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In July of 2010 we stayed at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach resort in Los Cabos. My Wife and I attended the timeshare presentation. We were already owners w/ Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan Emerald Bay. Mr. Alberto Carraso (the salesman) told us if we bought with Sunset and let our other timeshare go, which we had partially paid, we coul;d make up the loss by renting our Sunset timeshare out. He advised us we could make 2, 100.00 dollars for the weeks rental. He also sold us a membership to the Black Diamond program. He advised us we could book week stays at resort and only pay 299.00 for a studio, 399.00 for a 1 bedroom and 499.00 for a 2 bedroom. Needless to say we have now found out that he lied to us. Turns out we can rent our timeshare but we will only get our maintance fee paid for and the prices quoted for the Black Diamond program do not exist. Dealing with a company in Mexico we feel there is very little that we can do. Please let me know if there is any course of action we can take.

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      Jan 05, 2011

    We were also called in November to purchase a Black Diamond package, so that we will no longer have to deal with RCI, I am trying to get my money back. I can not log onto the website, and feel as though this is a scam. They sent me vouchers to ICE, for a cruise, and one weeks resort stay, and promised airline tickets too. Have not seen them. They were going to send information in 20 days, nothing has come and it is now January. Also, we could use our fees towards other properties. What properties, if you can't get on the website. When asking around noone had heard of Black Diamond.

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  • Mo
      Jan 09, 2011

    Yesterday I spoke with a rep from Pueblo Bonito Premier Plus, he said that Black Diamond is Premier Plus, they changed the name from Black Diamond and that Pueblo Bonito Premier is no longer. It's all just Premier Plus, similiar to RCI but run by Pueblo Bonito with added benefits since they were getting many complaints about RCI. I'm currently evaluating purchasing, looking for reviews online. He did give me a temp login for a few days and I'm able to see it all. Not sure the resorts offered are any different that what RCI has available but it does eliminate some fees. But is it worth the buy in... not sure. Depends on how much you would use it I guess. Anyone else out there with info?

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  • Ma
      Sep 30, 2011

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  • Sa
      Feb 09, 2012

    It is not worth it

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