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Sudan Review updated:

This is the letter of complaint I e-mailed to Qatar's main office and gave to the area manager in Khartoum on January 3rd. To date I have had no response from anyone.

Dear Sir or Madam:

I wish to make a formal complaint about the terrible service of Qatar Airways in Sudan and Doha that resulted in the loss of a bag containing US$3, 000 of scuba equipment. The sequence of events is as follows:

1. I checked in with Qatar Airways, flight 521 from Khartoum to Doha, on December 18 with a connection on flight 656 to Cebu on December 19.
2. I checked in one bag in Khartoum and had another carry-on bag with most of my scuba safety equipment.
3. After getting my boarding pass I went through security and was told that I could not take the carry-on bag with me because there was two (underwater) flashlights and a scuba regulator in the bag.
4. I explained that the equipment was very valuable and that I have always carried it as a carry-on but I was told that I must check it in.
5. The female Qatar Airway agent at the boarding gate took the bag and issued me an Interline limited Release tag (#0157QR211698) showing that the bag was to go to Cebu. I told her that the equipment was worth $3, 000 and that my safety under water depended on it and that some of the equipment was fragile.
6. I asked that she put a fragile sticker on the bag but in the following 15 minutes before boarding she had not done so and I saw her kicking the bag to move it.
7. When I arrive in Doha I had only enough time to get to the boarding gate for the Cebu flight. I asked the man collecting my boarding pass in check on the computer to make sure both on my bags had been transferred and HE REFUSED TO DO SO.
8. When I got to Cebu the bag with all of my equipment was not on the plane.
9. I spoke to the Qatar baggage agent in Cebu and he filled out a Property Irregularity Report (PIR), kept the original Interline limited Release tag (#0157QR211698) but gave me a photocopy of it.
10. During the next two weeks I made frequent calls to your agents in Cebu (Floyd, Epi, Kris) and they told me they were doing what they could to trace the bag. A week or so later they faxed me a Passenger Property Questionnaire (I was staying at a dive resort on Leyte) and told me to fill it out and turn it in when I returned to Cebu for my return flight to Khartoum on January 2. (I have a copy of the two-page form but they kept the original.)
11. When I was at the Cebu airport Floyd showed me a number of emails and faxes that had been sent to Khartoum and told me that he had NEVER RECEIVED ANY RESPONSE.
12. He also explained that the Interline limited Release tag number (0157QR211698) had never been entered into the computer system and so there was no ‘official’ record of it.
13. He also told me that I would ask that an agent meet me upon arrival in Khartoum but there was NO AGENT AT the AIRPORT BAGGAGE AREA.
14. I listed 15 items on the Passenger Property Questionnaire with a total (replacement) value of US$3, 000. I may be able to find a few receipts of bank/credit card statements for some on the items but not for most of them as I often paid cash for them.

Obviously I want to be reimbursed for the replacement value of this equipment but I also want to file a complaint for negligence (#6, 11, 12), incompetence (#6, 11, 12, 13), and theft against the female agent in Khartoum and negligence (#7) and incompetence (#7) against the male agent in Doha.

I will to the main Qatar Airways office tomorrow and try to talk to the manager. If I am not totally satisfied with the outcome I will file a criminal complaint for theft with the police against Qatar Airway in Khartoum.

This was my first and probably my last flight with Qatar. While I was very pleased with the help your agents in Cebu gave me I am equally (if not more) unhappy with the negligence and incompetence of those responsible for the loss of my equipment. Do you really want such people working for you?

Morris Lando

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  • Sa
      8th of Apr, 2010

    dear sir/mam
    it's kamal bahadur adhiakri i have flew from kathmandu to london 15th janubery 2010 from kathmanu to doha and next day morning doha to london, when did i have arrived from kathmandu, nepal to doha i have left ma tagged hand carry in kathmanu airport and i have done clam on way to ktm-doha and your staff promised that they have got my hand carry in some days i have give them my emil address [protected] and molibe number also but they don't give me any responce so i would like to know that why they don't contact me?and what about my hand carry?please give me responce iam waiting for your responce.

    thanks:kamal bahadur adhikari

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  • Da
      30th of Sep, 2010

    Dear Morris

    I empathized with the incident you had to go through. I have similar incidents with a multi-purpose laser pen that the cabin crew placed in a security envelope as requested by the Security Officer and was told I would get it upon arrival in my country but atlas, it was lost for good. Filing complaints and feedback were useless as I logged in to check the status, they stated it as COMPLETED and though nobody tried to resolve this matter.

    Again, I had a damage luggage yesterday in Doha and the customer relations staff at the custom for "Lost & Found" refused to issue a log for me as they claimed that locks are not covered. But eventually, upon close examination upon arrival in the hotel, I realised that the metal frame was dented which resulted in the lock unable to close properly.

    Very unpleasant experience and the top management of Qatar airways didn't even bother to look into their staff's attitude and issues their passengers are experiencing...

    What is their top management in Qatar doing, one wonders...


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  • De
      4th of May, 2011

    I flew out for Damacus International Airport(DIA) heading to Bangkok. I had a brief layover in Doha about 1hr and a half, sufficient time to transfer the baggage. I arrived in Bangkok, NO luggage. It later became clear to me that the woman host working for Qatar Airways never placed a transfer sticker on my baggage. Further when confirming my flight she was really rude and bend a page in my passport. I pointed out her behavior and she just ignored me. Qatar Airways please hire people that are courteous and equip to complete the task assigned.

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  • Ja
      24th of Jul, 2011

    Don't expect any resolution whatsoever, they are absolutely hopeless when it comes to customer service. i have flown twice with them and both times they have lost my one bag, they now tell me its due to overloading, yeah right, Doha is just one unorganised shambles and I will NEVER fly with them again, sure they get the bag to the airport as soon as they can but are not interested in compensating you for picking it up, for toiletries, for laundry. If they are the world 5 star airline others must be 10 star, because Qatar have no idea. Makes a mockery of the awards they aclaim to. I think if I had the option only of flying with Qatar or going by boat - I would choose the latter

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  • Sh
      2nd of Dec, 2011

    I am a Qatar Gold member who has been extremely loyal to your airline for a few years now. I am currently experiencing a huge problem at guangzhou international airport. I departed south africa with goods to be returned to china. All went well up until landing back home in south africa where my goods has not arrived with me. I am now told that the goods in my boxes are illegal and not allowed on a commercial airline. I would of expected the airline to have told me in guangzhou already that my boxes where being de boarded as

    I was sitting in the lounge for many hours waiting for the flight. I checked in 3 boxes and 1 bag where by all the boxes and the bag had the exact same goods inside. On my arrival to south africa only 1 box and the 1 bag came off the conveyor belt. I can’t understand as to why they allowed those baggages and not the others. I am in contact with Tracy lee noah from Qatar Airways Baggase Services, who agrees with me that nothing other than 25 cell phone batteries are illegal in my boxes. I am now left with the dilemma of getting people in china to collect my boxes and having to pay my own courier to south africa.

    Ie: goods inside my boxes are
    - Surveillance cameras
    - Window tint
    - Miniature camcorder
    - Balast to control lights
    And please note I left south africa with these goods

    I am deeply disappointed in the outcome of this matter as Qatar airways are leaving me with the problem and the expense to bring back my goods I left with from guangzhou on the same airline. Tuesday coming 22 November will be two weeks and thus the only way to sort out this problem is for me to pay a courier company too get my boxes home.

    I am awaiting a reply from somebody to advise on the status of my goods.

    I have been calling the airport office who’s hours are 12h00 – 16h00 however there is still no reply!

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  • Pa
      25th of Apr, 2012

    Dear sir

    Kind information my one baggage tag no-QR784231 got misplaced during travelling
    from new Delhi to Algiers flight no-QR233/566 on 30.10.2010 Complain was made
    vide no-ALGQR10663 on same date 30.10.2010 at Algiers .please note that till
    date I have not received my baggage. And I had lodged the claim to Qutar air
    ways .I have remider many time in Qatar airways Algiers.always replied your file on the table of Qatar airways DOHA. may please take neccssory action.
    For reference scaned copy in attachment

    With best regards
    Paresh Chandra Mondal
    File reference number-ALGQR 10663
    Bag tag number-QR 784231
    Trawell Tag number- 7528505
    Insurance certificate no-1566123/EN1
    Claim code no-40719198

    Date of travel-30-10-2010
    ticket no-15724903378
    passport no-J0981967
    phone no-00213770981260

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  • Fa
      8th of Sep, 2014

    this stupid airline lost my baggage and cant locate it now..they cant find a complaint i made after i arrived in usaand said the investigation was the hell was it stopped if i didnt get my bag back...never never use this airline

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  • Ba
      24th of Mar, 2015

    The same happened to me. I was traveling with Qatar Airways from Riyadh To Philadelphia, US through Doha airport. We stopped in Doha airport for 5 hours and then flew to PHL. when i got to Phily one of bags was missing, they told me it was still in Doha. They filled out Property Irregularity Report for me and told me it's just delayed and it will be here by tomorrow but unfortunately that didn't happen! not to mention the broken seat of my daughter. the bottom line is Qatar airways is the WORST and i don't know how do they classify them self as 5 stars airway! actually they are MINUS 5 STARS AIRWAY. Definitely not flying with them again whatsoever!

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  • Ma
      17th of May, 2016

    I am not feeling well to inform you that my first experience travelling with Qatar Airways was not good at all.

    I am recently performing UMRAH and for the purpose of travelling from Karachi to KSA, I travelled through Qatar Airways flight on 13th May 16 with my family. When I arrived at Jeddah Airport, One of my bag was missing in my luggage that was of my daily clothes and other important papers. I checked for my bag a lot at airport but I did not find any one at Jeddah Airport was looking after for passengers for baggage claims. I was very disappointed. I normally travels with Emirates and I never faced this sort of problem at all. I am enclosing some evidence to this email for reference and hope that you will help me in finding my missing bag. I am in MAKKAH at zamzam tower. I am coming back to Pakistan on 23 May from Madina Airport.

    I hope that you will cooperate with me in finding my missing bag.

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  • Ra
      6th of Sep, 2017

    The Qatar Airways is really skilled in damaging my laptop kept in baggage. It happened three months ago. Still I didn't get my claim.

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