Qatar Airways / undue and unethical behaviour by the attendants of qatar airways (ref. flight # qr0704, pnr # qtj5kf)

Date: 31st July 2018, Time during 9:35 am to 9:55 am at JFK, Terminal 7 departure lounge)
Description of incident:
- I was supposed to travel to Bangladesh today with my family.
- For my entire family, we had checked in and Boarding passes were already issued with specific seat numbers
- Because of accident on the road there were heavy traffic and I reached at about 9:25 am in the Airport with all the luggage, while my other family members (using a different vehicle) reached about 12 minutes late
- Since I reached within time, I approached for drop in our luggage and submitted all passports, tickets (mentioning that we're already checked in and boarding passes have been issued) and my family members are on the way and may get delayed for few minutes because of the traffic due to road accident
- I was refused by the attendants saying that they can't proceed for taking the luggage saying that if my family members do not show up by 9:40 am they can not travel and instead they were asking me whether I want to travel alone leaving my family
- Explaining the situation, I repeatedly requested them to proceed for confirmation of Boarding of my family and by that time (7-15 minutes) they will reach but they didn't consider my request.
- I was trying to convince them based on the Boarding passes already issued, whether they can reconsider us (including my infant of 2.5 years of age), but I was told this online Boarding passes has no value
-In the meantime my family members also reached (12 minutes delay) and again, we urged them to reconsider, but they were not in mood to listen to us
-Consequent to the above, I missed my flight, which caused not only financial losses, but also huge mental stress.

Questions to Qatar Airways authorities:
1) Is it true that the online Boarding passes has no value?) Then by not mentioning this on the online portal are you not deceiving customers?
2) While we had checked in, had the online Boarding passes, one member of the team already present in person in front of the attendant, don't you think an exception for 10-15 minutes delay (for valid reasons) for other members could be allowed? What does your record says?
3) Don't you think asking to travel me alone leaving my family behind is inhuman and not matching with the least standards of service level of any service oriented organization?

I would humbly request a sincere feedback on the above. You can send me the feedback to the following email address:


Thanks & warm regards,
Debabrata Roy Chowdhury
803, Irvington Avenue, Hillside, New Jersey
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Jul 31, 2018

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