Raymour & Flannigan / damaged goods

Purchased $3700 bedroom set. 4 pcs arrived, 3 were damaged one of the 3 made incorrectly from manufacturer with bubbling of the finish and peeling of the paint. Waited a week for service. Service fixed one pc two pcs needed replacement. I am still waiting on replacement for 2 pcs, it is week 3. Service has had 12 pcs of furniture looked at for possible delivery to replace what I have. All 12 pcs have been damaged and did not pass inspection. It's been 3 weeks now with 3 delivery dates scheduled and cancelled because they do not have new undamaged furniture to bring to a customer. Store manager says sorry and I have yet to see some action toward a resolution. The absolute worst customer service I have ever had. Inferrior products damaged by delivery and damaged when they were made with inferrior paint materials. Delivery people schlep through your home over your new beige carpets, no booties, no taking shoes off, no wiping of shoes, no regard for a customers home. This company should pay us to take their furniture and should pay us for carpet cleaning. I do not care if it takes them 8 weeks to get a decent undamged pc of furniture. I will call the store every single day and each day I wait, more money is coming off my bill or they can pick up what is here in my home and retrieve it off the pile in my front yard on their next "delivery date" coming out to "hamlin". Just terrible unacceptable service.

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