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Reader's Digest / Fraud and lies

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Reader's Digest
I received in the mail a letter from Reader's Digest. The letter came in a plain white envelope, post marked from Canada. It also had a check in it for $3, 481.10. The check was made out from AIG Annuity Insurance Company

The letter said I had won a lump sum payout of $255, 069.00. The check I received was to cover any charges that may be required before I receive my funds. It was singed by Jonathan Walsh, Prize Disbursement. Nice picture of him too.

To receive my funds I was to contact Paul Givon or Erika Cohn at [protected] to activate my claim before I deposit the check in my bank.

When I called the man was very Vague about how I won the money. He said I had to put the check in my bank and then call him back. At that point he would get the information he need to put the rest of the money into my account. Big Red Flag went up in my head.

I looked Reader's Digest up on the internet. Checked for Sweepstakes rip off and found out the letter was a rip off. My big concern is people who would take this serious and not think to look in to it before they put the money in the bank.


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A  28th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Paul Givon sent me a letter too.I deposited the check and the bank closed my account.reported me to checks systems.not able to open another account.One would know the frustuation.

this guy is a rutless, heartless, coldblooded individual.

DOES NOT DESERVES TO BE CALLED HUMAN.(you know what i mean ?)
A  18th of Jun, 2009 by 
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I got this scam today in the mail as well. I feel better about though. you should be insulted by them trying to scam you for $3481, they were going to use me for the upfront price if $4736. I too worry that this scam will attract people that are financially struggling. It just seemed to good to be true to me so I checked into it. my details are different and they seem to vary with each case, mostly with the names, my required contacts were Peter Gilane and Rhonda Orwood and the check was from Aviva, payable through the Bank of Montreal.
N  8th of Jul, 2009 by 
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It happen to us same people and details. Normally I would check into but my computer was down. I said if it clears in my bank I know it was real. My bank cleared it and after I sent him the money then they came back and said the check was no good. So we had to pay it back. I made out a police report and the sheriff department turned it into GBI. I am leaving it in God's hand my heavenly Father. I know it will be taken care of.
A  18th of Feb, 2010 by 
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got the letter in with the same tlephone number and a cashiers Check for $3600.00 and to call the number before depositing the check. verified thru US Bank the Cashiers Check is bogus.

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