Publix Super Marketsan employer in produce!!!

Since 2011, I'm working for publix, my complaint comes 5 years ago so far, talking to the head of the product department and the general manager of publix, due to the worker Brendy Davis since she is full time and we have two Working part time we do all the work she does not do all day, if we are part time we work full time the job she stops doing, we have running there and we are cutting schedule because of her, and above Of that the boss demands to us production thing that does not demand to him to be full time.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Tampa, FL She does not clean the floor, and when she goes to scrub leaves the keys open for 30 minutes throwing water, and when going to scrub the fruits does the same, things that we are pending, we want to know all the workers of the product department which is The preference that there is with her, we are working with much stress and a lot of intention because every day comes with different things, we do not want to work with her, she does not have good character or education since a worker when she arrives must have good cortecia and say good morning, Please we need to be pending or have a meeting with her to define the situation because with such a person can not work.

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    the complaint in the produce department is in
    Publix 1324
    8701 W.Hillsborough
    Tampa, Fl 33615

Jan 30, 2017

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