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This is a women that has abosolutely no regard for any other human being, and only cares about her commission. We have a land lord who was aboslutely incredible, but I don't think she realized who she was doing business with. The realitor our land lord chose, Cindy King, is a pitbull at best...There was no written notification for intent to sale, or 24 hour written notice of showing the home. She accused us of being unwilling to work with them on showing the house. When in fact my wife stayed home from work one day to be available to show the home, and the people didn't show up. Because we wanted to help our land lord, we allowed them to reschedule for the next morning, so then I had to miss work to be home for this. Cindy's problem is she looks at tenants as not important. I understand that this house is owned by someone else and they have the right to sale it. However this is and has been my families home for 2 years. Our son took his first steps here, and we brought our daughter home from the hospital to this house. To come in, on 3 days notice and demand full reign of how things were going to work was off putting and completely disrespectful of the situation at hand. Especially when we had already paid February's rent when we were notified this was all happening. There needs to be some sort of laws giving tenants the opportunity to move before they are put in the position to have strangers walk through there home consistantly. Realitors also need to realize that these homes they are trying to sale having people living there, that have feelings and memories that are precious. Handling things delicately would have gotten her a lot further with us.

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  • Mi
      1st of Aug, 2010
    Remax - ▪ Twelve dollars returned from a $600 deopsit
    United States

    REMAX of Silver City NM apparently likes to rip off college students for their cleaning deposit. Of a $600 cleaning deposit only $12 dollars was returned. The list of charges for the most part were bogus with the only legitmate charge of $130 for yard work. There was even a $35 charge for turning on the electricty which it was agreed was to be turned off. When the house was rented in August of 2017 the stove did not work and a new one was promised and promised for a year. When it came time for the students to move out the individual being delt with was not available (which ran into well over 45 days.) Since we are out of state suing is out of the question. Beware of this company.

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  • Li
      1st of Aug, 2011
    Remax - Not impressed
    United States

    I have never seen two agents less interested in marketing a property on behalf of their client than Robbie and Graham of Burns Lake Remax office. Graham responded to my initial inquiry (give us your phone #) and ignored the 3 follow up emails I sent. Robbie didn't deign to reply at all, had her secretary(?) reply in abrupt one word replies to my questions. If I had contracted them to sell my place I would be very very angry.

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  • Gi
      9th of Sep, 2014
    Remax - No deposit required
    Piazzetta dell’Arancio 25, 55100
    Phone: 003905831531120

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing you because I would like to file a report and complaint about REMAX company. More specifically, during the period 18 June 2017- 17 June 2017 I rent an apartment in Lucca of Italy through your agency. I was working on my Ph.d in England and I moved in Lucca the current year in order to work as a Post-doc Researcher. During the contract I paid one month rent in agency and two months deposit (1, 100 Euros) to landlord as it is expected and happens everywhere. In June 17 I left Lucca and went back to Greece and I asked the Landlord to give back the deposit (I gave him photocopy of the official bank account to put the money) after any damages caused. Since then until now there is no answer from him and the agency did nothing to help me. More specifically, I was sending him messages and calling him and I was asking him what happened and no answer. I started a round of email exchanges with the agency and they told me that they will solve the problem but actually they didn’t nothing they, just got my money. If there was a damage neither agency nor landlord said anything. And if there is I would like to see proofs (photos with dates and official documents that support this), because I took photos before I leave the house as I do not trust anyone including agencies, who do not support the customer and the only thing they know is to get the money (in my case). I have all the documents (agreement document with the fee payment to agency and the contract of the rent). Also I am sending you the email I have exchanged with two agents in Italian and I translated in English. I am sending you this report because I cannot find any solution and there is absolutely zero support to customers like me. In addition as you will see in the emails he said that we arranged a meeting in Lucca. Since one week ago I came to Bologna to stay for a year to work with some professors in University for Bologna and university of Verona. On Friday 5th of September I send him and message that I am coming the next day in Lucca for the deposit. When I went to Lucca I called him and to my surprise he answered my phone call (probably he did not see the number), he said he was busy and he will call me after a specific time to meet with me and give the deposit. He never called of course and I called him more than 6-7 times but no answer. I do not know how and to whom you give franchise to open and represent your company, but really I am so angry and tired of this entire situation. I am serious person working and I do not have the time to spend. In addition, I have many thinks to do and I spend also money to go to Lucca and go back to Bologna. Your professionalism really amazed me and impressed me and I do not know who these people are and who gets the permission to open branches and represent n your company and on which criteria this selection is based. You should be very proud. I would like to solve this problem in the following week otherwise I will proceed with any possible legal procedure. Furthermore, I know students in England and Italy and I will inform and tell them to avoid your company, which is not the best case in this period of financial and economic crisis. Finally, I will start posting on facebook and other social media the names of the agents and landlord and describing the entire story. Then I will ask for more money, for the time I waste and the I am not asking for additional money, but only what it deserves; the deposit. And if there is any damage why the agents and landlord did not say anything since 17th of June? The only thing the agents were telling me is “sorry we will solve the problem”, Never solved. I am congratulating you for your services. Also one of these emails was very rude it was like asking back money I did not give. Well done, god job.
    If you need additional information I would be very happy to provide it to you as links of my profile. I work in academia and I do not have the willing and time to spend the time with these things and for sure I am not the person who is going to lie. Thank you very much.

    Yours sincerely,
    Eleftherios Giovanis

    The first email I sent it was through Re/Max website to the following agent on 3rd of August:

    Agency: RE/MAX Viva
    License Number of Agency: 2064 LU
    Website of agency:

    Address of Agency: Piazzetta dell’Arancio 25
    Lucca, LU, Italy

    Name of agent: Barbara Guerrini
    License number of agent: 2324
    Website of agent profile:

    But I did not get response from the specific agent but from the manager Paola Mondello which was the following:
    Ciao Eleftherios,
    mi spiace leggere di questa cosa. Frediano è sempre stato un ottimo proprietario, molto corretto per quanto ne so.
    È la mia collega Barbara (ci legge in copia) che lo segue, lei tornerà lunedì dalle vacanze e si attiverà subito per risolvere.
    La cauzione serve per eventuali danni, se tu non ne hai fatti ti verrà restituita.


    Hello Eleftherios,
    I am sorry to read about this. Frediano (the name of the Landord is Frediano Sargentini) has always been a great owner, very correct as far as I know.
    It is my colleague Barbara (reads us a copy) that follows it, she will return Monday from vacation and will be activated immediately to resolve.
    The deposit is for any damage, if you do not have the facts you will be refunded.

    Thank you

    I replied to her as:

    Dear Paola,
    thank you very much, I know that the deposit is for any possible damage. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    After one week passed there was absolutely no answer, so I sent another email (on 10th of August) through again the website asking for news and again Paola Mondello answered as:

    Barbara è tornata solo a metà settimana, so che ha già parlato con Frediano e mi pare non ci siano problemi a renderti la cauzione, come dovuta. Non so di più, ti chiamerà Barbara

    Barbara returned only half-week ago, I know she has already spoken with Frediano and it seems to me there are no problems to make your deposit, as due. I do not know more, please call Barbara

    But I was writing to Barbara but nothing. Anyway I thanked her and waiting. Again no answer, but you really have amazing services. Therefore on 26th of August I sent another email to Mrs. Barbara Guerrini and she replied as:

    Buongiorno Giovanis, veramente ho parlato con Frediano circa 15 gg fa e mi ha detto che eravate d'accordo che il 27 Agosto, giorno in cui tu sarai a Lucca, vi sareste incontrati proprio per il discorso della cauzione. Forse non vi siete capiti?
    Comunque stamani vedro' Frediano e gli diro' di scriverti un sms per conferma.
    Hello Giovanis,
    truly I spoke with Frediano about 15 days ago and told me that you were in agreement that on August 27, the day when you will be in Lucca, you will meet him for the deposit. Maybe you did not understand?
    However, this morning I will see 'Frediano and tell' to write a text message to confirm.

    This is the email I was talking about, but I never agreed to meet him. Anyway on 6th of September I went to Lucca and call him and he avoided me after messages and callings. I couldn’t go before because I was looking for houses started working and I am really busy, and in the end We didn’t agree on meeting. I also kept all emails for proof. And not only that between period 10th-26th August nobody kept me update or informed me. I don’t write nobody responds. Amazing services, thank you for that. And if she spoke with him 15 days ago why she didn’t tell me anything? Probably they will share my money.

    At the same day Mrs. Paola Mondello wrote to me

    Frediano mi ha detto che avete già accordi, al tuo rientro vi incontrerete e avrai il deposito che ti spetta.
    Se così non fosse dimmelo!


    Frediano told me that you already have agreement, that you will meet him when you come back to Lucca and get the deposit that you deserve.
    If this is not the case, tell me!


    And I replied to her as on 29th of August, I couldn’t do it before because I was travelling and working:


    Mi dispiace ma non abbiamo fatto un dacordo con Frediano per un incontro. A Lui ho gia' dato il numero del
    mio conto corrente, doveva mandare la cauzione al mio conto corrente. Ho detto che io arrivero' in Italia il 28 Augusto per lavorare a Bologna
    Sono molto arrabiato che Lui non ha pagato niente e non ha mai risposto ai miei messaggi e non mi ha fatto sapere per un incontro.



    I'm sorry but I did not agree with Frediano for a meeting. I have him the number of
    my bank account, to send the deposit. I said that I will arrive 'in Italy on 28th of August to start working in Bologna I am very angry that he has not paid anything and he never responded to my messages and I do not know anything for a meeting.


    On 29th of August she replied
    Ci stiamo informando, e risolvendo 

    We are informing, and solving 
    Thank you

    From all this situation only was missing, how stupid.

    And as usually I thanked her

    Grazie mille,

    Cordiali saluti,

    No need for translation.

    That was the last email, I got no answer back so I decided to go to Lucca and spend additional 50 Euros for train etc and he never met with me as a described on the main text of my report.

    The website for Paola Mondello is:

    I like the fact that all of them are supporting people etc. I cannot say this is valid in my case.

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