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DMCI Homes Complaints & Reviews

DMCI Homes / elevator tiles at our building magnolia place tulip

Jun 28, 2019

The tiles at our elevator are like this for almost a year now. I keep on complaining to the PMO but no actions have been done. If this will not be resolved immediately I will show this picture to every one who wants to buy from DMCI to tell them how crappy the property management service...

DMCI Homes / I am complaining about my salary whom deduct my company name alcatraz security agency.

Jun 22, 2019

my company name is alcatraz agency..under verawood residences condo corp.i hope you response my concern about my kami po ay lumapit na sa tanggapan ng Dole.dahil po ay hindi po nila binibigay ung tamang sahod sa amin.kapag hindi po nila ibibigay ung hinihingi po namin sa...

DMCI Homes / guard

Apr 10, 2019

that stupid guard who has no manners and no respect to a female guest. 9 to 10 am left side of the entrance (going out car section) baka matokhang sya kung ganyan sya kayabang umasta sa hindi nya feel na pumupunta o maliligaw dyan sa Tivoli Residence. hindi naman need mang insulto ng babae...

DMCI Homes / dmci leasing home - no response since jan 3rd 2019. have not advertised for rent the condo I bought from them

Jan 28, 2019

All my communication with DMCI leasing home since Jan 3rd, DMCI has not responded to. Most of my phone calls attempt to contact them was unsuccessful. And I am in UK and every time, the calls cost me an international call. Last week, I managed to talk to someone and told them to look up...

DMCI Homes / parking slot

Jan 21, 2019

The parking lot on basement 4 I just bought always have 2-3 inches of water. The admin said that there is natural water under. This was not disclosed before I bought the slot and why would the office even sell it if there is prior knowledge of some sort that will damage the property? This does not give me confidence to park any vehicle in the slot.

DMCI Homes / use of swimming pool at sheridan towers-south

Dec 31, 2018

Use of the pool is exclusive for registered unit owners on sat, sun and holidays so I made it sure to register my family members. Also, there's a limit on the headcount depending on the # of bedrooms per unit. Payment is required in excess of the registered headcount BUT they require...

DMCI Homes / pre selling unit

Nov 18, 2018

I will not expend my words on any forum without confirming if this is a real, validated site. If you care, please just reply at your own time to let me know if any action is taken based on complaints on this forum. And to justify the 300 words, let me only say that I have been duped as an...

DMCI Homes / damaged car windshield due to construction site of dmci in sheridan mandaluyong

Sep 27, 2018

Last August 11, 2018, my car's windshield was damaged due to a big concrete nail that has fallen from the Building Construction of DMCI in Sheridan st. Mandaluyong. It was immediately reported to your staff in site, Kevin San Pedro. He assured me that he will do all the reporting and it...

DMCI Homes / riverfront residences, jordan bldg unit 505

Jul 18, 2018

We have lived in this unit for 8 yrs now and for the past 5 yrs every time it rains outside, it rains inside our condo too. We have tried several times to complain to our PMO and they so called have tried to fix it, but it still raining in our bedroom and we can't sleep. We are tired of...

DMCI Homes / dmci homes

Apr 21, 2017

Actual complaints, bad experiences from real residents about poor quality, management and maintenance. The problem with STP, which you can read below, is not just happening in Riverfront Residences but also in East Raya, so these concerns are common in DMCI properties. They are good at...

DMCI Homes / no customer care service at all. pmo doesn't care. treats homeowners like second class citizens.

Feb 26, 2016

DMCI allows pets in its condos -only they treat pet owners like CRAP. Flair Towers has one elevator for pet owners which is ALSO used by deliveries, people with trash, and transfer of chairs etc if there's an event. Even if there's no one riding the other elevators, a voice will call you out...

DMCI Cypress Towers / roof leak

Jul 21, 2015

I was notified by the PMO at CYPRESS TOWERS that most residents with roof leak have not filed a formal complain to the management. If you have a roof leak, please file a written, formal grievance, specify that you need to get a concrete corrective action and a reasonable time frame when...

DMCI Homes / customer care doesn't care

Oct 03, 2014

One thing to watch out sa DMCI Homes. Meron silang Customer Care pero all this department does is just to forward the complaints to the concerned department. Para lang syang Secretary's Office o kaya Receiving and Forwarding Section, receive complaints and forward complaints. If you...

DMCI Homes / beware of fraud!!!

Jul 20, 2013

I'm from the US and wanted to purchased a condo in Pasig and I dealt with DMCI homes agent name Peter Paul Villaflor and Michelle Madarang. They asked me to wire them 60, 000pesos($1, 463) for a partial down payment until I can pay the rest of the amount. When I got to Manila and...

DMCI Homes / dmci finance department issues

Jan 23, 2013

I never posted stories on the internet but thanks to DMCI for giving me the motivation to do so. My unit & parking slot were turned over to me back in June 2009. A month prior to turnover, DMCI finance confirmed (through my agent) that bank financing was already settled with my bank...

DMCI / all complain

Jun 18, 2012

To all, im an agent and my only source of income is selling properties... I assist my client to the even to the last minute they needed me... I loose my client because of this site... if you are all complaining, maybe its best to put your complete details like, unit #, project location...

DMCI / fraud

Apr 14, 2012

They sold alta vista boracay to us as an investment. DMCI marketed and projected that the monthly income would be around 30, 000 pesos. We invested aroud 4 million pesos for the condotel unit. For the last 3-4 years (2007-2011) of its operation we only receive 2-3 thousand pesos a month...

DMCI Homes / fraud

Feb 22, 2012

DMCI Homes are very good at getting you to buy a condo. After that there is no after sales service. They do not answer phones or e-mails, make mistakes on your account and then add massive penalties to your balance. After you have penalties they stop depositing your cheques and cause you...

DMCI / to aspiring & excited homeowners - beware of dmci, royal palms


BEWARE OF DMCI, particularly Royal Palm Residences To those aspiring homeowners, who are currently working hard to pay their monthly amortization so they could move in to their units, beware! Have you checked your unit if you are still the legit owner? Someone else might have bought it...

DMCI Homes / will not issue condo title certificate


I purchased new condominium in Boracay (Alta Vista De Boracay) from DMCI about two years ago at which time I paid for the unit CASH IN FULL one year in advance of completion and occupancy. At the time of sale, they made false representations to me about what I was buying. Second, they will...