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Rent a Center / scam and cheating

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I have bought things w/RAC before w/no problems. I went to the one in Medford, OR where I was living. Bought a TV, stereo and printer. I went in with a week left on my 90 days on the stereo to pay it off in cash, they told me I had missed it by 4 days even though I had the original receipt and contract with the managers signature on it saying otherwise. It took them 3 months to get me the printer and charged me during that time for printer. I got pissed over the stereo and told them to come pick it all up. I had been a good paying customer always. When I told them to pick it up, they begged me to keep the products. I told them *** no, I was going to their competition across town. I told them if they didn't come get it I was going to come drop it in the middle of their store. They picked it up finally and now they keep sending me these stupid coupons for what I had paid on the products towards a new product but only if I take a contract and more than 90 days. I have advised them repeatedly to quit sending me their crap because I'm tired of finding it in my mailbox and me having to put it in my garbage can. I WILL not go back to them EVER! I'd much rather go to Aarons who at least reports when you make timely payments to your credit report AND if you have to move where you can't take the products with you, they transfer ALL the money that you paid into it to the new store for the same product. Screw RAC!

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  • Cy
      10th of Jan, 2009

    I have been harassed by the Rent A Center and now at my job.Is there a way you can stop them .

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  • So
      18th of Jan, 2009

    What you need to do is talk to the store manager. If you requested that they not call your workplace then that request is required to be respected. If they still call your workplace then call the 800 number. The district manager will handle it from there.

    Just make sure that you make your payments on time and if you find that you can't make it in on the day that it is due. Call the store before it goes past due. ( Keep in mind that if you consistently do not pay on time, they are likely just to close your account and pick up the merchandise and not do business with you.)

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  • Re
      14th of Feb, 2009

    Renter center is a scam and fraud, they have been investigated by tv new magazines an found to be crooks that is not to be trusted or do busniness with at all.
    The goverments should and I hope that they do close them down for good.

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  • So
      4th of Mar, 2009

    That will never happen "realmanplus." RAC is in a group of rent to own companys that have a huge amount of lobbying power. However, what I could see happening is lawmakers changing some of the ways these companies do business in regards to the cash prices and lease agreements...

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