Ralphs Grocery Company / very rude and impolite cahiser - sal a. at ralphs riverside ca

Riverside, CA, United States

I am filing a complaint about the Ralphs at 5225 Canyon Crest Dr, Riverside CA 92507. The Cashier Sal A. was very rude and impolite to the customers and made a terrible experience. I went to the cashier desk and said "How are you doing?" to Sal, he pretended he did not hear it and ignored me. After asking me whether I have a Palphs rewards card, I said "Yes sir" and handed my key chain to him for scanning. After he is done, he rudely threw my key chain to the corner of the table and I had no way to reach it. In the meantime, he was just talking with another cashier and laughing. It was the other customer behind me who helped me grabbed my key chain and returned it to me. This cashier Sal made me very angry and unpleasant. What's even worse was that after I noticed that he forgot to put the green bags points to my rewards account, I went back to him and politely asked whether he could help fix this. He then turned around and started to grab COINS from the cashier machine and said "it will just save you five dimes, here you go...". I was standing there and felt being humiliated. Is this what Ralphs call Customer Service when an employee treat their customer as beggar? Is this what Ralphs call Customer Satisfaction when the customer feel seriously offended and humiliated? I really hope Ralphs or Kroger can take action to prevent this from happening. That cashier Sal A. working at Ralphs, located at 5225 Canyon Crest Dr, Riverside CA, is ruining the customer experience as well as the reputation of Ralphs and Kroger company.

Oct 20, 2018

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