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Like other post I have read, we received cold call from someone offering free coupons to come over and complete a free water test. At the end they would give us the coupons and a magnet for our fridge in case we have any future water needs. It sounded innocent enough to my wife so she agreed. At 6pm the next night the overly friendly rep showed up and delved right into an uninvited and completely unexpected 2.5 hour sales pitch finally convincing us our water is hard and that we needed a $5k+ Rainsoft system for our “peace of mind.” Of course we had to make our decision right then and there to take advantage of the reduced price and all the freebies they throw in. Well we were naive enough to write the check that night, but fortunately smart enough to read the contracts fine print that said we have 3 days to rescind the sale. After the benefit of the next day’s research (which we would have done in advance if the real purpose of the visit was initially disclosed), we decided to remove our heads from our behinds and rescind the sale. Unfortunately for Rainsoft, they had already completed the install (less than 12 hours after we wrote the check!). Not our problem- They should be smart to enough to schedule their installs after the rescission period. Obviously they employ this tactic to pressure any wavering customers to keep the system since it’s already been installed.

Well without disclosing every last detail, the Rainsoft dealer was beyond livid. Apparently we must have been the first people on the face of the earth to change our minds! Among other things, this jerk flat out lied (“our attorneys say you own the system now despite what the contract says”- as if this clown has an attorney on speed dial), yelled, wined, hung up on us, and was just extremely disagreeable. I’ve had easier conversations with my 3 year old. To top it off, our overly friendly sales rep. followed up with his own special phone call. Guess who wasn’t so friendly anymore? That pissed us off the most- this guy is the consummate sales pig- your best friend until he doesn’t get the sale. What a horrible job and horrible human being. In addition, if these guys are so popular with millions and millions of systems sold worldwide, why have a conniption fit over little ol me and my 5k$ system I want to return per THEIR contract? Beware- it doesn’t add up.

Anyway, I have nothing good or bad to say about the Rainsoft product itself. Under different circumstances we probably would have given it a shot. We didn’t appreciate being initially deceived and urged to make decisions without the benefit of research. If this product is so good as they tout, why must they resort to these predatory and unethical sales techniques? Beyond that, can you imagine if we had kept the system and had to deal with these guys going forward for maintenance, repairs etc.? Good grief it gives me chills just to think about it. Everything about this experience makes us nauseas and that much more cynical. The best I can hope to do is share our experience with others in hopes they don’t get caught in the same trap. Rest assured we will be telling our friends, family and anybody else that will listen to stay clear of these creeps.

Update by Don
Sep 28, 2009 10:03 pm EDT

You know what I love wrx734? Coming on a complaint board and finding those 2-3 pathetic souls desperately trying to convince the multitude of unhappy posters that that they must somehow be mistaken. And this site is just one resource. Try typing "rainsoft" into google and see how many negative sites are listed on the first page alone. Now try typing "rainsoft complaint" and see what happens. Pages upon pages dedicated to espousing the worthlessness of this product and their sales monkeys. What's that tell you? Put 2 and 2 together as you say...

NASA and President? Wow 2 entities known for their fiscal responsibility right? Impressive...

Still loving our Whirlpool water softener we purchased at Lowe's well over a year ago for $500. I suppose it doesn't have that special RS lifetime warranty, but who would want it after reading the countless repair horror stories out there?

Finally, for you to try and defend your poor sales people because they have kids, wives, blah, blah, blah, you're apparently not reading the many posts describing how the vast majority are deceived into this unsolicited sales seminar chock full of doom and gloom. I like many others never asked you jerks to come over at 7pm and spend 2 hours blethering away. It's predatory and unethical as the title of the original post states. Get a real job.

Update by Don
Feb 13, 2009 12:23 pm EST

Hey Mr. Putz,

Do you think anybody here is putting any stock into your minority opinion? Gee I wonder if you’re a Rainshit Salesman Abe? Based on your incessant ranting and failure to fully grasp the content of the orginal message, I would have to bet yes. A quick glance at the 30+ posts on this website will allow anybody with even a sliver of common sense to quickly see that the product and the degenerates that sell this crap are a worthless scam. I’m done with you today Putz. Good luck with your future complaint board posts dolt.

To everyone else- we picked up the Whirlpool water softener at Lowes for around $500. We love it and have 0 complaints.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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May 11, 2022 8:50 pm EDT

You can get water softener for $4000 less with same results Rainsoft.

Don't buy from them if you financing will cust you 10k

Becarfull happened to me I still pay.

[email protected]

Jul 19, 2018 4:16 pm EDT
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Very helpful article.

Only two errors: (1) "wined" should be "whined" and (2) "nauseas" should be "nauseous"...

Jun 08, 2015 8:01 am EDT
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But did they tell you they put a lien on your home when this is done. Freaked me out. I was told it to protect them. . very rude credit company . Carmel financial. They say it will cast this but they fail to tell you it will take 11yrs if you make the min payment good system but fail to inform you of all the problems.

Mar 26, 2012 6:20 am EDT
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Multiple "gifts" to thank you?!?!?!?! Get real. Like I said before, they are charging you $6k for a $3k system and you think those extra bars of soap and jugs of detergents are free or a "gift" and "saves you a tremendous amount of money"? Based off your reply, I would have to think that you have been drinking the detergents they have given you as a "gift". The point is they have horrible customer service, charge double for similar systems with like warranties, and they do this like snakes slithering from house to house to try to nab their next victim. STAY AWAY FROM RAINSOFT!


The system does everything Rainsoft says it will do. If comes with a lifetime warranty.The cleaning products are great and make the system affordable and as for having to make a decision on the spot, if someone is going to give you multiple gifts as a thank you for getting your business today and it saves you a tremendous amount of money, thats a bad thing? People, get over yourselves for blaming the salesman who TWISTED YOUR ARM. Your all grownups with minds of your own

Mar 02, 2011 7:09 pm EST

My husband and I bougth our system a year and a half ago. It was sold to us by a company that now is not an authorized dealer, who knows if they were back then. They called me to offer their anual service making me beleive they were a Rainsoft dealer. I found out when I called the number that I found online from Rainsoft of Inadianapolis. When I called them to tell them they forgot to reset my computer board they said they didn't come home, they dont have me on their records. So who was this other company? Aqua Management systems. They sold me the system with "lifetime warranty"and guess what? the system is not even registerd. I want my money back even though I've being paying for it for a year now. I paid $7900 so I definitely feel that I've been ripped off. Does anyone know if I can have money back?

Mar 01, 2011 8:04 pm EST
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Rainsoft is a rip off. I have had my reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, and softner for about 4 years now.

Not only did they not remove the system in the 3 day grace period, but there is no way to beat the "Rainsoft Quality Assurance Guarantee"

They boast: "It allows a family to keep the Rainsoft unit for free after taking an entire 30 days to do all research around the world. They offer this Guarantee because they know there isn't a manufacturer out there with an equal or better warranty, gets the water as clean or cleaner, and costs only one penny less than Rainsoft."

It isn't because there are no other companies that can get the same quality of water. The reason you can't beat their guarantee is they have certifications by unknown facilities that you can't match with any other water treatment company. They know this and set up their product this way so you can't "beat" what they have.

The system is just not worth the $6k, plain and simple. It should be no more than $3k compared to other brands.

Feb 02, 2011 3:36 pm EST
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Hello, I also was almost had by Rainsoft. My wife was concerned about our drinking water and decided to take a free water test being offered by home depot. The tester came over our home with his kit and tested our water, he said our water was really bad. He quickly went from tester to a salesman, he began pushing his product very hard. After spending 3 hour at our home he said we needed to make a decision about our drinking water we were giving our kids. We told him that 8k was way too much money and could not do it without doing some research. He made a phone call and had it dropped to 6k but I had to sign right then and there. I should have known then that this was a mistake. Being 12am and thinking about our drinking water I agreed to having the system installed, the system included whole house filter, softener and reverse osmosis system. They conveniently installed the following morning. The following morning I began researching the company online, and sure enough I found plenty of unhappy customers. I then decided to go to DIY forum which I regularly frequent. They explained that I could install a better system for a fraction of that price. The systems that other companies install. I continued to do my researched and found out that I could install same system for $1300! I immediately called Rainsoft and exercised my three day cancellation rights. They were not happy at all, the owner/manager was outraged about my decicion to give my family that "terrible" drinking water. After sticking to my guns, he said a technician will come out and take unit away. The technician came that afternoon and removed that garbage from my home.

Please to those who are reading this and are thinking about getting the system with Rainsoft. Don't ! They are scammers, they only care about selling their overpriced product which is poorly viewed by professionals. If you are thinking about getting a system, do some research and look at the DIY forums they are a wealth of information .. Any questions you can contact me at: [email protected]


Wow! to Everyone who commented here and is not a rain soft salesman. LOL. I was visited by a rain soft representative yesterday. After purchasing new appliances from Home Depot, I rec'd a call and asked if they could come out and do a presentation and I would also receive a $20 Home Depot gift card. The presentation lasted about 2 hours. We sat down as a family and listened to the presentation. We are all amazed at the results of our water and the information demonstrated. The kids were even telling us we need this right now! The test that shows all the debre in our water almost closed me to; but being a former door to door salesman, I have a rule to never buy on the spot. I was also partly working one another issue during the presentation or being a bit rude, so my wife said; because I was researching some other information on the internet. When the sales person gave us the closing speech, we said we were not buying on the spot, but would consider her information and once we make a decison, we would contact her to let her know. She did do the call the office deal to check in, but no one else requested to speak with us. All I can assume is that she may have thought I was reading all these negative comments about rain soft on the internet. She did not put up a fight or go into the sales stance of "close close close". She left her card and said once we make a decision, to contact her. As far as what I've read here today, I'm glad I read it. The presentation did make me more aware of the condition of our water and I'm now researching this information and companies to see what will be the best alternative for us. I did watch the Pelican videos in one of the above comments and did like what I saw there and its about a third the cost of Rain Soft's system. I will not make any quick decisions I tell you until I reseach more and learn as much as I can about water filtration and softners. I welcome any comments are suggestions from those of you who have already done the homework and/or test multiple systems. My email: [email protected]

May 14, 2010 4:17 pm EDT

IN 2008 PAID $5, 000 for new system. Now less than two years later and less than two months after yearly recharge ($312.00) i had to pay a trip charge of$162.00 only to be told that the red sand is clogged at the bottom and that's why i have LOW water pressure and need to be on bypass. I have ugly suspended iron flowing thru the whole house. Of course they'll fix it for $460.00. So go ahead, add it up--$934.00 over and above what the system cost less than two years ago. My calls are not returned and that adds to my suspicion that something untoward is going on. Our first RainSoft system lasted 22 years and never had this problem. I would go to the top if i knew where that was. This will be the last system i ever buy from RainSoft and i will pass the word on to everyone i know. Keep this in mind if considering buying a house with a well.

I was a Rain Soft salesman; the good news is the 2010 updated model does work and does do what it's supposed too. It’s in my house. The BAD NEWS is Professional Water Services (in Bristol Pa) One of the original RainSoft dealers (1975) are, just like all the other dealers, major Rip-off artists! $8, 390.00 - drop to $7, 390.00 and then pressure the heck out of you until you ask them to leave, then they insist on calling the office ONLY to get you on the phone with a very savvy manager who will start all over again.
*They even made a good profit on me charging me $4, 830.00 + 338.00 tax =$5, 168.00 Ouch!

The manager at P.W.S. is from the Corp office and I heard him say over and over again, ..."you have to keep closing, close close close, " (that's sales talk for close the deal, push push push) when a fellow salesman said, "but you will offend the home owner" the Corp manager said, "I don't care." and he said this all week long in the training, "buyers are liars, I don't care, I don't care! You have to close'em"

If you could get them down to $3, 200.00 with installation and a lifetime warranty, don't keep the soap, don't keep the air cleaner then it's worth it. Oh please do not become bedazzled by 4 yrs of free soap - it wasn't free you paid for it... hello! $7, 390.00 and don't be impressed with the free Air purifiers - you paid for that too $7, 390.00 and don't be impressed with the free installation.. You guessed it, you paid for that too... $7, 390.00 IT'S all worked into the price!

Their tactics are brutal on the customer, Home Depot should be ashamed!
WARNING: they install the NEXT DAY even on SUNDAYS because they know if you get a chance to look on the INTERNET you will cancel. They also believe you (the average home owner) is too stupid to know your 3 day Right of Rescission is still in-effect even though they installed the next day! Fill out your 3-day form get it post marked registered return mail, and mail it off. If they don't remove it call the Attorney General, the BBB, and Home Depot Credit line.

Salesman commissions as of my training 2010:
11% to 17% of the total cost before tax.
That’s $860. to $1, 256.00 per sale!- now you understand the motivation of the salesman (water tester haha) to close the deal tonight!

WARNING: Professional water Service will have access to your credit report and all private banking and home information once you sign the application.

On a good note underneath all the price gouging and unethical high pressure sales tactics, demeaning and uncaring treatment of their salesman –I still believe the Borchainer family actually does mean well, they’ve just lost their way and have become seduced by greed, and bitter by their own karma from years of miss-leading the average consumer to buy something you can get from Pelican for $1, 500.00 without all the fanfare. click to watch all 3 videos

How sad it must be for them to own a business so hated by so many scorned customers across the entire country.

All commentary is expressly my opinion only, based on what I’ve seen, heard, was trained to say, and actually did in the home on behalf of my commission and RainSoft through the Dealership of Professional Water Services, Inc.
* it is possible in my short time with Rain Soft(PWS bristol Pa) I did not learn enough to have a better opinion of them. Please do your own investigating and give equal time to both sides: Love'em or Hate'em You decide

Sep 24, 2009 1:28 am EDT

alright i love coming on boards and having people knock rainsoft products for your own bull crap basically. Jen let me ask you a question. does your north star or ecowater system have a lifetime warranty on every single peice of equipment they have? all the orings and washers and everything? well guess what rainsoft sure does. Thats why we offer you 30 days to try and find a better system or you get ours for free and a full refund. We have never had to do this before so what does that state? we must be the best right?. also the thing about dying from tap water, no you may not outright die from it and chances are you can drink it for years and years and never have anything go wrong, but do you know what the number one link to kidney stones is? how about HARD WATER, which is what almost every single home has in america, some form of mineral hardness to the water. When your on a well or even a municipality, hardness does not leave your home. You actually can have more hardness in bottled water then you can in your tap. So lets put 2 and 2 together, if hardness comes from bottled water and hardness comes from your tap, then logistically what would make the most sense, hard water doesnt come from a filtration system. We also don't use frightening tactics, we display our products and show you what you water does and educate you on the effects of can be scary but we certainly dont scare you.

and don,

our salespeople and our products are degenerate crap? i dare you, triple dog dare you, to try and find a system as effective, and have the same warranty as ours. guess what you wont find one. Our company strives to be the best. Whos water system does nasa use in space, and whos water system is being used by the president? RAINSOFT and thats for a reason.

and patches
go ahead and not pay for our system. Your credit rating will plummet and you will not get accepted on future payment plans of any sort, especially for the economy to be in the shape its in. Good luck!

also i just want to say for those people who are stating that if we dont get a sale we are unpleasant. think about it like this, you have 2 children and a wife at home, if you dont sell a product you cant feed them or basically support them in any way. We spend an hour and a half in your home to buy nothing when we can spend an hour and a half in someone elses home to sell them a product, and for someone else to care about thier health and well being.

Sep 10, 2009 6:22 am EDT

Rain soft is a scheme and fraud DON'T WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T WORK, sorry i didn't return in 3 days. but i refuse to pay for it anymore so they are not getting anymore money form me take that rainsoft.

Oct 04, 2019 8:51 am EDT

Unfortunately they got us too. We made a mistake in getting it and it’s not worth it!
What happens when you stop making payments?

Apr 06, 2009 9:31 pm EDT

I think Abe Lutz/Putz works for Rainsoft, also. He is even rude and insulting in his post to the other Rainsoft victim! These people are unbelievable! We had a salesman out to our home. The telemarketer who set up the initial "consultation" said the visiting rep was not trying to sell us anything (a lie). The rep then spent 3 hours in our home telling us how horrible all the water in the whole wide world is except for that which comes out of a Rainsoft system (ooh, I'm sooo scared!). Then when I said we want to think overnight about buying the system rather than sign up for a $5K system right then and there, he got rude and even said to us "what do you think I came out here for?"! He then started complaining about me to my fiance (!) that I didn't see the demos he had done and so I shouldn't be making comments about the system being too expensive. Upon his getting ready to leave, my fiance jokingly asked him if we would die from drinking our tap water, and this con artist said in a somber, serious tone "uh, I'm not allowed to answer that". Yeah, right! Take it somewhere else, buddy! Any company that tries to get you to buy their product by frightening you rather than displaying the quality of their item needs to get out of the business. From my research, the better systems appear to be North Star and especially Ecowater, both priced more reasonably than Rainsoft.

Feb 23, 2009 12:54 pm EST

hahaha! Abe is a Rainsoft employee who's trying to counter the negative comments on this board. They do this as a way to make people feel foolish all the while thinking "say what you want we already have your signed contract and you owe us until the contract is fulfilled at 20% annual interest!" When the telemarketing ho's call hang up or tell them to f*ck off. NEVER let them come to your house or in the door

Sep 26, 2008 2:20 pm EDT

Great goodness! You sound like a couple of "I can't think for myself, I won't take responsibility for my actions" whiners. Welcome to the real world of marketing. I can't speak to the attitude of the rep or dealer but as far as having to make a decision tonight or lose the valuable freebies (that actually make it possible for the system to not cost the homeowners ANY EXTRA money), so what? You're supposedly mature adults.
A few things; 1) If you had been listening to the presentation you would have discovered just what does set Rainsoft apart from the rest and why they cost what they do. Again, had you been listening.
2) You said there wasn't any time to do any research. If your rep did his job right he would have told you about Rainsoft's Quality Assurance Guarantee. It allows a family to keep the Rainsoft unit for free after taking an entire 30 days to do all research around the world. They offer this Guarantee because they know there isn't a manufacturer out there with an equal or better warranty, gets the water as clean or cleaner, and costs only one penny less than Rainsoft. Again, Rainsoft is so certain they have the best product for the money they can safely offer this Guarantee.
3) Although you probably are incapable of admitting it (because of your failure to take responsibility) but I can speculate on one reason the sales rep got upset with you is that you lied to him several times during the presentation. Flat out lied to him. You call it pressure but what it is is the rep holding you to your answers to him. How do you feel when you are lied to? You were given every opportunity to be honest and truthful with him and I would venture to say you weren't.

Also, you poor poor Dears. Are you telling me that the presentation was so excruciating for you that after 2.5 hours the result was you signing a contract and NOT throwing him out. If it was so bad I don't understand why you didn't make him leave?
You say you found the same quality machine for a lot less $. Bull ###! That also tells me you didn't listen to the Rep.
I'm done with you today. I expect you'll fail to get the meaning of my words but that's OK. The world needs illiterate fools as well.

Grow Up,

Abe [email protected]


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