfriend and I, in room 2206 were sitting on the balcony enjoying a game of backgammon and then we heard loud banging and singing in the room next door.Suddenly glass came crashing down. Apparently the young drunken man put his fist through the washroom window just for the fun of it.My friend reported it to the manager.Apparently we were not the only ones who have complained about the noises that went on nightly in our building. I am an educator and many of my co-workers travel to the the sun during our breaks...This one was disapointing...I am attaching photos of the room..Hoping that others will not have to exoerience what we have .Regards Lola

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I booked a wedding with the Riu for December 2008. Due to health reasons I was not able to make the trip this year. I contacted the "wedding" department and told them that I would like to reschedule the wedding date to December 2009. I was told this was fine. Then I received an email stating that I needed to book my room. This was a full year in advance. I was not required to book my room when I originaly booked the wedding for 2008 and I also live in an area where we have a charter to Jamaica and when you book the charter and room together you get it for much much cheaper. I explained that I did not have to book my room when I reserved for 2008 and the charter situation. I was sent an email back and was told this was fine and they would contact me in January 2009 to make sure the wedding was still on and see if the charter prices were out yet. Then in December 2008 I got an email being told that the wedding was canceled because I did not book my room. This email from the same person that told me I did not need to do it. I sent her a copy of her email and asked what was going on. She then rudley responded and told me that she "demanded" I book a room if I want my wedding there. I asked for her supervisior to contact me and they did telling me that they "request an apoligie from me for my misunderstanding" I then cancelled my wedding with them and I am now booking with a hotel that cares about their guests.

  • Ni
    ninjagal Sep 03, 2009

    I've experienced a total nightmare with the RIU Santa Fe. I booked my wedding with them. I"ve never been treated so poorly by anyone in the travel business as I did by RIU staff. They just kept telling me they didn't need anything else then would email me a couple weeks later and tell me they continue to request the same information and I don't respond. They constantly threatened to cancel my wedding if I didn't send them the info, regardless of the fact that I sent them their emails telling me they didn't need anything else. The only reason I didn't cancel things sooner was due to family coming who didn't purchase travel insurance. Hurricane Jimena hit and really complicated things. While trying to work things out I was told by Andres and I quote "this is not my problem, it is yours." I asked to speak to his supervisor and he told me he didn't have one. Then he proceeded to hang up on me. I am still in utter shock about how we were treated. And no, the day was ruined and we didn't get married there. We picked that day specifically, in tribute to my father who passed on (it was an important day for him) and were not able to get married. My heart is still broken over this and RIU is not offering any type of resolution. You will get nothing but heartache with this company.

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raw sewage odor in hotel room

Dear Sirs,

Attached you will see the string of emails I have sent the RIU Resorts. As you can see RIU is clearly not taking ownership for the horrific service my family received at their resort. Our entire stay was ruined and no one at the resort in Mexico nor through their online customer complaint venue has given us a satisfactory resolution. My original complaints feel upon deaf ears at the resort and then when I returned I had to email RIU on multiple occasions before I received a response. As you can see from my string of emails I have requested the name and contact information for the RIU CEO on three separate occasions and have not been provided with this information as of yet. The resort has offered my family a complimentary two day stay which I must redeem prior to Nov. 2009. Our original vacation was an 8 day 7 night stay and it was an awful experience. A two day complimentary stay does not begin to compensate us for the horrific experience nor the fact that we paid a lot of money for this vacation and did not get our monies worth.
Dear Sirs,

Please provide me with the information I am requesting. This is my third formal request for this information. I would like the name and contact information for the RIU CEO.

Dear Madam,

Thank you for providing me your supervisor's information but I would like the information for the RIU CEO.


Dear Sirs,

I appreciate your response but I emphatically differ with RIU's assessment of the situation. My family and I have traveled to Mexico and the Caribbean on many occasions and we have never experienced the horrific smell that emanated in our room. My sister and her family were staying in the room next to ours and it did not smell like our room. There was a huge difference between the way my sister's room smelled and the way our room smelled. The smell was DEFINITELY NOT A SLIGHT HUMID SMELL DUE TO HEAT (response received from RIU for the reason for the smell) and putting on the air conditioner did not dissipate the smell. The smell seemed to be that of raw sewage or rotten garbage as I noted in my original email. My family and I have stayed at many resorts in the Caribbean/Caribbean Islands ( Rivera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Acapulco, Mexico City, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas etc.) and we have never experienced a smell like this. I certainly can differentiate between the smell of humidity which is expected in the Caribbean and the horrific smell that we experienced. Your own cleaning women agreed that the smell was foul and attempted to help us by thoroughly cleaning the room and spraying air fresheners but it did not help.

I do not believe that RIU is taking ownership for this situation and two complimentary days is not sufficient to compensate us for a week filled of inconvenience. We paid a lot of money for this vacation and did not get our monies worth! Not only did the resort ignore our repeated requests to assist us but now I have received a generic response which does not address what we experienced. It is inexcusable that we had to tolerate this odor for an entire week. When I tell you that we had to keep the room frigid and the smell was still present does not even begin to explain the extent to which my family and I were inconvenienced. The smell literarily kept my sons up at night because it was unbearable. When we arrived home all of our clothes and luggage came home with that horrible smell. I had to send all of our clothes to the dry cleaners. I am extremely disappointed that none of the comments in my original email were addressed. I find it insulting for RIU to suggest that I don't know the difference between the slight smell of humidity and raw sewage.

If you are not able to address all of my concerns to my satisfaction I would like to be provided with the name and contact information from the RIU CEO.


Dear Sirs,

My family and I stayed at your Hotel Riu Palace Riviera Maya in Mexico this past summer. There was a total of eight of us. My sister and her family - a total of four and my husband, children and I another four. My family was assigned a room and my sister and her family were assigned a room right next to our room. Upon our entrance to our room we noticed an unpleasant smell in the room and thought perhaps the room needed to be cleaned so we phoned our concern to the front desk and was told that someone would come to the room to address our concern. No one came to our room. On day two of our stay the odor had gotten progressively worse. It smelled very foul and like sewage or rotten garbage. My sister and her family came into our room and commented on the foul offensive smell. I walked to the front desk and expressed my concern again. The front desk manager was not very receptive and seemed to have an attitude. He told me that he would have to check and see if there was another room available and that an upgrade would cost us an additional $100.00. I was appalled on the lack of customer service he provided us. First, no one ever came to the room on day one when we phoned the front desk, second we had unpacked all of our luggage and belongings and would have to re- pack everything to a new room and the front desk manager had the audacity to tell me that an upgrade would cost us $100 additional a day!!! We were being inconvenienced by this entire situation and there was no concern expressed by the hotel at all!!! I explained to the front desk manager that I wanted to know why the room smelled so bad. The front desk manager seemed bothered and told me " What would you like us to do for you? " I couldn't believe he was speaking to me in this way. I asked if he could send someone to the room to investigate the smell and see if the situation could be resolved. He told me that he would send someone but no one was ever sent to the room. My husband stayed in the room for a good portion of that day to see if someone would come and no one came despite the fact that he called the front desk again. My husband mentioned the situation to the woman who was cleaning the room on that day and she also agreed that the odor was offensive and offered to thoroughly clean the room and sprayed an air freshener. The odor never left the room our entire stay! My son could not sleep at night given the terrible odor and we were obligated to keep the room extremely cold because if we did not keep the room freezing good the odor became more strong. My son ended up getting a cold due to the fact that we had to keep the room so cold. It was very difficult to sleep because we where freezing cold in the room each night. On the day of our departure we expressed our concerns to a gentleman who stated he was the Hotel Customer Care Liaison. The gentleman listened to us but offered no feedback. My entire family ended up with an upper respiratory infections when we returned home and we all had to go to the doctor and received antibiotics. I surely hope that the smell was not due to mold or something else that can effect anyone's respiratory system. I must tell you that we spent a lot of money on this vacation and are very dissatisfied with the treatment we received. I strongly suggest that room 2001 is thoroughly inspected and that the vents are inspected as well because the smell seemed to emanate from there. I ask that we are compensated for this inconvenience since our vacation was totally ruined by the lack of customer service at your hotel.

I await your anticipated response.

This e-mail may contain confidential information and is intended for the recipient(s) only. If an addressing or transmission error has misdirected this e-mail, please notify the author by returning this e-mail to the sender and immediately delete the e-mail and all attachments. Unauthorized disclosure, distribution, copying, or printing of this e-mail and its contents is strictly prohibited.

casino scam

On May 19th my wife and I flew from Philadelphia to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We were going to a...

lost luggage

The following letter has been sent to the riu and we have still heard nothing. no acknowledgment, no apology, no offer of compensation, nothing.

September 10, 2008

Riu corporation

Re:lost luggage at montego bay riu
Air jamaica vacations - booking # q3cg00aj travel dates: 8/22/08 - 8/29/08

To whom it may concern:

We spent seven nights at riu negril and were scheduled to leave jamaica on friday, august 29, 2008; however, do to tropical storm gustov the airport was closed. we were transferred by bus from the riu negril to the riu montego bay. after a lot of confusion at the front desk, we were finally checked into the riu montego bay at rate of $55 per person.

Saturday morning august 30, in attempt to leave jamaica, we met with jamaica tours representative jennifer gayle. after inquiring as to what we should do about getting back to baltimore, maryland, we were told to meet the bus at 2 pm as she arranged for two seats on the air jamaica flight to baltimore, maryland, departing the same as we were scheduled on friday, august 29, 2008 at 4:50 pm. we checked out of the riu and went to the airport. when we finally reached the ticket agent were told we were on “stand by” for this flight. unfortunately, we didn’t obtain seats on this flight.

We returned to the riu montego bay and checked in again for saturday night asking for the same rate we’d received the night before of $55 to be told 40 minutes later that the best rate they could give us was $70. however after checking my credit card I find that we were charged only $57. the front desk was unable to print us a receipt for saturday night.

On sunday, august 31, upon arriving at the airport, we went through the same thing; put on “stand by” and again were not given seats on the plane. after two failed attempts saturday and sunday to return to baltimore, maryland on “stand by” status, in frustration we contacted the us embassy and were instructed by the embassy to purchase new tickets on another airline back to baltimore, maryland. which we did before leaving the airport at the cost of $417 each.

Because our flight was scheduled to leave at 6:55 am september 1, 2008 and we were not allowed to wait at the airport during the night, we went back at the riu montego bay. due to our unexpected extended stay in jamaica and with our cash dwindling quickly with two extra nights hotel costs, taxi rides to and from the airport on saturday and sunday plus the return airline ticket and being two unaccompanied women in jamaica we were concerned for our safety, therefore, we decided to sit in the lobby all night waiting for our taxi at 4:30 am..

We returned to riu montego bay approximately 7 pm, and the bell man retrieved our luggage from the taxi. we explained we were not checking in as we had a very early flight in the morning and we would be waiting for our taxi in the lobby. he offered to put our luggage in the luggage room for safe keeping. we walked to the far end of the lobby to watch the nightly show and after the show we sat up the rest of the night playing cards.

At 4:00 am monday, september 1 we went to retrieve our luggage from the luggage room. it wasn’t there! we went to the front to ask their assistant in locating our luggage. the gentleman at the desk looked all around and could not find our luggage. by now it was 4:30 am and if we stayed any longer to look further for our luggage we ran the risk missing our confirmed flight. please understand that after spending more than eight hours on both saturday and sunday at the airport trying to get back to baltimore, maryland we felt we had no choice but to leave the hotel and go to the airport. we left our contact information as well as a full description of our luggage with the front desk attendant with the understanding the manager would contact us with a status on our luggage. it’s now been 10 days since our return to baltimore, maryland and we have heard nothing from any riu representative.

We entrusted the riu to take reasonable care of our luggage and not only did they not do that, they have not even had the courtesy to contact us regarding its disappearance. we feel this is totally unacceptable, especially given the caliber of a resort such as the riu.

While we realize that tropical storm gustov is considered an “act of god” and things happen such as the airport closing, we’re having a hard time accepting our lost, misplaced or stolen luggage and feel responsibility rests solely with the riu montego bay.

We are not new at travel to the caribbean, having been to jamaica, bahamas, aruba, bermuda, st. thomas, st. martin, punta cana, san juan, cancun and belize and booked reservations for large groups and stayed at a many resorts, but never, ever have we experienced a problem such as this.

We welcome response regarding this matter.


Beverly houser
2607 conway road, odenton, md usa 21113
Sharon walton
6707 lamont drive, lanham, md usa 20706

Cc: laura robles
riu partner club
carmen riu güell, co-chief executive
luis riu güell, co-chief executive
libby croston, manager
tradewinds travel
jamaica tourism
us embassy – jamaica
jamaica embassy

unthinkable conditions

RIU Palace Mexico Fiasco (Riviera Maya). My husband and I booked a 6 Apple (Apple Vacations) Square Deal for Riviera Maya. We were assigned to the RIU Palace Mexico from 7 to 14 June 2008. We had stayed at RIU's previously and know them to be a decent hotel but nowhere near a 6 Apple (Highest category Apple Vacations assigns).

This particular RIU was worse than anything I have ever experienced in a hotel anywhere and we travel a good deal. Giving it a 3 Apple rating would be generous! The staff was in no way up to par. I can only recall running into two employees that made us feel we were on vacation.

The room situation was simply ridiculous. Upon check in we asked for an ocean view and were told they did not have ocean views. We were told we could get either a pool or courtyard view if we waited for an hour or so. We waited and returned to receive our room key. We got to the room (1125) to find we were facing the trees at the back of the resort and the back of the neighboring resort. We also found a well lived in room. When I called the front desk to ask for the room we were told we'd get I was told that rooms with view were $40 extra per person, per night. When I informed the young lady we were told we would get a room with a view if we waited the additional money was reiterated. After going back and forth a while I was told we could get a room with a view in two days, but I had to come to the front desk by 10 am on the day of the move to let them know we wanted to move. I still don't understand that, but we agreed.

Later we find we have a colony of ants parading up a bed side dresser and a ledge where my husband had clothes. We had to track down a housekeeper in the halls to come combat the bugs. We had to stick it out in this room until we could move. The next surprise was the realization that the neighboring hotel's night club was right on the other side of the fence we faced. It was a long and loud night.

Our next morning, Sunday, we found out we had to go to a designated location between 8:30 and 10:30 each morning to make a dinner reservation. This was horrible, what an unwelcome daily vacation activity. When I went to the front desk to complaint to a supervisor, I waited for about 15 minutes to talk to a woman who told me no one had ever complained about their system and, at least 4 times told me I could make the reservation anytime within the 2 hour window. This trip was off to a bad start!

The second day, Monday, I went to the desk early to confirm we want to take the room with a view. I asked more than once that they have some one check the new room for bugs before we moved. It seemed as though I was bother in the young lady, but she finally said she would. We returned to the desk later and receive the new key.

We entered the new room (1063) to find another well lived in room. I headed to the window and opened the darkening drapes to find bugs crawling up the drapes. I immediately called the desk to ask for help. It took 20 minutes or so before someone arrived. The man killed the bugs I pointed out plus some that he found in another place. He cleaned up and left us with the can of Raid. That was certainly not a comforting thing.

I began looking around the room and here is a list of what was found:
- A rusty safe
- Corroding handle on toilet
- Crude/mold at base of toilet lid
- Rusting wall connection/water cut off for toilet
- Broken bar for the handheld shower head
- Crude/mold around and above the shower curtain bar
- Crude abound the tub
- Crude in the bottom of the tub
- Broken bath gel dispenser and bath get sitting to the side
- Silver finish coming off of the assistance bar for the tub.
- Ill fitting cover for the Kleenex receptacle in the sink
- Green crude around facet handles of the sink and bidet
- Stained bed sheets
- Stained pillow cases
- Cushions that were too small for the love seat
- Chipped soap dish on the sink
- Corroding magnifying mirror
- Dirty vent and surround
- Dirty/molding room service menu
- Stains on the walls
- Paint chipping off of the handles to the patio

When the front desk was notified of the problems, I got no assistance.

Having book an Apple Vacation, I decided to see our representative when he returned the next morning. We went out to enjoy the grounds and have dinner. The maid had come while we were out. She left the light on and the bugs were having a great time flying around in the lighted room. I spent the next while chasing bugs with Raid bug spray. I was a basket case. Once I was finally able to wind down, the chase was on again. After not seeing anything move for a while I finally laid down. It was a horrible night of feeling like things were crawling all over us.

The next morning I got up to go see Luis, but first I saw bugs crawling on the 2nd bed and then a couple in the bed we were in. I felt sick!

I saw the Apple Rep, Luis, and told him of the unacceptable conditions in the room and the poor service around the hotel. He just gave me a blank look. I told him how we had bugs in the 1st room and even after asking the desk staff to check the second room we had bugs in it also. Luis told me that maybe this was just a "general" problem like that would make it okay. I explained that for what we paid and for what Apple said we were going to get, this was unacceptable. I had taken pictures with my cell phone and showed them to Luis. This did not cause Luis to be any more helpful.

Luis asked what I wanted him to do about it and I told him to move us to an actual top rated hotel. He acted as if I did not say anything to him. I told him that no one from the hotel management, nor he, had ever even asked to come see the room that housed these horrid conditions. Again there was no response.

I was furious and frustrated. I asked to speak to his supervisor. After a while he got a supervisor on the phone. He spoke with her and then gave the phone to me so I could repeat my plight. She apologized, saying she'd contact the hotel. Luis came back to say we could move back to the first room (1125) we were in. I explained to him that that was not an option, because that room had bugs. Why would we go back to that room?

Luis left and came back again to say he and a housekeeping supervisor would come see the room. Luis and I went to room 1063 and I showed him the laundry list of problems. Minutes later the housekeeping supervisor came. It was the same many who had sprayed the day before. Luis showed him the problems, during which two men appeared with industrial fumigation canisters.

Apple was not going to move us to a decent, top of the line hotel. Our offer was to move to our first bug infested room or let them work on the on new room. Having no recourse, we got things together exited the room and let them work on the room. We returned hours later to find a few things fixed and there were no bugs in plain sight. I tried to tell Luis but he was not around. He did call later.

After we returned from dinner that night, Tuesday, we did not see bugs. You do not know how relieved I was. I wish all of the problems had disappeared. Even so, we still could not enjoy the room and I was tense for the whole vacation. I never got rid of the felling that things were crawling on me. I still shutter when I think of it.

We feel like we were robbed. We paid too much to end up in a place that does not value it's customers and takes no pride in there service or their accommodations. We have yet to hear a response from Apple Vacations or the RIU Hotels.

We are thoroughly disgusted!

damaged personal items

This is a copy of my complaint that I sent to Apple Vacations. This is their process for submitting complaints however, it has been 3 weeks and I have heard no response other than they are investigating:

I have a serious complaint about my recent trip that needs addressing as soon as possible. My mother and I stayed at the Riu Ocho Rios from 4/2/08 thru 4/7/08. Upon arriving at the resort, we were taken to our room. It did not meet our expectations as we upgraded to a junior suite ocean view and there was no ocean view. We were than taken to another room across the resort and we were put off right away at the overwhelming smell of mildew/musk in the room. Our baggage person said he can take care of the smell and returned with a spray bottle and sprayed down the room. It helped initially and we quickly left the room to have dinner. Upon returning late that night, we were once again overwhelmed with the amount of mildew smell and so slept with the sliding door completely opened which meant no air conditioning. My mother suffers from fairly severe allergies and was very uncomfortable. First thing the next morning, I went to the front desk once again to ask about switching rooms. They stated they were at full occupancy and just wrote my name on a sheet of paper. I did not hear back from them throughout the rest of our vacation. Please note my mother is not very mobile and having to switch rooms once already was a big inconvenience as the resort is very large. We just resorted to keeping the sliding door open at all times and I really believe that by the 3rd night we were somewhat acclimated to the smell. The huge problem is in the damage to all of our clothing (I even have a couple pairs of shoes tainted by the foul smell). We did not realize just how bad the mildew to our clothes was until opening our suitcases when at home. My husband actually made us put everything outside in the garage. I have 2 air filters running in my house because the smell in now in my house. Since returning home, I have washed our clothes 4 times, and have used various techniques in ridding the mildew smell to no avail. Both our suitcases have been airing outside since our return but I believe those are also ruined for future use. I am extremely disappointed and frustrated and angry. Not only is this a considerable amount of work I have to do upon returning from a vacation but these clothes are damaged to the point of being not wearable. I am demanding recourse for all the items ruined.

Unfortunately, this is not my only complaint. I would like to preference that I used to be in the travel industry and worked in Marketing at Orbitz for years. I mention this so that you understand that I have realistic expectations at a resort such as the Riu. I believe it was the 3rd day of our stay that it rained the entire day. This forced us inside. My sister who was also traveling with us decided to catch the rain hitting the ocean on her camera. As she snapped a shot, a bartender named McCain turned around and rudely told her to not take his picture and to ask next time. She quickly explained that the picture was of the view and ocean and not of him. He continued to be extremely rude to the point that she left in tears. I than went to speak to McCain by the bar thinking he misunderstood the whole situation. He then proceeded to tell me that I needed to respect him and that we should go away and that he does not care what we have to say. I honestly don’t remember all that he said as I was completely in shock and upset. The ironic thing is that she wanted to show him the picture to prove she did not take his picture but he just kept telling us to leave and that we are rude and disrespectful. I believe he was also some type of bar manager or head bartender as well, which just makes no sense at all. I have traveled all over the world and have stayed at all types of resorts from low end, middle to high end. I have never EVER been so upset by someone who is suppose to be assisting in the vacationers’ enjoyment. We had to avoid that specific bar for the rest of the trip.

In all my years of travel, I have never regretted a trip, until now.

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    CarribeanLover Jul 17, 2009

    I mean geez, of all the hundereds of people who have posted a review of the Riu Ocho Rios and the musty smell that accompanies some rooms, this has got to be the worst. I hope too many people don't buy into this nonesense. Just wash your clothes! I came to this site thinking that maybe there would be a complaint about stolen merchandise, an accident, bad food, horrible service; you know those things that really make a vacation. Instead the only complaint you have is about the smell. Suck it up! Please realize that Apple Vacations probably won't do anything for you because by your complaint you sound like one of those customers who is never satisfied and always seeking a reason to complain. Go have a glass of wine and take a chill pill lady.

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theft by employees!

Arrived at the RIU Jalisco Resort the night of the 6th of January checked in were told there were no keys to the room safes available until the next morning, went to our rooms (3 rooms 6 family members). Dropped off our luggage and went down to the beach spent about an hour at the beach then returned to or rooms to change while returning to the rooms one of the resorts security men followed us back into the hotel then to our rooms watched us exit our rooms as we went to the sports bar for a night cap , returned 45 minutes later to find someone had entered our rooms and stole all the cash in each room a total of $1300.00 hotel management was to say at the least unsympathetic to what took place and even after spending the next day dealing with the Mexican Police filling out reports that same security man was working the day shift when we left. It looks to me like the hotel is supplementing it's employees wages by allowing these crimes to take place. To this point no one in the RIU organizational has contacted us since our return . P.S. a Canadian family lost over $3500.00 that same night.

we will now become your 'nightmare'!

Riu hotels & resorts - www.riu.com Attn: ms. monica serrano Riu palace resort Luis riu, president and...

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