Rent-A-Center / manager at martinsburg wv

Martinsburg, WV, United States

6/10/17 manager called and asked about our payment we informed her that the full payment would be made on tuesday 6/13/17. After almost 3 years of loyal service and on time payments! We were told that that wasn't acceptible...?? Now grant you we have bought and paid for at least 5 telephones, 4 televisions, washer and dryer, numerous tablets, kept up with service plans for said telephones. Never ever been more than 3 days late on maybe 3 payments! Our payments were supposed to be due on tuesdays anyway but she informs us that it was changed to saturdays for some reason??? And also proceeds to tell my wife that my name was never on the account to begin with and that she has been there for 5 years but yet we have never seen or heard about her or her name ever the entire time we have been customers! She then proceeds to say that my name has never been on the account and she doesn't need to talk to me!! My name has been on the account since day one!! If it wasnt then how were they able to accept payments from my credit card and how is my name on the certificates of ownership?? I just think it is absolutely rediculous for a manager to disrespect loyal customers like us over 3 days after 3 years of loyal service and payments!! Plus we brought in other customers!! I am very pissed off and will definitely not be buying anything else ever again from your company!! You just lost a very good customer!!

Jun 10, 2017

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