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Previously when I've returned an item, it showed up on the order status within a day or so. Not this time. Now they are saying it could take 17 days to process. To be honest, I could have just returned it for a refund and ordered another one and received it faster. I had to return the item because it was defective. All they had to do was send me one that is not defective. 17 days?? Come on. Also, if you check your order status they do not update this on a daily basis. You can order something on the 20th of the month and on the 25th it will still show that you ordered it on the 20th with no further info on the status. I've been shopping with QVC for approx. 8 years and in the past year their service has just gone downhill. I'm looking into HSN.

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  • Di
      26th of Sep, 2008
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    I have shopped with QVC since 1994...Never had a problem until this year with Customer Service. I received perishables that were sour, less then expected and sometimes plain old bad. I asked for my refunds were given them, then a letter came that I can order food products, but I cannot get a refund anymore. Okay, I accepted that, but what about a gps that didn't work, was so bad with the directions I have to just take park the car and take a cab to get to where I was going...what about the shoes that are suppose to fit your size but they didn't mention run small...or the clothes that are damaged, too small, or just not what it appeared to be on tv? Well, now I was suspended from shopping because I had too many returns...most are before the 30 day trial period!!!
    I think QVC is looking for a class action suit...

  • Je
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    I'm on your side, 1000%. I've been with them for soooo many years and thousands of dollars!! When my mother past, I had to return, her things, or something didn't fit correctly, or a product was defective and I've also, received so bad food. I received my refunds, but they would not let me exchange anything and cut me off, as a member!! My purchases, computer, clothes and mucho other items throughout the years, meant squat!! So, much, for their no hassel returns, EVEN if it's on time! But HERE IS THE BEST ONE, they cut off all my relatives, who never even exchanged one item!! I NEVER thought, anyone could be that rotten!! A friend of mine is an atty., and we will be working on this, because now they're discriminating!! I wish you luck, with your situation. I'm disabled and I relied
    on shopping this way. I have never had a neg. response, like QVC, and I'm 50+.

  • Mo
      9th of Dec, 2008
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    I am so glad to read your message. I thought it was me. QVC did the same thing to me. I shopped with them for years. My returns were minimal. To make a long story short one day they simply closed out my account without notification or explanation. That was after my family had spent quite a bit with them over the years. My family experienced the same thing with their accounts, too, as you. Their accounts were also closed around the same time my was. I am not sure what is up with them, but something smells. I am glad not to be doing business with them these days. Your message was very helpful.

  • Co
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    I agree I have been with QVC for a long time, I love when they have there southwestern jewelry on and I've bought quite a bit of it. But lately the gems they say are real are not their fake! So beware of QVC's jewelry. Plus most of the stuff they sell you can find it cheaper in the stores. Their customer service is going down hill, I like HSN better.

  • Sh
      9th of Sep, 2009
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    i have been with QVC for many years SPENDING £1000's... and have never had a problem...untill now!
    i was called on the phone a few wekks ago and asked WHY WAS I CANCELLING ITEMS...i explained that i order for family and (friends...(but not now stopped that)...AND I ALWAYS CANCEL THE SAME DAY !!...(when possible mostly alwasys...)
    PLEASE NOTE ::: THIS IS WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICES ASKED ME TO DO A YEAR OR MORE AGO...and i used to anyway esp if it was a TSV...THEY WERE PERFECTLY HAPPY WITH THIS ARRANGEMENT...SO i did not know i was doing anything wrong!
    THE GUY ON THE PHONE TOLD ME THAT I MUST NOT ORDER FOR FRIENDS AND THAT MY MUM WHO IS 84 AND UNWELL SHOULD GET HER OWN membership!!...and my hubbie who works 7days a week should get his too!!
    by this time i was cross i explained about my mum etc...but he was not interested...he wasnt rude just not interested...
    shortly afterwards i recieved a letter from QVC telling me that if i ordered on a cheque hold then it could be cancelled...but if i payed at the time then that was ok!!!
    I AM CROSS...i was given **NO**notice or time for my side to be given and i was working with customer services!!!...I WAS NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG!!
    NEEDLESS TO SAY I'M UNHAPPY...AND A LITTLE SAD...QVC has been a trusted member of my me help and always putting any problem right...but now...?
    i cannot risk ordering and waiting for hubbie to come home and *OK* the item anymore...what a shame.

  • De
      24th of Sep, 2009
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    I ordered a ring and the center stone was loose, when I asked about quality control, I was given the reason that they had too many items in stock to check them all. Not acceptable, and the customer service rep was really snotty. Had to return item. Guess I wont be shopping with them anymore.

  • Au
      2nd of Oct, 2009
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    QVC did the same to us - cancelled wife, husband, son, and everybody in the same zip code with the same name. Years and 1000's of $$$ and they pull that kind of anti-competitive bull...

    Shareholder meeting here I come...

  • Uc
      2nd of Nov, 2009
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    I am a brand new QVC shopper and I regret and will not return. The customer service is despicable. The supervisor LOUD TALKS me, continue's to interupt me and cut me off, placed me on hold in mid-sentence while I started to say something (that was his way of placing me in the corner with a dunce cap on until I acted "accordingly") repeadedly called me "lady" instead of Maam and told me things dont always go as you want them! I was floored. Unbeleiveable. I ordered a phone and theys sent me the wrong phone, told me I could return it but had to wait 10 days for them to ship me out a insured sticker after I was told they would send someone over the day before to pick it up from my house and I even took a day off from work to ensure I didnt miss them (because the post office is a mad-house and Im handicapped) and promised to have Corp call me back. The never showed up. They never called. I still have the phone. I will never ever shop there again. My mother is a long time QVC and has vowed to NOT return there either. If ANY employee of QVC is here reading any of this, I would figure out WHO it is they recently hired because there is ALOT of complaints here from long time users. I on the other hand am a first time shopper and look at my first experience!!! Coincidence? I think not.

  • So
      18th of Dec, 2009
    +2 Votes

    The customer service at QVC is shockingly rude. The attitude is most definitly "How can I get this person to shut up?" rather than "What can be done to solve the problem that QVC CAUSED?" I will never shop with them again and would only recommend it at your own peril. If there is a problem, don't even bother with customer service.

  • An
      11th of Mar, 2010
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    Having been a long time customer of QVC (25 years), I am also flabagasted at the downhill spiral of QVC quality and utter rudeness of 'customer service.' Returns/credits to account are taking an abnormally long time and even when you have proof of a return, QVC blatently state they never received your return. Strange? especially when using their overpriced pre-paid scan forms. Then the kicker of tacking on 'late payments, finance charges' on items returned then refusing or provoking you into not wanting to continue speaking to a loud, shouting 'rep' as you try to explain their error. Although there is a statement from the senior vice president on his refund letter to you citing 'qvc reps are delighted to sort out any problems or queries on your Qcard' when the exact opposite is true. This is very telling when the president of Customer Service doesn't stand behind his words. "New rules" now state, forget them, and stick you with GE Bank who know NOTHING about your issue; nor do they care; only interested in harassing you for money you know you don't owe. Calling 5 times a day and shouting to intimidate you is now something that the phone company has been alerted to.
    Although the man hours are annoying trying to fight QVC and their questionable practices, I will not give up even if this means going to small claims court. An earlier writer had it right - a class action suit. Meanwhile I have filed a complaint with the
    Better Business Bureau, notified the OTS Federal Government and plan on making my plight as public as possible in order to bring resolution to nefarious practices of this company.

  • Lo
      2nd of Apr, 2010
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    QVC is abusing people and their money! I recently returned a laptop and claimed the laptop was not in the box! They say they will not issue a refund. I used their shipping label which they claim is insured with no consequence to the buyer! I am very disappointed after many many years of being a loyal buyer!

  • Ca
      28th of Jun, 2010
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    qvc will lost alot of customers if they don't start working on the quality control of customer services demeanors. I often think of qvc as an ellite shopping network, their hosts are all professionals, making it seem as if qvc is a high end company but their main goal is to sell their products, alot of the products seems to be so pretty on tv but when you received it personally it wasn't reallywhat of you've expected. I shop with qvc because i thought they have friendly customer service people, until recently i talked to some of them, i realized they don't stand up to their company's reputation, it is totally so unpleasant to shop with them again, when you receive a bad service from a certain brand shopping network, it minus you image for them, you will not be happy to buy anything again from them

  • Ar
      2nd of Aug, 2010
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    i agree with all of you, i have just opened an account with QVC and i placed an order after 3 days it got canceled, i called Costumer care and they said we cant do anything about it its our corporate office, so i called corporate office and they transferred me a Automated Voicemail and this is the 4th day never got called back. I called them again they told me that there is an account in diffident city but same as my first and last name, what? is this a joke? its not my address i have lived here for over 5 years and have not clue with that address that they gave me.

    my cousin ordered a notebook pc from QVC. and he did not received it, they delivered it somewhere els when he called to QVC they told him that we did delivered it and he canceled the order plus they closed his account.

    so did QVC cares about costumers? NO
    what about Costumer service? it SUCKS they act very rude and they dont help ppl like us to guide it right place and solve the problem

    i have just saw a lot of complaints about QVC and lot of crazy stories.
    im done with QVC.

    i will recommend HSN for everyone if you are looking for home NETWORK SHOOPING PLACE.
    and if you want my advise you can find this same items from somewhere els and even more cheaper.

    Thank You.

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    I have been a long time customer of QVC. I always thought very highly of them. Never had a problem with returns, never had a problem with customer service. About two years ago, medical bills became more of a priority and I couldn't make the entire payment for two months. I got behind on paying my account and called them to let them know what was going on. I made several phone calls to keep them updated. By the third month, I tapped into some money I could finally get to and was able to pay the account in full. In the meantime, I received the nastiest phone calls I have ever received in my entire life. I thought the guy was going to look me up and break by leg he was so very nasty. As soon as I paid my account in full by the next month, QVC closed my account. I had NEVER been behind before or had a problem with paying them. I simply could not believe it!

  • Ih
      13th of May, 2011
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    I have been a customer of QVC for years as well, and I am going to start shopping elsewhere because of their stupid customer service. I ordered an expensive "advanced order" pendant from them several months ago. The cost of the item is nearly $500. When I placed my order, it was by phone. I wasn't given a shipment method option. I JUST ASSUMED THAT SINCE IT WAS AN EXPENSIVE ARTICLE THEY WOULD AT LEAST SEND IT WITH A TRACKING NUMBER. I saw the item was shipped today, but there was not tracking number provided. I called and got the "Ma'm if there's no tracking number it's because we shipped USPS, and if you wanted it shipped UPS, you should have requested it...blah, blah, blah..." routine. Well the USPS SUCKS! I've been reading complaints all over the Internet about people not getting things USPS. I have my own personal experience with USPS - am always getting everyone else's mail, including prescription meds, etc. in my mailbox, and have had tracking numbers on items they said they delivered to my house on a certain day/time that they actually delivered somewhere else. If I'd ordered the item on the Net I would have specifically selected UPS. Since it was over the phone, I wasn't given an option. The customer service representative became argumentative with me and I finally let him have it. I told him I'd done over $500K business with them in the past and that was coming to a stop! He didn't care - some stupid kid with his head up his ###. They don't care if you do business with them or not, and they don't care how they treat their customers or how they ship their products to you anymore. I've also noticed that when requesting UPS, they have started sending the items by UPS until it reaches your home town. Then UPS delivers the item to the Post Office, who then takes another couple of days to deliver it, with - you got it - delivery tracking when it was delivered somewhere else because it's the USPS and not a reliable carrier! One more thing about the Customer Servicee at QVC, and I have a feeling this may have occured this time too. When you call for a tracking number that isn't showing up on the same day it was supposedly shipped out, they tell you it was shipped USPS, but the next day or two, it gives you a UPS tracking number. Again, Customer Service isn't following through with your questions - they just give a standard response and try to get rid of you as quickly as possible. I certainly hope this is the case and a UPS tracking number appears in a couple of days; Else, there's a 99.99%
    chance that USPS will ship it to a neighbor who will be wearing my pendant instead of me!!!

  • Di
      27th of Jun, 2011
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    QVC has been terrible in the customer service area as of the last few years, I think they have outgrown their ablitiy to provide for there customers. I have recently purchased my last item and will not refer QVC to any of my friends or family and all that I know shop there will hear a month full from me about their poor service. QVC easy pay service is a terrible service also it gives them unlimited access to your Credit card and they can, and do charge your account anytime they want. Never mind making you over drawn or chargin 3 times in one month which is your grocery money. No thanks to the custmer service either that they stated they could charge that way and would not return they funds even though they were in excess of $500. No customer service just customer crap!!!

  • Ch
      8th of Aug, 2011
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    Many website users are fed-up with QVC pulling their payment facility when busy. This has been happening over the past 3 years but they deny any responsibility. Don't they know that when the website, or any section of it, is down, it's down for every user. Amazing how such a large internet shopping channel is content to lose so many of their customers in this way!
    Also their p&p charges are extremely high and delivery is often 3to4 weeks late arriving. They, of course, have the use of your money during that time, and if the item has to be sent back they will say it will take some time to deal with and refund the money. This is not acceptable practice and should be looked into by relevant government department.

  • Jo
      2nd of Sep, 2011
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  • Hp
      24th of Jul, 2012
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  • Su
      6th of Aug, 2012
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    I have been a loyal QVC customer for YEARS. I received a letter in 2010 telling me that I was returning too many items. I then did not shop with QVC for quite a while. I did, however, return to shopping with them. I ordered their LightStim (an expensive product) that was defective and broke, so I had to send it back. I recently broke my toe and was unable to go shopping for sneakers that would fit my broken toe foot, so I turned to QVC because of the Ryka brand. I had to order multiple sizes and styles to see which one would work for my broken toe. I kept multiple pairs and sent the rest back. I just received one of their TOTALLY INSULTING letters concerning closing my account because I send too much stuff back. I called them and spoke with a supervisor who tried to convince me that their sizing information is enough for someone to purchase the correct product. That is SUCH CRAP. You can't buy shoes or clothes on TV and expect them to fit unless you try them on. ESPECIALLY if your toe is freakin broken. I wrote a letter to them also. I have shopped on many shopping channels as well as tons of retail stores and if a store offers an UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, then they should stick by it.

    I will not be shopping at QVC any more.

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