Remax of Mid Michigan / unethical behavior

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In 2013, my Father fell outside his home the night before his closing date. He lay on the ground for hours and was finally found by a neighbor. He was taken to hospital with broken hip and hypothermia. 4 hours later his agent, Sharon Norton, failed to protect his rights or property by proceeding with the closing, WHILE HE WAS HOSPITALIZED and to add insult to injury she agreed to penalize him $5, 000 for not getting all of his belongings out of his home, BECAUSE HE FELL AND BROKE HIS HIP AND WAS HOSPITALIZED.
She could have delayed the closing until he was able to finish his move and SHE DID NOTHING resulting in the new owners throwing away the property in house including his clothing and family heirlooms that we can never get back. They also kept his riding lawn mower and snow blower. When we asked them to return them they simply said no. All this happened because Sharon Norton failed miserably in her duty to protect her client( my fathers) interests.
These people should be avoided! They are driven by greed at the expense of human dignity.

Mar 21, 2017

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