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Sun loungers at the swimming pool

I have a unit in the Rosewood Pointe and i love to sunbathe, but now for nearly one year all the sun lounger beds have been removed and people are using the cement floor for that purpose. The PMO office have been telling me for more than a year that the maintenance team are repairing them, but so far nothing has happened, only promises. There isn't even a place where someone can put his towel or hand luggage. We pay our association dues and the bills for the common area, but so far despite many complaints from the residents, no action has been taken to resolve the problem.

condominium amenities

I am dr. Joey quines, owner of unit chi 211. I've been one of your tenants since 2011. Never have I complained regarding your regulations until now..
I have a balikbayan friends whom I have never met for so many years and wants to visit me at my unit. They came at around 11 pm but unfortunately I was outside having dinner. I asked them that they could go to the condo to park their car at redwoods and join me for dinner outside. However, security guard said that all 15 parking spaces for visitors are occupied. My friends opted to park outside the redwoods premises as to the guard's instructions and meet them somewhere else. I came back at around 2 am and told the guards on duty regarding the matter but was told that the other parking slots available and in front of our building who are not occupied were for lease and not for visitor use.
I am a very busy person that I leave the unit early and come home late nights. I rarely use the pool, the clubhouse, the basketball and the badminton court and yet I pay for your exorbitant monthly dues diligently. I can't use these amenities during weekends and holidays because of your "family days' regulations eventhough these areas are empty and not used by your so called"family". The"family days' you are pertaining to are the only available days that I have to and can enjoy the condominiums' promise of cozy living where I can entertain friends and family members but you are denying me of that. Also to my anger, management let others use these areas (especially the badminton and basketball courts) from non - owners and tenants who are willing pay. I am a unit owner who seldom use these amenities, and who is willing to pay for these amenities apart from the monthly dues but I am not having my money's worth!
I am having the impression that the management is not accommodating enough to us as owners. When we bought the unit 9 years ago we are treated as a family. Now I am having second thoughts. Even my friends and family are making comparisons from other condominium residences on how they enjoyed the/their units and its amenities. I can't even brag my own place as I don't even enjoy the life redwoods had promised.


On June 20, 2019, I sent an email to Flair's accounting dept with a copy of a deposit slip to be applied to the HOA dues for our unit and parking space. Upon receipt of the SOA for July, I noticed the payment was not applied. Our agent contacted the accounting department and she was informed by 2 members of the accounting dept that the payment will be applied on the following month. The payment was apparently missed until our agent called in July. On the September SOA, the accounting dept applied the payment to the stmt of reimbursable charges. I have sent emails to the accounting manager, Shiena Mae Asia & property manager, Hazel Vasquez, back in July but none of them replied to me nor made sure the payment was applied correctly. I'm hoping someone could assist in resolving this issue and apply the payment correctly to our account. Thank you.

  • Dm
    DMCIHomesOfficial Oct 20, 2019

    Hi, Ms. Sincioco,
    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will verify this matter and will give you feedback immediately. May I ask you send us you updated contact information? You may email it to [email protected] or call us at 8555-7700.

    Thank you

    Online Relations of DMCI Homes

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flooding complaint

Petition to act on the acacia-springlane road flooded area

We, the residents of rainbow ridge residences condominium corporation appeal to of dmci to act and improve the alarming situation in our access road to acacia estates and also affecting dmci-homes communities like springlane and morning sun homes, which have been flooded for almost a week now, even without a reported typhoon, the situation has not improved over the days due to the higher level of water in the creek where it flows, which based on our ocular inspection, as early as last year, had been blocked by dmci with the trucks of soil that came from the development and construction of several condominiums inside acacia estates (verawoods, birchwood, ivory etc.). the said creek which natural flow originally extends to bambang river is now covered by mahogany iii, while other side which is supposed to be connected to the floodway via st. michael, hagonoy and dreamland to laguna de bay floodway is now covered by the said trucks of soil dumped by dmci construction. this resulted to the stoppage of the mmda project to continue the riprap of the creek covered by dmci. today, one of the last few remaining rain water basin between mahogany iii and springlane ii is again being developed, which is definitely showing its initial adverse effect to our flooded situation, and is expected to further worsen our situation in the very near future. as such we seek to appeal to dmci to be responsible enough to not forget our situation in spite of your desire to further progress your business interest. we hope that even if the natural flow of water in several areas had been affected by developments of dmci, you will not exclude old communities from where your humble beginnings started. hence, this petition for immediate action of dmci to unclog the creek to allow the water flow to the pumping station in c6.

flooding complaint
flooding complaint
flooding complaint

elevator tiles at our building magnolia place tulip

The tiles at our elevator are like this for almost a year now. I keep on complaining to the PMO but no actions have been done. If this will not be resolved immediately I will show this picture to every one who wants to buy from DMCI to tell them how crappy the property management service is. Surely this will give them doubts about buying a new DMCI condo unit.

elevator tiles at our building magnolia place tulip

  • Dm
    DMCIHomesOfficial Jul 01, 2019

    Hi, A. Alonzo,
    My most sincere apology on this matter. I will endorsed this to the concerned department for immediate action. May I ask you to provide us your contact information so that we will be able to update you on this concern? You may send it to [email protected] or call us at 555-7700.
    Thank you

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  • Sf
    SFG21 Aug 06, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just fix the problem and let A. Alonzo see the result of the immediate action of your conderned department. Updating her on this concern is irrelevant and unnecessary.

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I am complaining about my salary whom deduct my company name alcatraz security agency.

my company name is alcatraz agency..under verawood residences condo corp.i hope you response my concern about...


that stupid guard who has no manners and no respect to a female guest. 9 to 10 am left side of the entrance...

dmci leasing home - no response since jan 3rd 2019. have not advertised for rent the condo I bought from them

All my communication with DMCI leasing home since Jan 3rd, DMCI has not responded to. Most of my phone call...

1 comment Quezon City Real Estate

parking slot

The parking lot on basement 4 I just bought always have 2-3 inches of water. The admin said that there i...

1 comment Mandaluyong City Real Estate

use of swimming pool at sheridan towers-south

Use of the pool is exclusive for registered unit owners on sat, sun and holidays so I made it sure to...

pre selling unit

I will not expend my words on any forum without confirming if this is a real, validated site. If you care...

damaged car windshield due to construction site of dmci in sheridan mandaluyong

Last August 11, 2018, my car's windshield was damaged due to a big concrete nail that has fallen from the Building Construction of DMCI in Sheridan st. Mandaluyong. It was immediately reported to your staff in site, Kevin San Pedro. He assured me that he will do all the reporting and it will be replaced by DMCI through a Toyota Casa. He requested for a quotation from me coming from Toyota Casa. The said quotation was received by Kevi last August 23, 2018, which I have a receiving copy signed by him.

I was in constant communication with him for the past weeks but his only reply is that he'll follow it up to your Accounting Department.

Just learned that a lot of cars in the compound of my company (RFM Center) has been damaged too. Some are already resolved and some are still in process, longer than my case.

I just want to find out what's the status of the check for the replacement of my windshield. What's the timeline? Due to this damaged to my windshield, it's unsafe for me to use but i have no choice as this is my onlt means of transportation.

Hope to receive a feedback on this.

riverfront residences, jordan bldg unit 505

We have lived in this unit for 8 yrs now and for the past 5 yrs every time it rains outside, it rains inside...

Pasig City Roofing

dmci homes

Actual complaints, bad experiences from real residents about poor quality, management and maintenance.

The problem with STP, which you can read below, is not just happening in Riverfront Residences but also in East Raya, so these concerns are common in DMCI properties. They are good at marketing their properties with landscaping but the quality, management and maintenance is very poor.


dmci homes
dmci homes
dmci homes

  • Da
    Dan Salvador Ramos Nov 23, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same things are happening in Zinnia towers.. A VERY POOR MANAGEMENT indeed. Sayang lang ang mga perang pinagpapaguran...I wish HOA and PM will notice and rectify all these problems.
    I am so disappointed, extremely frustrated.

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no customer care service at all. pmo doesn't care. treats homeowners like second class citizens.

DMCI allows pets in its condos -only they treat pet owners like CRAP. Flair Towers has one elevator for pet...

roof leak

I was notified by the PMO at CYPRESS TOWERS that most residents with roof leak have not filed a formal...

customer care doesn't care

One thing to watch out sa DMCI Homes. Meron silang Customer Care pero all this department does is just to...

beware of fraud!!!

I'm from the US and wanted to purchased a condo in Pasig and I dealt with DMCI homes agent name Peter Paul Villaflor and Michelle Madarang. They asked me to wire them 60, 000pesos($1, 463) for a partial down payment until I can pay the rest of the amount. When I got to Manila and finally met Peter Paul Villaflor, he acted like he didn't know me. After a shouting match he wanted to sell me another condo which is a bank foreclosure for a discount price and that he will minus the 60, 000 from their commission. WHAT A FRAUD!!!

beware of fraud!!!
beware of fraud!!!

  • Dm
    DMCIHomesOffiicial Aug 27, 2013

    This is from DMCI Homes' On-line Relations team. We would like to help you with your complaint or any query. Kindly email it to our
    Customer Relations through this contact information:
    For Customer Care Concerns:
    Tel: (632) 555-7700
    [email protected]

    Thank you.

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dmci finance department issues

I never posted stories on the internet but thanks to DMCI for giving me the motivation to do so. My unit ...

all complain

To all, im an agent and my only source of income is selling properties... I assist my client to the even to the last minute they needed me... I loose my client because of this site... if you are all complaining, maybe its best to put your complete details like, unit #, project location, complete name and name of your agents if possible so we could verify if DMCI has a fault or your agent simple left you hanging after getting their comi... some of the agents are like this they simply promise you this and that and bye bye after getting their comi... just like to know whose fault is this.. thank you.

  • So
    solchris Aug 26, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi! Just got our new unit here at Maricielo Villas Las Pinas.
    June 2012 was the turnover date but because of the slow process, we moved-in last week of July.
    Almost all service areas along our side is leaking. We have personally done the application of vulcaseal dhel sunod sunod na bagyo na ala pa rin aksyon. At night, the area is barely lighted din busted raw mga lights.
    There is a lot a lot of mosquitoes because of the breeding places from the poorly maintained waters of fountains/ponds. Color green na ang water nila. Windows are not well kept along the common areas, try holding it and dikit lahat ng alikabok sa kamay nyo.
    Association dues are said to increase 10% yearly . sana lng we get what we pay. The gym is not working as of now because of fault and grounds. There is still no KTV in the AVR. There is still no electric gated fence and CCTV.
    When installing your double lock, pls make sure that they are really know installing one. We were offered by housekeeping plus maintenance staff that they can do it but we were greatly disappointed with the finished product. Pictures of the end-product are with us.
    Maybe, because of a cheaper price goes a cheaper quality. The area outside the condo is also dark at night compared with the area along alabang zapote road. There are also reports of snatching along quirino Ave even in broad daylight because there are a lot of informal settlers just across the other side.Kya we don’t even walk along the streets khet lapit lng to zapote. The place is also near zapote kya bumabaha pag lakas ulan like from the recent habagat although di ganun along other parts of alabang-zapote road pagkalagpas lapit sa may flyover.
    Just a thought, sana we could have read some negative feedbacks regarding DMCI before we got this place. And sana we have surveyed the area before.

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  • Ta
    tagalog2012 Sep 03, 2012

    Where are you at the Mariciello villa? I just got a place in there, what is your plan now are you planning to sell the unit?

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  • Ma
    Marlolu16 May 13, 2016

    I am planning to buy 3 bedrooms condo from DMCI location Baguio but I am already disgusted with all the negatives comments about the people working for this company and the quality of their building. Thank you for posting all your experiences about DMCI.
    Email me if you have more [email protected]

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  • Ma
    Marlolu16 May 13, 2016

    May I ask the audience what company do you recommend? Thanks!

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  • Ar
    Arnele Avenue Oct 16, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After three agonizing years, DMCI has not yet issued the title of the condo unit we bought in La Verti Residences. I've been making follow-ups and even following their advice every time I call them for the title. The condo unit has been paid in full before we moved-in. We've been paying taxes mandated by the government in the said property. This is a painful lesson that we learned about how DMCI issues a title to the buyer. Future buyers be aware. They always come up with projects to entice buyers but when it comes to issuing title, they cannot come up with it.

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