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Rainsoft / not able to talk to anyone about what happens after my account is closed!

1 260in Lakes Dr. Lot 8, Thomasville NC 27360, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 336-475-6861

I have tried to contact rainsoft and talk to someone about discontinuing my service. It is financed through HSBC I think. I can never talk with an agent. Beware people!

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  • Xe
      10th of Mar, 2010

    I was a Rain Soft salesman; the good news is the 2010 updated model does work and does do what it's supposed too. It’s in my house and I'm keeping it. The BAD NEWS is Professional Water Services (in Bristol Pa) One of the original RainSoft dealers (1975) are, just like all the other dealers, major Rip-off artists! $8, 390.00 - drop to $7, 390.00 and then pressure the heck out of you until you ask them to leave, then they insist on calling the office ONLY to get you on the phone with a very savvy manager who will start all over again.
    *They even made a good profit on me charging me $4, 830.00 + 338.00 tax =$5, 168.00 Ouch!

    The manager at P.W.S. is from the Corp office and I heard him say over and over again, ..."you have to keep closing, close close close, " (that's sales talk for close the deal, push push push) when a fellow salesman said, "but you will offend the home owner" the Corp manager said, "I don't care." and he said this all week long in the training, "buyers are liars, I don't care, I don't care! You have to close'em"

    If you could get them down to $3, 200.00 with installation and a lifetime warranty, don't keep the soap, don't keep the air cleaner then it's worth it. Oh please do not become bedazzled by 4 yrs of free soap - it wasn't free you paid for it... hello! $7, 390.00 and don't be impressed with the free Air purifiers - you paid for that too $7, 390.00 and don't be impressed with the free installation.. You guessed it, you paid for that too... $7, 390.00 IT'S all worked into the price!

    Their tactics are brutal on the customer, Home Depot should be ashamed!
    WARNING: they install the NEXT DAY even on SUNDAYS because they know if you get a chance to look on the INTERNET you will cancel. They also believe you (the average home owner) is too stupid to know your 3 day Right of Rescission is still in-effect even though they installed the next day! Fill out your 3-day form get it post marked registered return mail, and mail it off. If they don't remove it call the Attorney General, the BBB, and Home Depot Credit line.

    Salesman commissions as of my training 2010:
    11% to 17% of the total cost before tax.
    That’s $860. to $1, 256.00 per sale!- now you understand the motivation of the salesman (water tester haha) to close the deal tonight!

    WARNING: Professional water Service will have access to your credit report and all private banking and home information once you sign the application.

    On a good note underneath all the price gouging and unethical high pressure sales tactics, demeaning and uncaring treatment of their salesman –I still believe the Borchainer family actually does mean well, they’ve just lost their way and have become seduced by greed, and bitter by their own karma from years of miss-leading the average consumer to buy something you can get from Pelican for $1, 500.00 without all the fanfare. click to watch all 3 videos

    How sad it must be for them to own a business so hated by so many scorned customers across the entire country. Funny: a system that works teamed with a company with no conscience equals: low ethics, low standard of morality, a presumption that You are stupid and fueled by greed. hum I believe these are also the devils qualities.

    All commentary is expressly my opinion only, based on what I’ve seen, heard, was trained to say, and actually did in the home on behalf of my commission and RainSoft through the Dealership of Professional Water Services, Inc.
    * it is possible in my short time with Rain Soft(PWS bristol Pa) I did not learn enough to have a better opinion of them. Please do your own investigating and give equal time to both sides: Love'em or Hate'em You decide

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