Rent-A-Center / rent a center employee on mlk in atl ga

Atlanta, GA, United States
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I'm forced to end my 14 year relationship! with Rent-A-Center because of a SUPER RUDE inconsiderate female employee ! Out of all these years I might have been late 3 times in total ! So i can't understand why she call me more than once in one day when im not even late!!! I have told them several of times how I feel about it !!but for some reason she continue to do it! Is so embarrassing bc sometime i listen to my music in my car & my phone say the name & number of the person who calling so I'm getting interrupted and embarrassed at the same time! when I'm not even late !!! SMH is no way I can keep paying 3 times the amount 4 something & Let y'all harasse and embarrass me at the same time . Then y'all HAVE the nerve to false advertise on commercials by sayin ! Worry-free!!! Y'all have worried the ### out of me 4 no reason!!

May 1, 2017

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