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Complaints & Reviews

Foundation Warranty — Did not Honor 10 Year Warranty

My wife I purchased a new home from Pulte Rivers Mist subdivision in Richmond Texas. September 15 2009. I filed the claim with Pulte Warranty Department September 2019. I was contacted a week later then a Pulte rep came out and looked at my cracked ceiling and cracked tile floor. A month later they send out engineer assistant measure the entire house and level checks and take pictures. She clearly saw the issue and 3 weeks later they come back with it was do to lack of or to much watering. paying 6.150.00 for repair not counting inside repair Jericho foundation of Houston said it is the foundation installing pillars under foundation. I will never buy a Pulte Home again.

Did not Honor 10 Year Warranty
Did not Honor 10 Year Warranty
Did not Honor 10 Year Warranty

Pulte New Home Sales - Las Vegas, Reverence Communitynew homes sales not refunding earnest money deposit

On the 4th of December 2019, my wife and I entered into a purchase agreement with Pulte Homes in Las Vegas - the Reverence Community. We entered into the purchase agreement as we had an offer for employment in the area and were going to occupy the home as our principal residence. The purchase agreement is HB00494285. We gave Pulte a check in the amount of $20, 000.00 as an earnest money deposit. We executed this agreement in good faith and began the process of obtaining loan approval via the Pulte Mortgage Company. Being ex-military, it was our intent to finance with a VA loan. The VA requires that the home be your principal residence in order to obtain the VA backed mortgage.

In the last week of December, I was made a counter offer from my existing employer which required us to stay in Texas. We made Pulte Mortgage aware of the new job change and informed them the home in Vegas could not be our principal residence. We did, however, discuss whether or not we could obtain conventional financing if we chose to follow-through. The Loan representative qualified us for the conventional financing without us signing a formal request to do so.

In mid-January, we informed both Pulte Mortgage and the Pulte Sales reps in Las Vegas that we intended to cancel the purchase agreement and requested that our earnest money be refunded. We were told that we had to sign a cancellation in order for the refund to even be considered. The Pulte Sales Representative who we were working with, Kristin Kornieck nor her boss, Bridjette Shelfo would reply to either email or phone calls.

We finally signed the cancellation agreement, believing we had no recourse to secure the return of our earnest money, even though the cancellation stated they would keep our deposit. We should have retained legal representation instead. We will likely do so, absent a refund of our earnest money!

We were only told that since we could qualify for the financing that we had to either purchase the property or lose our deposit. we have all of the email exchanges - too numerous to include here - requesting cancellation and the return of our deposit.

The Sales office allied by saying they had already begun construction on the property, which was a lie, as my daughter lives in the community and could see nothing had begun at the time we had request the cancellation.

We believe that Pulte homes has stolen our deposit based solely on the fact that we could qualify for financing. My employment did not allow us to make a move to Las Vegas and we therefore had no need for a home there. We communicated that to Pulte on numerous occasions.

We believe that Pulte is a horrible company and that the Sales Team in Las Vegas is acting unethically and with malice, retaining our $20, 000.00 deposit, knowing full well that they can resell the lot and probably has already done so. A totally unprofessional team!

How can Pulte keep our money knowing we could not live in Las Vegas!!!

We only want the return of our earnest money - $20, 000.00

T. McKeen

Pulte Homes — poor quality, poor warranty response, unethical business practices

The quality of the delivered townhouse style condos in Mountain Lakes, NJ is atrocious, and the warranty process is frustrating, dishonest, and unethical. On top of that we...

construction / appliances / customer service

Since the day we got our keys on November 30th 2017, we have had nothing but issues with Pulte. We had a list of items that needed to be fixed or addressed. One of the main...

Pulte Homes / PulteGrouppulte mortgage

Over the past weekend my family and I were planning, dreaming and excited of closing the house today 11/4 at 4pm.

This morning at 6:12am Pulte Mortgage loan processor requests me NOT to go for closing. Here is the message in brief "We are not able to do closing today as the investor has added additional conditions". It might be rescheduled to a week. I am not yet provided details thoroughly. Waiting on the details to follow.

I have made the wire transfer on Friday 11/1.

There are lots of 'Ifs and Buts', as I have provided notice to vacate my apartment and on the other side I have leased my house to a tenant. I am worried of the real closing date, as we have prepared to perform ritual activities on Wednesday 11/6. I paid tution fee till 4th to UCPS, have to pay again for the 3rd time and provide the extended date. Have to cancel my movers, cancel scheduled appointments with utilities and internet etc. Messed up our plans to celebrate our daughter's sweet sixteen birthday in our new house. What a mess? This is Extremely UNPROFESSIONAL.

I believe I am supposed to be updated well in advance, not by 6 hours prior to closing, particularly when such planning is required. It is a lot of emotional and psychological truma.

Who is going to bare these expenses, loss and damages?

Pulte Homes / PulteGrouppulte home

We bought a quick move in from Pulte in Santa Rita Ranch in Liberty Hill last year. Everything is falling to pieces, we have had black mold. The siding nails were through the main air conditioning pipe, the first guy they sent to fix it set fire to the wood frame inside the wall and my youngest son's carpet. We had a gas leak at the time also so it's a miracle my family wasn't blown to bits! The gas leak was happening due to the main gas pipe into the air conditioner not being fitted correctly. I complained several times about the smell of gas for a year before it was fixed. We have had the worst warranty repairs ever, total disruption to our lives with repairs and often people not turning up.
It also appears that the structural board is not installed correctly. My bedroom floor upstairs shakes so badly when the back door shuts my whole bed shakes! I have asked several times for the paperwork to show who inspected and signed off on the house but Pulte are not providing me with that paperwork ! I wish I had never bought this house. The stress it's caused is effecting my health, I can't sleep I often feel completely depressed. Does anyone in Texas already have a class action lawsuit filed that we can join in on?

pulte home
pulte home
pulte home
pulte home
pulte home
pulte home
pulte home
pulte home

Pulte Homes / PulteGroupfoundation of home

Our house is no longer under warranty. However, when cracks were first discovered your company came out and verified that it was not a foundation issue. It turns out this was not correct and it is a foundation issue. In the 1 1/2 years following the cracks have spread across the house. An engineer has found the left side of the house is sinking and will require 9 steel pylons to mitigate. He said steel because the pond behind the house along with the way the house was built on a slope the concrete pylons would not last long. I would like to see the foundation report by your company when you came out and said it was not a foundation issue.

The address is: 6528 Lincoln Hills Court, Frisco, Tx. Del Web community
You can reach me at: Janice Fueller [protected].

If you wish I can send you a copy of the engineers report.

Pulte Homes / PulteGroupfridge "upgrade"

I have new home from PULTE. The base fridge model which is included in the package is ~$1500. I have paid $1575 extra to upgrade fridge. The contract does not say a model, just the picture. There are 2 fridge models look exactly the same like on a picture. One is $2000 another one is $3500. Of course people trust PULTE - they think it will be better model for this money. As a result PULTE installs cheap ~$2000 model. Pay extra $1575 to upgrade fridge from $1500 to $2000? What kind of "upgrade" is this?

Pulte Homes / PulteGroupwarranty

The patio attached to the house one side has wash out it is cover under the written warranty. I call them three times no response these are the numbers
[protected] I get the same recorded message that you should leave all contact information and a brief description of the problem, and they will call back in 24 hrs during normal business hours. The problem the form asks for what state and region it is located but it only gives for the region in South Carolina the Charleston region not Fort Mill where I live so the form is useless for me. I should have check online better before I bought and saw the reviews regarding their lack of responding to warranty claims.

[protected] my email


Pulte Homes / PulteGroup — 536 beljon lane, aurora, ohio

Completely dissatisfied with the service and products this company provides. We are paying over $400, 000 for a brand new home. Everything should be PERFECT. Well it certainly ha...

Pulte Homes / PulteGroup — unethical behavior

620314 The supervisor of my house is the the worst communicator I have ever encountered. He is holding our warranty and has done nothing helpful in the process. trades have been not been...

Pulte Homes / PulteGroup — property maintenance

I am a resident of the property adjacent to your new development in Tamarac, Fl (The Enclaves of Woodmont). Your property has not been mowed in months. The weeds are in excess of...

Pulte Homes / PulteGroup — home

The house is in horrible condition missing brick on exterior, baseboards trim molding all nicked and painted sloppy, doors hung crooked, exposed nails and staples on the stair...

Pulte Homes / PulteGroup — just closed on new del webb in vandal

620314 WE close 3/9/18 at 5025 Lilium in Plainfield IN del Webb Vandalia in Plainfield Numerous things especially weather items were addressed by Trent who I am not happy with as far...

Pulte Homes / PulteGroup — shoddy materials, sub-par workmanship, disrespect of customers' property

620314 I closed on my home on [removed] in Beverly Hills, MI five months ago, with an extremely long punch list. As work took place to finish and repair things done incorrectly, work...

Pulte Homes / PulteGroup — customer service & construction

Hi all. I would avoid Pulte Homes with every effort. I know there is always a degree of frustration with building a house, however, our experience has been like 5 months of...

Pulte Homes / PulteGroup — yearly home wellness check

We had our yearly wellness check done in Nov.2017. Most of the problems were taken care of but a lot are still waiting to be taken care of . We tried to get in touch with John...

Pulte Homesno response from selling agent for 4400 west, atlanta, ga

I'm relocating from VA and looking to purchase a home in GA. I signed up on the Pulte website as VIP client. I got a call about preselling. I have been in the area since November 21. My realtor and I have made numerous attempts to make contact with the selling agent, Kallia Slutezynski at 4400 West to no avail. I'd like to speak to someone about this pressing matter.

Very Respectfully,

Shirley Thompson

  • Ch
    Chad Beard Apr 10, 2018

    There is now a place for customers of Pulte to share and collaborate.

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Pulte Homes — guest bath shower surround & tub high maintenance

Im already over my 50 punch list of corrections items from pulte... Which ive dubbed the "short cuts builder". I still think about our large sink hole in the front yard due to an...

Pulte Homesproblems with construction and customer service, siena subdivision, round rock tx

I'd like to first start off that the Siena community itself is a nice community and it is growing. The builder, Pulte Homes, I want to address my concerns. I was recommended by my real estate agent that Pulte is a very good builder and that they build quality homes. However, as I regularly visited my home site as it was being built and observing the stages of it being built… I was not happy with the quality that the on-site construction crew and people they contracted with to construct my home. To me, the workmanship was questionable. It felt to me, that speed was the concern of the construction crew instead of quality. Like, "quantity versus quality". That's when my gut feeling kicked in and I visited my home site regularly. I do understand the fact that the house is under construction and there will be some touching up here and there that will be done… One example, they installed the wrong bath tub in my secondary bathroom. Luckily I had my options and listing of things that were being installed when I did the first meeting with the project manager, Bobby. He first was confused of why I brought it up and I showed him my options and listing stating that the secondary bathroom has a tile surround wall and not a fitted bathtub in that bathroom. They corrected it and had it fixed. If I didn't do that visitation and noted that error, I would have had the wrong bath tub in my secondary bathroom.

I sent various e-mails to both Mike and Bobby of things I was concerned about throughout the build; however, it took a couple weeks to receive a response or I did not receive a response at all. I just want to address the customer service was lacking.

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    Chad Beard Apr 10, 2018

    There is now a place for customers of Pulte to share and collaborate.

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Pulte Homes — problems after problems with a new pulte (or called centex) single family home at magnolia park, riverview, fl

I'm a recent new home owner of a Pulte single family home in Centex's Magnolia Park, Riverview in Florida. I would like to share with everyone about my experiences with my new...

Pulte Homes — "approved" complaint vs. "disapproved" complaint involving sun city georgetown

Since my complaint, direct to the Homeowners / Developer board was disapproved (i didn't give 5 stars), I will direct this to Pulte Homes. First, I visit Sun City several...

Pulte Homes — windows

Can I have who my windows were purchased from to see if they are still under warrant. I have four windows that the seals are broken and need to know how to repair. 2 window...

Pulte Homes — air conditioning

This is regarding our Lennox air conditioning unit. After 3 1/2 months in our new built home our air failed. In our area the temperatures were in the 110 degree range so it wa...

Pulte Homes - Highland Vistas Snoqualmie — new home

605151 We just closed on our first new home at Highland Vistas in Snoqualmie, WA. This new home purchase has been one hell of ride since we made our offer 1 year back in June 2016. They...

Pulte Homes — lennox air conditioning system

Our Home is three years old and we are having to replace part of our Lennox air conditioner system. After calling Pulte they told us that it is not there problem. How can you put...

Pulte Homes — return of deposit with contingency agreement

Signed a contract to build a house with Pulte Homes in Charleston SC with a contingency to sell our current home. We were told we would get our deposit back if we did not sell our...

Pulte Homes — 1 year of groundbreaking delay (continue on). not mentioning the finishing time.

I ordered a condo from pulte’s onyx at san jose last year in june/2016. The move-in date on the contract is feb/2017, but until today (May, 2017), that lot is not even breaking...

Pulte Homes — disrespect to warranty

35116 Since receiving the house a year ago, those responsible for the warranty are stalling any necessary repairs. For months I've been requesting repairs to the floor that is loose, a...

Pulte Homes — our home

We have endured a nightmare with our new home, on our walk through prior to closing our field manager Tony was extremely rude and threatened to cancel our closing if we didn't...

Pulte Homes — house finishing and sales deceptions

We purchased a lot and had a house constructed at Alamo Ranch in San Antonio a little over a year ago... in fact, we moved one year ago on Feb. 12, 2016... Many of the interior...

Pulte Homespoor construction and poor customer service

We closed the house despite there are a lot of things needed to be fixed and finished. They promised to do it as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, after six months since we moved in, they haven't finished what they promised. I tried many times to reach out to them. There is no responses. The things that they tried to fix, they just made them even worse. Very bad customer service and poor construction job.

Pulte Homes — new house stonehaven boerne tx

35116 We just bought a new house end of December 2016 in Boerne, TX. The home builder, Pulte Homes, has been very difficult to work with. They said our house would be done before we...

Pulte Homes — one year warranty work

Hello pulte team, i am assuming this complaint will be reviewed by pulte main office and not dcservice office (Melody Mayes, customer care coordinator, Pulte group, 9302 lee...

Pulte Homes — repairs to my home

I live at 4226 pico norte ln. Rio rancho, nm 87124. I have a kitchen island that needed to be realigned and during this alignment they took the entire island down and then had to...

Pulte Homes — carolina bay

Homes in Carolina bay lack attention to detail in every aspect of the building process. I understand now why mungo homes was builder of the year in 2012. My first home I built...

cracked front porch leading to cracked home slab at sun city carolina lakes in ft mill, sc

570711 PulteGroup of Pulte Corp was notified of a cracked home slab that started at the front porch in November of 2014. Pulte people looked at the cracks and stated we should watch and...

DiVOSTA / Pulte Homes — manned and unmanned security gate issues at islandwalk at the west villages

The entrance is somewhat impressive with a gate house manned 24 hours, and two sets of gates to give the impression of serious resident security considerations presented to...

Pulte Homes — poor roof and poor service and pr

I have called and email Pulty Warranty at least seven times. I purchased my home in 2011 and Pulte refuses to correct the cracked barrel tiles. I was told at signing that barrel...

Pulte Homespoor quality / bad quality y service

I bought a new house with Pulte homes in July 2016, during home inspection, I found issues on hard wood floor, and the contrusction manager said that this would be fixed 2 months later (september 2015), but several inspections has been made, nothing, no fix performed and the quality manager keep buying time and firm date to fix.
I've also found issues on carpert, which they installed several pieces of the carpet and the result of this, several carpet seem everywhere, the sales manager promissed to replace the carpet if the fix was not enought to remove the carpet seem, but it's still very evident and the quality manager, does not give any evidence to fix.
I am very disappointed with Pulte homes, the quality service is very bad and inneficient.

  • Jo
    Joe disgruntled Mar 23, 2016

    We purchased our home in December 2016, have significant hardwood floor issues and pulte is not helping us. Beenj three months now and we'r no closer in re solving the issues

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