Rent-A-Center / employee

Gilmer, TX, United States

My fiance and I go through Rent a Center in Gilmer Texas. My payments are due on Saturdays. This store starts blowing from phone up as soon as they open up. They call at least ten or more times before 6. Well today my house caught on fire. No product we are renting was damaged. But I told the lady that works there. Mrs. Lewes that my house had caught on fire and I would be going to the er. This lady when I called her and told her. She was rude to me. And her excat words we're. "Well y'all need to hurry up and get up her because it's my birthday and I'm not gonna wait here." I let that one go but while I'm in the hospital due to smoke inalation. I get a voicemail and she is rude on the voicemail. Her tone of voice was very rude. I have paid alot of money to Rent A Center but if something is not done. I can take my business elsewhere where. I would like to hear back from some one a.s.a.p. The voicemail is down below and I'm in the hospital when I get this voicemail.My email is [protected] or
My phone number is [protected]

Check out this #YouMail voicemail left for me by RENT 1ST.

May 13, 2018

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