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Complaints & Reviews

Scotbilt Homesscotbilt manufactured home

My home was delivered in July of 2019. It was a special order home with a ton of upgrades. The only thing special about this home is the amount of issues it has. From cosmetic to no running water in master bathroom tub. Multiple times Clint asked me do I want the home done fast or right?? The home came through with a master bathroom that is 90% wrong. Wrong front door and missing cedar siding on front of home. The tile backsplash in kitchen needs to totally be replaced because they put broken tile up. There is a 15 inch slash in my floor in formal living room. Paint all over floor and carpets. 80% of tu he molding in the home needs to be replaced because the white is peeling off. I have a sliding glass door that can't be used. Caulking is missing around windows. In almost every room the ceiling joint tape is peeling so bad that pieces of the ceiling stucco have fallen off. Kitchen cabinets have huge chunks missing from them. There is a gap between the countertop and wall where I can put my pinky finger between. Sinks left uncaulkwd. Missing bathroom mirrors. Walls have huge buldges. The vaper barrier under the house is falling down. I have a kitchen butcher block island that can't be used because they barely put 1 coat of stain on it and never sealed the island. They danded it against the grain and you can see it. There electric outlet boxes and switch boxes that are crooked. They didn't cut the sheet rock in Tray ceiling so there are big gaps. There are screws coming th through the floor that I constantly step on and go through my skin on my foot. A transom window was installed crooked. Wrong color and size cabinet was installed. The shower head in master bathroom comes out of tg he wall crooked. They cut molding short. Trust me the list goes on and on. Their service guy called me up in October and demanded me to be tg here the next day. I had to fly in from another state. He was there for one day and said he wasn't going to be back or finish because his transmission blew in his truck. He then made another appointment for the week before Thanksgiving. He was a no show. In January he finally showed up. Just one guy for a 2300 square foot home with many problems. He said he would be there early in the morning and not show up til 1pm then wouldn't leave til 10pm sometines later. He only stayed for 4 days. He then forced me to sign a work order. He said he wouldn't be paid unless I did so. I did but wrote on the paper that work is only 90% done. I contacted the office the next day. Spoke to the manager Luwanda in the service department. She apologized and said to tell her when I get back and she would send different crew. Which I did last week. Now this guy Travis from scotbilt called me and said they weren't coming and if I wanted my home repaired I would have to contact the state and file a complaint. If course he said this after I bought my airline ticket. I called the state and they said I needed to file a complaint online. I did to be told at the end someone would reach out to me in 3 plus weeks. I have never in my whole life have been given such a run around and been lied to. Their repair guy told me it takes MANY BISITS to complete the work. Luwanda told me no all repairs are done in one visit. Their repair guy used my new hand towels to wipe up the floor. They didn't protect my NEW furniture or RT he floors. Not one room started is completed.

scotbilt manufactured home
scotbilt manufactured home
scotbilt manufactured home

Scotbilt Homesthey wont fix anything else.

Bought a 16 by 80 in 2018. 4 pages of issues. They came out and fixed a few things. Then when u call they flat out tell u they r not going to fix anything else. And they haven't. Shouldn't have to call the factory. Bought it off of Lexington discount mobile homes in Lexington south Carolina. They need to contact whomever they need to take care of the problems. But they don't. They give u the number and want u to call. Because I'm sure they already know they wont do anything. They r all nice, kind and friendly until u sign the papers and after they they r finished. Dont buy from them. Poor poor poor quality, standards, workmanship, and honesty. I could keep going on but the business and factory really dont care.

Scotbilt Homesunresolved new home construction issues

From Tom

This my second complaint about Scotbilt. I can't find the first one so, I think it was taken down by Scotbilt or someone with access to it. So I'm copying this one for my records.

It's been 5 months since we moved into our new Scotbilt home. If you buy a Scotbilt home, you are a fool. See list of unresolved issues that have not been acknowledged or addressed in any constructive manner for 5 months. They keep resisting and postponing getting a contractor out to fix the many Issues with our new home. The house was built with very very poor craftsmanship and workmanship.

My wife and I moved into our new Scotbilt home in April, 2019. I was totally caught off guard when I saw how cheaply it was built and the issues therein. See photos.

1. Shower curtain rod was cut 1" too short, When you open the curtain, either going in or out the curtain rod falls to the floor.
2. Shower door in master bath has dents along the aluminum frame where they obviously tried to tighten the frame after it was installed. As a result, the rubber molding was pushed out on the inside of the shower.
3. The new refrigerator has a nice dent in the side. Also the ice maker doesn't work properly. It doesn't shut off when the ice tray id full.
4. Microwave doesn't work, never has since day one. The light is on and it won't turn off.
5. 1 of the pillars that hold up the house is leaning at an angle like the leaning tower of Pisa.
6. The guest bathroom door is off the hinges (from March when the house was delivered and is still leaning against the bathroom wall. The door frame is out of square.
7. in the guest bathroom the molding they put around the tub has large gaps at one end and no gap at the other end. In addition the molding is made of plastic which is fine, however, there are pits in the plastic where it looks like there was air in the molten plastic when it was extruded. Probably sold as blemishes at a cheap price to Scotbilt.
8. One cabinet was missing in the bonus room altogether. To make matters worse, they put an electrical outlet right where the cabinet was supposed to go. When they delivered the cabinet, they forgot the crown molding for it.
9. There are nails coming up through the linoleum throughout the house.
10. One of the drawers in the kitchen is crooked.
11. The cabinet in the utility room doesn't have a shelf. Just one big opening 22" high. you can only put things on the bottom and the rest of the cabinet is wasted space. (cheap skates)
12. The door to the utility room in the kitchen doesn't close. The door is 1" narrower than the door frame.
13. The paint scheme was wrong. The dealer sent over 2 men to repaint. They did a real sloppy job. After they were finished and we pointed it out to them, they said "we're not painters". WTF
14. The dry wall in the master bedroom is bubbled where the shin of the sheet rock separated from from the plaster. The best part is they painted right over it. You can't make this stuff up.
15. The shower in the master bath is facing the wrong direction thus they had to cut out one sink. The sink that was left is off center.
16. The door to the 3rd bedroom does stay closed, including the closet door.
17. The Formica tops in the kitchen and bathrooms were not trimmed properly. You can cut yourself if your not careful.
18.The light in the utility room doesn't work, nor does the GFI outlet on the back of the house work.
19. The crown molding was pieced together in some areas. It looks like they ran out of molding, picked up scraps and pieced them together. In others areas where the seams didn't match they filled in with a lot of caulking.
20. The seam around the curtain molding over the windows don't line up straight.
21. The crown molding around the top of the cabinets were cut too long. There is a 1/4" gap between the cabinet and the molding. Very sloppy craftsmanship.
22. When we moved in, the door stops for all the doors in the house were laying on the floor unattached.
23. All the wood in the house is dark but they used a chrome curtain rod in the guess bathroom.
24. The drain stem on the faucets in both bathrooms were not attached under the sink where you could stop the water from going down the drain.
25. The texture on the a few walls have big globs of texture and right beside it on the same wall there is no texture. Again, very sloppy.
26. Only the recessed lights had light bulbs in them. All other light fixtures did not come with light bulbs.
27. When they did the ceilings, they painted it white before adding the knockdown texture. As a result, the ceiling is two-tone white. They said they used white knockdown plaster, however, either way it doesn't match.
28. The door to the utility room doesn't match the pantry door. The door to the utility room is made to look like cabinets and draws when the door is shut with cabinet door knobs and draw handles. Looks nice. The pantry door was supposed to match. They delivered the house with a white pantry door.
29. The kitchen island has "B" board on one corner and pieced together molding on the other side.
30. I just assumed the house would come with return vents for the air conditioning. I mean this is the 21st century after all. No return vents. Only doors cut 3" above the floor. Even the door molding goes to the floor. Making look even more like the door should be standard length.
31. We ordered the house with rounded corners for an up-charge. The house was delivered with 90° degree corners.
32. Also, we ordered the house with upgraded floors with 3/4" plywood, (real plywood) for an up-charge. Instead we received standard floors. We have only been in the house 5 months and the floor is warped in certain areas throughout the house.
33. When the house was delivered, the truck ran into some big tree branches. The roof is bowed up in one area. We couldn't get the dealer or Scotbilt to address it, let alone fix it. All I asked for was for someone to take a look at it and give me something in writing that it wouldn't leak. I'm going to have to hire a roof inspector if it's not addressed by Scotbilt. I'm not holding my breath.
34. They glued the mirror in the master bathroom to the wall. We were going to try and center it but couldn't without tearing up the wall.
35. The contractor called about 6 weeks ago and said he was finishing up on a house in Miami and would be here in approximately 2 weeks. We never heard from him again. When we contacted Scotbilt they said that particular contractor couldn't leave the state of Georgia. I'll let you figure out why. This is the kind of people Scotbilt hires to do their work. I wouldn't be supersized if the people that build there houses are illegal immigrants. Cheap labor.
36. Lastly, The light switches are wired funny. The light switch that's closest to you turns the light on that's furthest away. The light switch that's furthest away turns the light on that's closest to you. Just another frustrating issue demonstrating the lack of oversight in the quality control department if there is one.

Regarding the Dealer:

My suggestion is to A. get your own lender and mortgage co. B. if you can, hire your own contractors for upgrades to the property. You should only pay the dealer for the house alone which is very negotiable. If you do this, put your crash helmet on. They will get down right nasty. They pad the costs of the upgrades significantly. Try to get them to give you an itemized detail list of all the costs involved. Good luck. You will be met with the utmost resistance.

I think you get the picture. Like I said in the beginning of this embarrassing compilation of issues, don't be a fool and buy a Scotbilt home. If you do decide to buy a Scotbilt home because of certain circumstances, make sure you write every little detail of what you expect to receive on the final order. In addition, if your told that curtain upgrades is are no cost to you. Definitely make sure it is spelled out on the final order in itemized detail.

unresolved new home construction issues
unresolved new home construction issues
unresolved new home construction issues
unresolved new home construction issues
unresolved new home construction issues
unresolved new home construction issues
unresolved new home construction issues
unresolved new home construction issues
unresolved new home construction issues
unresolved new home construction issues
unresolved new home construction issues
unresolved new home construction issues
unresolved new home construction issues
unresolved new home construction issues
unresolved new home construction issues

  • Ro
    robin matos Nov 05, 2019

    home that we moved into in April. We have many of the same issues and some others quite similar to yours. We are mailing certifies letters to scotbilt and dealer. If not repaired or addressed in writing why not, we will seek arbitration attorney. I'd like to speak with you. I believe your home was built between thanksgiving and christmas...delivered on 1/2. Mustve been the same crew on assembly line! [email protected]

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  • Ro
    robin matos Nov 05, 2019

    @robin matos Robi ...

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Scotbilt Homes — manufactured home

Damaged when built; several slices and holes in the linoleum I paid $300 extra a room to get, sliding glass door bent, carpet had holes and cuts in it. Then, it was damaged in...

Scotbilt Homesquality

We bought the home off the lot at CC Homes and that was another nightmare.
ScoBilt gave us one shot to get things fixed, we have now been in the home for 9 months and we are seeing so many flaws it is amazing.
1. Door frames that are crooked so there is no way the door will ever close.
2.Pain so watered down that you can see the original color underneath when you clean the wall
3. Shades that are bowing and windows that do not close properly.
4. The exterior trim needs to be painted after only 1 year.

Please buyer BEWARE find another manufacturer, move into a tent, or go homeless.
It is not worth the aggravation no matter how great the price, also stay away from CC Homes in Lynn Haven they are just as culpable as Scotbilt.

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We bought a 2014 model in July 2013 and it is now 5 years old. My floors are falling apart. I specifically had told the dealer, Goddard Homes in Tifton, GA, that I wanted NO...

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