Quest / Direc TV / spurious billing for services we never had

MN, United States

I am so angry with quest for what they made us go through. Everything with quest was going fine, till we disconnected their service and switched to vonage. Instead of disconnecting the existing service, quest went ahead and created a new account in my name and added services that I had never ordered. I was the one following up every day, asking for bills and my final account closing statement. All they kept saying was that your account is now closed. And then, suddenly, we discovered that a bill of $275 was slapped on us. After following up for three months, when they saw that we were not going to get scared of collection agencies and their bullying, they have told me over the phone that the account is closed. Even today, I have not recieved a paper bill confirming that I do not have any dues on them.

I kept getting transferred between their different 'departments' and hanging on to the phone for 3-4 hours on an average. They are totally dishonest and have no processes of systems in place. One customer service agent will say something totally opposite to what the executive promised the day before. They have no morals and zero consistency. Simply put, they harass you till you give up, and are so sick of following up everyday, that you will pay for their false bill.

I will not be surprised if they file for bankruptcy soon because with this kind of fraudulent practices, they cannot last long. I hope and pray that they will end soon, so that hardworking americans like us can save some money and not throw it away by paying bills for services we never took.

The only lesson I have from this stressful experience, is to hold on, and to keep refusing to pay for the spurious charges. Just pay for the part of the bill that is genuine. They will lose steam in a 3-4 months time. And of course, never ever do business with them in future!

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