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I am currently renting a home through Remax and I cannot wait until we can get out of our lease. I will never rent through them again. They were very nice and appeared caring in the beginning, however, ever since we moved in they are holding us responsible for things we are not liable for. The prior tenants did not take very good care of the home and when we were moving in Remax said they would take care of the damages. We have been in this home for 6 1/2 months and have constantly put in maintenance tickets to maintain the home - we want to be good tenants. When we moved in the lawn was poorly cared for and needed a lot of fixing - we were under the impression that Remax would care for it since the damage was done before we moved in. Nope, instead they come and tear up our lawn, put down sod and then send us a big fat bill for it all. This was all done withOUT our authorization. A light outside the home did not work when we moved in so we put in a maintenance ticket. A gentleman came to fix it - turned out it was just a dead light bulb. So, I gave him a bulb I already had and he changed it. Soon after we got a bill for $100 for changing the bulb, are you kidding me! Not to mention our garbage disposal died and we have to replace it under our lease terms - you would think ALL appliances would be taken care of. During love bug season we had hundreds (and I am not exaggerating) of love bugs come inside our home through our sliding glass door due to poor rubber seals around the door. Remax said we should expect a few love bugs in the home and there is nothing they can do about it. I can handle a few love bugs here and there but to spend over 2 hours cleaning up hundreds of dead love bugs in my home and taping a huge sheet around the door to prevent more from coming in is unacceptable. I am so disappointed with the lack of care and concern from Remax and once again, I cannot wait to move out! Save yourself the grief and rent through anybody but Remax.

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  • Kc
      Sep 12, 2012


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  • Ex
      Jul 25, 2014

    AGREED - RE/MAX 200 is only in business to make money off of tenants with exorbitant fees, as well as upgrade property illegitimately on the tenant's dime. I moved into a home with baby blue cabinets as if the home hadn't been updated since 1980, and RE/MAX had the audacity to re-paint them WHITE after I moved out, and billed me $600! They actually tried to convince me that the paint was white when I moved in, despite NUMEROUS emails back and forth FROM THE DAY WE MOVED IN, indicating the color as blue, WITH PICTURES INCLUDED! Unbelievable...
    Keep making this name for yourself, RE/MAX - there isn't one good review of your property managers to be found, and I will certainly be glad to further validate their dishonest ways and keep your ratings at their lowest.

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  • Nu
      Oct 17, 2014

    Nightmare experience with this company. I couldn't believe a company with such a strong brand was so underhanded. Appliance (refrigerator and stove) went unrepaired for the entire term of my lease. When I complained after 2 requests for service went unanswered I was told the requests were closed because I didn't answer my phone. A third request was made and, again, went unanswered. I will tell every person I come in contact with about the underhanded business practices of this company.

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