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WilkesBarre, PA, US Review updated:

My husband was in the Wilkes Barre store on the 20th of August. He was looking for a mattress as ours is in poor condition. When he was approached by a woman, she immediately insinuated that he was looking for something cheap & on the showrooom floor.
This woman seemed to assume that my Husband, Tom, since he was dressed in jean shorts and a t-shirt, was looking for something inexpensive. That is the way she treated him. When she asked her co-worker if there were any mattresses on display, that were CHEAP, she was told no then nformed my husband she couldn't help him. My Husband was treated very rudely by this woman He was given the impressions that due to the fact he wasn't in a suit & tie they didn't want to be bothered with his buisness. He was so upset with the way he was treated, he came home and was in a outrage. We then went to EFO and purchased a $875.00 mattress, from a company who treated customers the way they should be treated, not like someone who came in off the street with no money to his name. I hope that this rude woman was working on commission, she lost a nice size one. We told all our friends of this episode and they agreed they would not be frequenting this store. My Husband, Tom, has many friends and is well loved in our community, so you can forget ever seeing a lot of their friend, relatives, and anyone they can tell of this very low life treatment at your store. They all felt the same way as to the way he was treated.

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      Dec 06, 2009

    I agree with you - this is a very rude behaviour... if it was like you were describing it.
    One thing although - $875 for a mattress? Was this the price you were targeting to buy a mattress in R&F??
    They don't keep such cheap matresses for at least a queen size, so maybe her answer to you was not because of what you husaband was wearing but because of your target price?
    I just bought a mattress in R&F for $2600 and it was not among the expencive models.

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