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Complaints & Reviews

this is possibly the worst online course I have ever taken

I recently failed my second attempt at the proctored final exam. The final exam is a joke. None of the questions on the final exam are relevant to the course material. They are the worst multiple choice questions ever written.
I am a high school teacher who has two master's degrees. I know something about writing multiple choice questions.
I am signing up for a regular classroom course. Do not waste your time or money on this course.

re salesperson course

This company is horrible!! Stay away!!! After starting the course, the software would not work. They tried...

real estate license in texas

I started this course the end of December and I am half way done but the Test in each of the course DO NOT...

online principles of real estate course

These people don't have a clue as to what they are doing. I complained to them but everything falls on to deaf ears. I was forced by them to take a national exam in the presence of a proctored which is not required by VA. First I ask to take the National Exam when I took the State Exam at our local PSI center in VA and I was told I couldn't do that. I was lead to believe that the proctored exam score if passed would be sent to my VA center which is was not. After finding out the proctored exam didn't count I ask why did you require the proctor? The reply was it VA Code that the exam be proctored. I searched through the VA Code and could never find any such requirement. I ask Real Estate Express to give me the code that this requirement was under. I was sent a VA Code for a person that was studying to be an instructor. When I challenged them and sent the correct VA code to obtained a real estate license they dismissed it. After pointing out that the qualification for the two different professions were completely different it still didn't matter to them. I was fed up with their resistance to even look at the two different occupations I just gave up. Yesterday I was contacted by again one of Real Estate Express's agents, she said that she thought this matter had been clear up, which it had not, just because I didn't want to continue on didn't mean the matter was clear. When I pointed out to her the differences in the requirement for each applicant. Get this she said "the qualifications are for the instructor teaching the class". I may not have a master degree, but I worked in Federal and State Taxation for 15 years and had to refer to the Codes many times. The Codes are not riddles in which you have to decipher they are written explicit for the intended purpose for which it is written. When she said that I realize none of these people have a clue as to what they are doing. I am surprise that they are in business. I attempted to post this comment on their website but it kept me going around in circles with the wonderful comments about their business, more than likely those comments where as fraudulent and their business model.

Customer service

I read some of the comments made about this company how great it is. So far I haven't found anything great about it. Even the content of the material seemed to contradict itself occasionally I still was able to get enough out of it to pass the national exam. After accomplishing that I thought I made it made, no such luck. Apparently the information transmitted to my state testing board didn't get this information so I am now scheduled to sit for another 2 1/2 hours be tested on the national level and my state level as well. I have been trying to contact someone at Real Estate Express to fix this error but they don't seem to care. I was able to reach them by phone yesterday and the agent told me that apparently PSI hasn't receive the update with my passing national exam. Well apparently that got what Real Estate Express sent them because I was contacted by PSI that I was now eligible to schedule my state exam. I waiting to hear back from Real Estate Express but my patience is about to run out.

Cheque bounced issued for cancellation of flat.

I have paid rs. 1, 00, 000/- advance as booking amount of flat in t g s los angles during june'2016 and taken...

Real Estate Express


This Experience has been terrible. In 3 months, I've done nothing but study 800 pages of Literature. There i...

Joke of a school

I'm not even sure where to begin other then at the beginning. In a futile attempt to save money I went with...

This school was my biggest and worst mistake ever!!!

I ordered the package that included "Real Estate Exam Prep" and was unable to use it nor received thi...

Poorly designed

Great Marketing and easy to sign up. That's where the compliments stop. The website is horrible. It ha...

Online re school horrible

I signed up the the ca re course, in order to sit for the board test. First, i would like to say that i have sold re in the late 80’s - 90’s and passed my re board test, first try. The first course taken, california real estate principals, i failed. They provide 10 questions after every chapter and 50 questions at the end of all chapters. Not one single question on any of the practice tests were on the final. I knew every single question, every single answer, to every test question they had provided me over 300 questions. I had to wait and retake the test. I reread the information and took the test a second time, i did recognize many of the questions and barely passed the second time. My second class was real estate finance. I read the material, took all the practice tests and took the final. I knew every question and answer from all the practice tests i had taken, over 200 questions. I was very skeptical about the final since my first course had zero of the study questions on it. I failed with a 56% and zero questions recognized from any of the practice tests. I reread the chapters, made notes, (Which i still have.) i retook the test and i recognized about 20% of the questions on the exam. I failed with a 58%. I do not know how to study for exams when you are not given any guidelines from which to zero in what needs to be studied. With over 800 pages of material, i am not able to memorize every single detail. This course needs to emphasize more on the content you need to pass the state exam and supply all that material for you to learn. Maybe teaching practices have changed? Maybe this is more of a common core method. I have taken ca x - ray technician board exam, passed first try. As i said, i took the ca re exam in the 80’s and passed first try. Do not waste your time studying any practice test questions. I wasted my time. Now, they want me to pay another fee in order to get my hours needed with two courses. I wrote, ‘bill’ my advisor and told him exactly what i wrote here. I would not recommend this course to anyone! Perhaps, because they are fairly new to ca re online course, they haven’t worked out all the kinks. I felt like this course deliberately made the course so you will fail and then they can charge you more money.

Lack of instruction

This is the WORST real estate school on the planet. They are horrible. Their test questions are irrelevant and do not coincide with the EXAM questions and they DO NOT guarantee ANYTHING. The instructors have NEVER returned my emails and they are of NO help to anyone hoping to get their California Real Estate License. My advice to anyone reading this is for you to shop elsewhere for a real estate school.

Terrible customer service

I didn't sign up for the course thank goodness!! I only called to inquire about it and was met with "christin" who seemed to be ticked that she had to speak with anyone today. She was the most unfriendly, unprofessional, and just plain rude! I made up my mind right away that I would not be taking this course at this school ever and would make sure everyone else knew of my experience as well! Just so surprised that they would not teach their people to be more helpful and friendly. Awful awful awful experience!!!

Online class

I started with their program to get my salesperson license. Their study process is terrible. You can not start next class if you do not pass the first one. And if you fail for the exam for the class, you have to wait 18 days to take another one. Which means it is going to take you 4-5 months, just to get 3 Classes( assuming that you do pass the class exam at the first time, their final class exam is setting up so difficult that make you easily fail the first time, and their quits are not related to the final exam AT ALL) So after you finished your study, you passes all the quits, and you feel pretty confident about final exam, YOU ARE STILL FAR AWAY from their final class exam and you do not even know where to start to get prepared. The study materials are not related to the final exam at all. Terrible!!! They will not offer any refund after 7 days trail, even you didnt start their other classes in the package you bought, they charge you STILL! Terrible School.

$50 Admin Fee for Nothing

I signed up with for online learning courses for California real estate agent exam...

partial refund

I signed up with Real Estate Express to get my Florida Real Estate License (63 hour Pre-Licensing Course). I should of signed up with a local RE school, but was trying to be "cost effective" and signed up for their online course.

While taking their practice quiz on the second module I continued to receive the same failing grade for the quiz. I tried taking the quiz several times using different answers and continued to receive the same score. I contacted their customer service and they walked me threw different internet options, thinking that it may be my browser.

I took the quiz 3 more times and the same results and wasted 5 hours taken the same quiz. I asked for a refund and received this email from their Chief Admin - Tami Davis:
"I just logged into your account, took the unit 2 quiz and passed the first time. Evidently online is not for you. We have over 1500 active people taking the FL Prelicense course with no problems. I will process a refund less the admin fee. You will receive an email confirmation when it is processed next week."

I received the refund today, I paid $134 for their online course and received $84 refund, they kept $50 for a admin fee. I am happy I no longer I have to deal with a company that blames their customers and NEVER takes responsibility for their short comings.

If I can warn one potential client from using this company-please do not use this national company for your licensing requirments. If there is a problem they will blame you and then take your money for talking with them when there is a problem. NEVER AGAIN - This company is a joke! You have been warned!

  • Jd
    jd hamilton Oct 13, 2010

    I wonder if this is the same Tami Davis that sells skincare products on eBay. She treated me the exact same way when I commented on the broken jar she sent me. Very disrespectful and unprofessional!

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  • Bt
    BT Williams Jun 22, 2011

    I've also had a negative experience with Real Estate Express. Their customer service is HORRIBLE! Their first course of action is to blame the customer and their tone is condescending at best. Do not be fooled by the low price - you'll pay for it later with dissatisfaction or extra fees, partial refunds, lost time, etc.

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  • Je
    Jenny2012 Apr 01, 2012

    They are TERRIBLE SCHOOL, BAD STUDY MATERIALS, and BAD Customer service. I had HORRIBLE experience with this school!!! The problem is you learned NOTHING and you can not PASS their EXAM, you spend MUCH MORE TIME than any other schools because of how their learning materials and quits set up, you never got the EXAM POINTS! And they do not refund if you are not satisfy. DO NOT TRY THIS SCHOOL!!!

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  • Ba
    Barney 2014 Jan 15, 2014

    I bought the course and have had terrible customer service from the start.I purchased it when it was "discounted" but they overcharged me at the full rate, then tried to give me some other package to make up the difference instead of refunding me. Having finally managed to get a refund of the overcharged amount I thought all was well. I didn't sign in to the course right away-left it for a couple of months. Now, I come to find out there is 6 month time limit on the course which starts from the day you buy it-not the day you start it!. Called REAL ESTATE EXPRESS and got the same disgraceful customer service as before. They don't even try to help and are totally inflexible. Think I will cut my losses and try to get a partial refund as the whole thing is a waste of time and money.DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY-they just take your money and won't do anything to assist you in any way.

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  • Br
    Bryan Rodriguez Aug 23, 2017

    I payed $700 and have been failing every quiz I want to get a partial refund who can I contact ? Thank you.

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Inaccurate content, horrible program

I'm an educated and well read guy who decided to take this course in California. All I can say is that...