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royalties not received

I have published 3 books with outskirts press and have received one royalty check more than a year ago. However, when I check my author page with them, they say they have paid me completely for every book of mine they have sold. This is a lie!!! I have not received these monies. I have inquired multiple times to no avail. Their accounting department will not answer and leave a voice mail saying to email them. I have emailed them multiple times!!! I have also contacted two of the directors... All to no avail. Also, I have contacted their "chat" format numerous times and no one has been any help at all. Their accounting department doesn't answer their phone; they require you to send an email and say they will get back with you... They are withholding my royalty checks and saying they have paid them. I have requested in writing from them a copy of my books sold, their royalty, their payment to me and verification they were cashed. I have never received this. They show they have paid me and they have not!!! I am beyond frustrated with them and have contacted several people numerous times to get this resolved. Help!!

Not very responsive and doesn't seem to be organized or coordinated to well!

I;ve contacted Outskirts to publish my book over 2 years ago. The original contact (Jaime Belt) does free lance work for Outskirts and she took a long time responding to my correspondence (maybe as much as a month between messages. I finally signed a contract (over a year ago) to have my book published (actually it was the Diamond Pkg.) and I was to receive $300 as an incentive to go Diamond (which I never received)!! About 8 months ago, I sent to the Parker, CO headquarters a "hard copy" of my book to publish and then I sent in a later copy (revision with many changes and corrections). During all this time, I did not hear from Lisas Buckley, my author rep. until a month later I got a transcription of my book, BUT IT WAS THE ORIGINAL BOOK that was not to be published.
I told Lisa B. that they transcribed the wrong book and not the latest one that I sent in. I paid money for the transcription, but I feel that since they did not transcribe the proper book information, I should receive a refund. It took me over one week to transcribe corrections and additions to my book. The Outskskirts transcription had many, many little mistakes (spelling, wrong words, incorrect grammar or words and sentences left out, etc., etc.). During this whole time, I kept emailing (replies) to Lisa B., but she was very unresponsive - sometimes taking over a week to answer many of my questions, which many times was incomplete - meaning she didn't directly answer most of my questions and directions. I don't know how intelligent she is or how competent she is, but maybe she's too busy and disorganized (when it comes to my book). I paid almost $2, 000 to have may book published (over a yr. ago) and it looks as if we're still on PAGE ONE! Lisa told me not to send in my transcription (PDF??) and how do I send it in! She claimed incorrectly that I said that there was only a few pages of correction from THEIR TRANSCRIPTION, but I said that since you transcribed from the wrong (old hard copy - which is no where near the last hard copy I sent in)!! I sent in another hard copy of my final book and Lisa told me not to send it in (since she mistakenly said that I only had a few corrections to make from their wrong transcription)!! I'm really sorry that I went to Outskirts to publish my book. It's taken too long and the communication and progress between Outskirts and myself has been EXTREMELY POOR!! By the time my book gets published (if it gets to that level at all), much of the information I have int that book is becoming obsolete!!

book publishing

I published with them back in 2007. What I did not like is that when I was asked to submit changes, I made a...

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