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PulteGroup reviews & complaints

PulteGroup complaints 108

PulteGroup - Stairs wood quality and polish

I want to report an issue with my new home stairs wood quality and polish.

1) wood quality provided is not good
2) finishing is very ruff and not as other pulte neighborhoods of same model
3) finishing is deferring with other homes in the same neighborhood

Actual issue need to be analyzed by walking with me into other open pulte built homes and comparing the difference.
Can someone who can help please contact me.

Please call me at [protected].

Krishna Varanasi

PulteGroup - Front porch falling in

Purchased a Pulte house in 2015. It's in Peninsula, Ohio, Hidden Lakes development. Had many things go wrong over the first 5 years. Several windows won't open, floor planks slide, etc. Currently, front porch falling in. Killed 9 mice due to crack by front door. Porch fell 4 inches since we purchased the house. Pulte refused to fix saying it wasn't a "foundation problem". Cement leveling co. is here now. $2200 to fix it! I'll let you know if Pulte gets a hold of me to help resolve this problem. The cement leveling guy said he's never seen such a large dead space under a front porch. I'm so upset. We have a son with disabilities and that money could be better spent on him, besides something that should have been done properly from the beginning.

Desired outcome: Pay for the sunken front porch!! I’m out $2200!!

PulteGroup - New construction

I have a leaking basement within year of possession of a new build. Customer service numbers published by Pulte is a sham and nobody responds back. I have flooded basement and no body to address my plight. Pulte sells 10 yrs warranty but acts on it very slowly. They have autoforward on the number published and it goes on voice mail without fail everytine.

Desired outcome: Immediately repair


PulteGroup - New Home Construction | Prioritization

I struggle with which path of disappointment to start with in this email. We've been more than patient and understanding to the building process, and the possible delays that comes with it. However, the lack of concern, prioritization, and fairness that we've experienced is ridiculous.

As realtor and homer buyer, building with Pulte Homes, I feel completely disrespected, lied to, and unheard with every communication throughout this process. Excuse after excuse given to blame the availability of materials, sub-contractors, and weather, all seemingly overcome by every other builder except Pulte Homes.

Materials - Our building materials have been on-site since July 2, 2021. Lots that received building materials after us have been prioritized and framed. Even after my registered concern 7/29/2021 about this, yet another lot has been prioritized and started today. This particular lot, (at the community entrance), was not even excavated, until after my under-slab plumbing and basement pouring was long completed.

Contractor Resources - I was told that Wood Hollow only had one framing crew available. The nearby Westmoor community has as many (6) framing crews working on 12+ homes in the framing phase at once; supposedly, those resources are not quality to build the models in Wood Hollow. I wonder if that translates to Westmoor having unqualified skillmen building their homes.

Equipment has been parked and removed from our lot, continually telling us "maybe next week", indicating we are next to start. Well today proves different yet again.

Weather - I currently live one mile away from the building site, so I drive by twice a day, everyday. I can attest that multiple clear weather days will go past, with no workers on site, then the one day of rain claims the whole week as a weather impediment. Let's not forget that the last two Mondays specific no workers to be found.

At the start, we labored on the decision between a rival builder in a nearby community. They seem to have come through the pandemic, materials shortage, crew shortages, and weather victorious. The lot we opted not to buy/build, (choosing Pulte instead), has a complete constructed home on it.

All I've been asking for is to follow a First-In/First-Out priority based on purchase/deposit commitment. When I presented my case to the Project Manager, the response was "I'm not sure what all was discussed by the guy previous to me, but we have a framing and foundation manager that updates the schedules on the front end, so there must have been some miscommunication somewhere with the framers there and causing order to shift."

I need to know who the framing manager is, and who communicates with him if not the project manager; the last I know from the previous project manager is that framing managers are Clint and Chad, but don't know last names. To disregard my concern, not communicate and right ship, was completely unacceptable. Our timelime is just as important as anyone else's to reach completion. I feel it is a reasonable expectation to see corrective action to divert resources to our deserving priority.

I cannot imagine that accepting such random development of a community meets the standard of Pulte. I would appreciate immediate escalation, and response to our expressed concern. We realize that the contract states leniency of up to 2-years to complete. I would have expected that was cushion for unavoidable impediments, not shear lack of concern, or reasonable customer service. We would be happy to accept return of our deposit, as the home has not been framed. Completely appalled, and my initial inquiry in the realtor community is not helping to establish any kind of comfort.

Desired outcome: Expedite Prioritization, or Contract Release/Refund

Pulte is the worst - they make money suing the sublets and there insurance companies. What a sham!


PulteGroup - HVAC design

We built a Pulte home in Minneapolis late 2018. It was the same as the model home in the area as we liked that lay-out with a basement, main level and a loft. In general the home is nice after...

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PulteGroup - Defective roof

I live in a beautiful home, poorly built. My roof, less than 10 years old has deteriorated and needs major repairs, maybe replacement. The roof over my front porch has rotten wood under the shingles. The back of the house has water stains along the ceiling and around the windows. The 5 year roof warranty is joke. It is utterly worthless as a warranty against the expected lifespan of a properly installed roof. Every source I checked indicated roof shingles should easily last 15 to 20 years on a sloped roof. I am looking at less than 10 years.

The common theme among the reviews I've read is Pulte's poor customer service after sale. Look at the BBB reviews, they are embarrassing.

Desired outcome: Repair roof

PulteGroup - Pulte homes support & home quality

Pulte Homes (Arcadia Ridge) San Antonio, TX If you are thinking about purchasing a Pulte Home DO NOT! Take time to find another builder that provides quality work and customer service. I wish we...

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PulteGroup - Poorly built new home

Arbitration clause Pulte will not fix anything properly.
Main doors have never closed or locked - garage door falls down - leaking roof - mold in kitchen and master bathroom and garage - cracks in foundation and tiles - windows inoperable - a/c does not work - this is a health and safety violation. Lights flicker - Sewage backs up. Sinks Gurgle. Cabinets falling off walls - are warped - are cracking - were supposed to be replaced.
I have no idea how it passed inspection the city of Santa Fe/AG should do something about this company.

Desired outcome: Fix my new Home stop hiding behind arbitration.

PulteGroup - Lennox air conditioner coil has leaked no cold air all my neighbor has the same issue

I have bought this house from your PULTE builder company directly just found out the Lennox air condition COIL installed is not working and lennox warranty is not covering although the coil do have recall on it too on this particular product I recommend to stay away from lennox air condition unit and do not waste your time and money with them
lennox customer service trained to talk very sweet r but not going to help regardless
Thank you


PulteGroup - Second story, non-opening windows

We are in our new Pulte home in Easton, Maryland for about ten years. While we love the interior of the house, neighbors and town. We make sure that everything is up to date and maintained properly. However, that did not stop all the repairs we had to put into a NEW house. We have had the following:
1. The pipe that ran from upstairs to the outside of the house and leaked all over our floors. (7 neighbors just on our block had the exact same problem)
2. We had to put an entire roof on the house after only 10 years because the shingles where cheap and not installed properly. (About 70% of our immediate neighbors had to get a new roof too).
3. 4 non opening, windows fogged up and the I suran e adjuster said it was the quality and installation of the 4 windows! This will cost close to (5, 000j. Which is what we just had to pay 2 months ago for the new roof.
You are a big company with a big client base...why do you have to be so cheap?
You owe us satisfaction! Please have a heart and a conscience.
Thank you,
Kathy Stokes
29700 Maribel Lane
Easton MD.

Desired outcome: Money that we can use to fix the shoddy work you did

PulteGroup - Terrible quality, terrible response

Moved into Pulte home Plymouth MA Jan 2018. Every week/month something breaks. Initially response to fix was good not now. List of problems some have been addressed. Nail pops, cracks, defective...

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PulteGroup - Home

They sold me a home and have refused to fix any of the problems. My new home is falling apart. The warranty is a joke. They will ignore or do more damage than good. This is the most painful/stressful situation I have ever been in. There is so much money tied into this home. Matthew schlacter and David Van Doren are in charge of ignoring you if you make the mistake of purchasing a home from this terrible builder. Stay away from! They will force arbitration and cause you to loose faith in your government for allowing this company to continue to do business! And continue to rob and steal from people who don't have the money. Terrible company!

PulteGroup - Windows & mold

We purchased a Pulte home in 2002 with issues with the windows soon after. We had fog between the panes in a living room window with Pulte only agreeing to pay for the window, not the installation...

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PulteGroup - Issues with new home

Good Day - not sure who to exactly address this to, but I am quite frustrated with the purchase of this home. I am not getting answers, and I feel that I am just being pushed off with some sort of...

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PulteGroup - Did not honor 10 year warranty

My wife I purchased a new home from Pulte Rivers Mist subdivision in Richmond Texas. September 15 2009. I filed the claim with Pulte Warranty Department September 2019. I was contacted a week later then a Pulte rep came out and looked at my cracked ceiling and cracked tile floor. A month later they send out engineer assistant measure the entire house and level checks and take pictures. She clearly saw the issue and 3 weeks later they come back with it was do to lack of or to much watering. paying 6.150.00 for repair not counting inside repair Jericho foundation of Houston said it is the foundation installing pillars under foundation. I will never buy a Pulte Home again.

Feb 13, 2020

PulteGroup - New homes sales not refunding earnest money deposit

On the 4th of December 2019, my wife and I entered into a purchase agreement with Pulte Homes in Las Vegas - the Reverence Community. We entered into the purchase agreement as we had an offer for...

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Feb 12, 2020

PulteGroup - poor quality, poor warranty response, unethical business practices

The quality of the delivered townhouse style condos in Mountain Lakes, NJ is atrocious, and the warranty process is frustrating, dishonest, and unethical. On top of that we suspect financial fraud...

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Nov 27, 2019

PulteGroup - construction / appliances / customer service

Since the day we got our keys on November 30th 2017, we have had nothing but issues with Pulte. We had a list of items that needed to be fixed or addressed. One of the main things being our hood...

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PulteGroup - pulte mortgage

Over the past weekend my family and I were planning, dreaming and excited of closing the house today 11/4 at 4pm. This morning at 6:12am Pulte Mortgage loan processor requests me NOT to go for...

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Oct 23, 2019

PulteGroup - pulte home

We bought a quick move in from Pulte in Santa Rita Ranch in Liberty Hill last year. Everything is falling to pieces, we have had black mold. The siding nails were through the main air conditioning pipe, the first guy they sent to fix it set fire to the wood frame inside the wall and my youngest son's carpet. We had a gas leak at the time also so it's a miracle my family wasn't blown to bits! The gas leak was happening due to the main gas pipe into the air conditioner not being fitted correctly. I complained several times about the smell of gas for a year before it was fixed. We have had the worst warranty repairs ever, total disruption to our lives with repairs and often people not turning up.
It also appears that the structural board is not installed correctly. My bedroom floor upstairs shakes so badly when the back door shuts my whole bed shakes! I have asked several times for the paperwork to show who inspected and signed off on the house but Pulte are not providing me with that paperwork ! I wish I had never bought this house. The stress it's caused is effecting my health, I can't sleep I often feel completely depressed. Does anyone in Texas already have a class action lawsuit filed that we can join in on?

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