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Publix / bad company

1 Franklin, TN, United States Review updated:

I have worked for publix for over 6 years now they really suck. . They put on a front to the public and they treat their employees unfairly across the board. . I took the management test (Got a high pass) along with many great employees in the store the only person out of the group that was reccomended was the 20 year old girl that had worked for publix for about a year and a half and was usually found by the time clock on the cell phone with one of her boyfriends. .
They are never really truly happy with your work or you and i hear this from many many people. Alot of gossip and alot of backstabbing. . They should be ashamed as a company and i can honestly say they have the most waste and food thrown away i have ever seen in a grocery store. . Shame on you publix!!!

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  • Pu
      4th of Mar, 2010
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    I agee about how employee are treat at publix At my store you have to be in you 20 to get any hours a single girl living at home with mom and dad still most of her bill will get more hours the a Single Mom/dad or a older person on a fix income If your not a manger pet you do not get any hours I seen where they have cut the hours of older em;ployee down to 8 hour until that employee quite and then hire a 20 and give them 33 hours for part time and if the stay partime most like will go full i a very short time within weeks

  • Ha
      27th of Mar, 2010
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    Get this one Whenyou are express (small item check out) you not shut it down not for no reason If you need to you use the bath room you have to call mangement ant that can take you to 30 min or more I guess then want to wear depends NOT Ithink tis is worss then jail you have a bath room YES EVERYONE WATCH YOU BUT YOIU CAN GO WHEN YOU NEED ONE ALSO MANNGEMENT CAN GO WHEN THEY NEED FAIR HUMAN TO US CASHIER NO NOT IN THE LEAST AND NO I CAN NOT GO ON MY 10 MINUTES BREAKS WEE DO NOT GET THEM AND WEE CAN WORK UP TO 4 HOUR TO 4 1/2 HOUR BEFORE ARE LUNCH

  • Pu
      17th of May, 2010
    -12 Votes

    I have been in employed at Publix for the past 11 years in the Deli as a part time employee and I love my job. There is always work in the deli whether you open or close, constantly doing something your entire shift. Believe me when I tell you that after an 8-hour shift, all you want to do is sit and not get up. To those employees who are dissatisfied with Publix, leave ... find jobs elsewhere where your talents and hard work will be recognized with rewards of more money and promotions.

    You want more hours? Go the extra mile, exceed in their expectations. If you are a bagger or cashier be friendly, smile and thank the customers for shopping in your store. DO NOT complain to your customers about your job and if you take out my groceries out DO NOT make a face if I fail to tip you. If you work in Customer Service, please take care of me promptly and don't let me stand around while there are 3 of you behind the counter. To the associates in the other departments, go up to your customers and ask them if you can help them whether it's picking ripe fruit, a cut of meat or a loaf of bread from the Bakery. Don't stand arount the time sheet browsing how many hours this one got this week and how many that one got.

    The managers are that ... Managers. Not your drinking buddies, not your best friends. They are there to run the store, make sure that the shelves are stacked, the store is clean and that the store is ready for busness at 7 am. You can make it in Publix, get good raises and get promotions. Just have to work hard and not just be an average employee. No matter where you work, there will always be employee complaints about their boss, their co-workers and the job but I have found over the years that you have to love what you are doing and if you don't it's not the job for you. PS: I am 66 years old, retired, and although I have been asked if I want full time the answer is always NO ... thank you. I prefer part time.

  • Mo
      12th of Jan, 2011
    +6 Votes

    I totally agree that Publix is an awful place to work. I was a Customer Service Staff for 10 years. Managers disrespect you, they humiliate you and they treat you poorly. When you make an honest mistake they punish you by demoting you to a bagger for a few months so the rest of the store can laugh at you. And all that for 10.40 an hour. I finally had it and walked out on them. I have my life back. Now I know what people mean with being under the "Publix cloud".

  • Th
      19th of Jan, 2011
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    at the publix 1239 theres a redhead cindi lauper wanna be who works in the back who hates everybody, especially men. i was warned by everyone about her so i approached her with nothing but respect and friendliness.and the claws came out...(wow) i have never met a more miserable human being in my life.she has a bad attitude to go along with her smartass mouth as well.everybody who works in the back in the morning suffers because of her piss poor attitude...they call her MJ and she is truly a flat out [censor]!!!1

  • Ge
      17th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Class Action Suit, , you can see my stores all over this site.. ten years with the P, , ive seen lots of unfairness going on.. LETS.. I do it cause i need the job and so do all of you.. THATS WHY THEY GET AWAY WITH IT... I Took the test bunch of times for deli Manager, even Produce Manager i aced it ever time got nothin... We get them 15 cent raises thats cool, , i guess..Seen workers who dont even care about working get ahead.. 24 years in the supermarket business under me... Then to see Albertsons people slide in as managers... I feel you guys...This is not the way Mr. George ran our company, , its all about the money... Class Action Suit Again is the way i see it.. thx

  • Af
      15th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Too many ###s in tennessee stores

  • Ge
      1st of Jun, 2011
    -1 Votes

    white ###s like us agree. the rich ceo, s get rich, we get mini raises.. and gotta have a huge smile..### getting deep with publix.. lots of unhappy people my friends.. theyre looking to make poeple quit if you ask me.. all you ten year, 20 year workers they want you guys out.. new young faces in, who dont care about you and do anything to cut hours and listen to what the big shots say.. peace my friends

  • Su
      2nd of Jun, 2011
    +6 Votes

    publix is ### backwards. Ive been working there for five years for a misely 10.40 an hour as a dairy clerk which is an extremely hard position and they still dick me around even though i get the highest scoring evaluations of anyone in the whole store. though now i have a shot at management now im not sure i want it. I just couldnt live with myself being like them. if i ever decide to quit i will repay the favor by screwing up all the inventory on the computer systen before i leave costing publix alot of money and i will get the last laugh. Anyone who thinks pubix is a great place to work is stupid and should get their ### kicked.

  • Ge
      8th of Jun, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Publix just sold Crispers.. We lost lots of money, the CEO of Crispers lakeland had put in place jacked them and had to sell chain to a miami Boyne Capital, besides 9 bucs for a small sandwich wouldnt cut the bread... Sad to see how people screw each other over.. Mr. George had a loving heart for his people, we get stocks cause of him, paid time off, raises..We shouldnt have to deal with lies and cheats.. But BUT i see this in alot of our managers sad to say.. Young managers who got family in publix are scewing up the system, they feel they dont have to care about people, not a care in the world about workers...Then me or you [someone who cares] get turned down for management come to find out, , some young punk got promoted cause his dad is a store manager... Its happen.. Publix is a better place or not a better place cause of you.. THAT GOES FOR EVERYONE NOT JUST WORKERS...

  • Ge
      8th of Jun, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Publix lost money in Crispers the CEO they had put in place jacked them big time, , had to sold Crispers to Boyne Capital, besides 9 bucs for a small sub wasnt cutting the bread... But sad to see how people screw themselfs today... Mr. George had a loving heart for people, if he didnt care about people this publix would have never been... 193Os bad times in America, Mr. George still hired and helped his people at work and he had just couple of stores...I im greatful for that.. Stocks, pay raises, paid sick days etc.. What i been seeing is them young managers not really care about people, , some of them got promoted cause of family members in publix already too.. Publix dished out 9 million for BOARS HEAD selling classes??? When the bottom line is leadership, take that 9 million and put it into leadership classes... Then maybe managers would start saying hi to customers and start careing about workers not hide in backrooms., thats how you get more sales in them stores... people skills dont see that in new managers Unreal...

  • Ba
      28th of Oct, 2011
    +5 Votes

    It is all true. Humiliation, degrading statements, being raked over the coals for selling the last piece of ganache cake in the case, told you are a no good bum over a jar of baby food, I have never been so poorly treated on the job by the human race as when I have worked for Publix. If there is an action law suit over verbal abuse and cruelty, i want to join. If I didn't need the insurance and money to support my family, I would quit and I am currently working another job so I can escape Publix in the near future. It has been 4 long years at Publix and the company lies to its workers and the public. Shame on you Publix! They work me to to the bone, nit pick on me all day, I never work hard enough yet my managers don't have anyone else who is worthy to open the bakery, bake the products according to product guide, set up, clean up, decorate and still it is never enough. The management refuses to hire me full time because "If I offer you a full time job status, then you will become lazy." And I am told I will never receive a higher title than bakery clerk and I will never get another raise again. Yet they constantly hire Walmart decorators and make me train them for a job that I have told them I want. So what do I have to look forward to? less than nothing except insults, degradation and humiliation. As a woman, I have been sexually harassed, my former assistant manager couldn't stop telling me dirty Publix jokes, so I wrote him up not once, but twice and then they transferred him. My manager lied to my face and then smiled when caught. Because I caught her in her lie with proof, they allowed me a transfer to another store. Her only comment was, "I am disappointed in you." Yea, you are disappointed that you can't bully me anymore and laugh while I scrub the floors and then tell me you can't function without me at 5:00 am. This is the most sickest cruel vicious company that consumes its workers I have ever worked for. If you like being kicked around, and treat like a smoked up cigarette butt waiting to be ground into the sidewalk with no hope of help, then work for Publix. They love hurting people and screwing them over. By the way, any class law suits out there? Post it on line where people can find your inquiries quickly with a search engine and I will find you and join. I can't give you my email because Publix actually hires people to surf the net for people like me and find out who they are and then fire them for a ridiculous reason like selling the last piece of cake and not replenishing it within 60 seconds. If you are a customer, start complaining to management and insist that they treat their employees with respect or you are going to shop somewhere else. Boycott Publix, yea!

  • Ka
      6th of Dec, 2011
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  • Ba
      8th of Dec, 2011
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    Your assumption about complainers is wrong. I am a very hard worker and my manager tells me this on a regular basis. I am the first one in every morning at 5:00 am to open the kitchen and have only been sick once in a year. I clean and pick up after the other workers and when the night crew doesn't do their job, I catch up for them in the morning and do my job because I know it has to be done in order for the bakery to run more efficiently all day and will make my manager's job easier. They trust and count on me and I try my best not to disappoint them. You really have made quite a statement, "you can't convince someone that they are not a hard worker" wow you really have it all sealed up on your end. Are you sure that you are not management also? I have never had anything in my life handed to me on a silver platter! I have owned my own business for 20 years plus working for Publix for the last four years and raising a family and taking care of my mother. Look! The truth is you are hiding your head in the sand like an ostrich and ignoring all the bad doing that is going on around you just so you can keep your job. Well, that is wrong. Get this part of life correct, Evil thrives when good people stand by and do nothing. Sounds like you do a lot of nothing. You are like the three monkeys "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil". Monkey see, monkey do:) ha!

  • Ja
      28th of Mar, 2012
    +4 Votes

    I've been there a week and I have had to lecture people at past places on sanitation procedures. I'm closing the meat dept (was a mgr elsewhere in another state) and the night manager asks who trained me to close. The drains are dirty... They are!? I ask. They
    are 99.9 % cleaner than any other store I've ever seen! They NITPICK. I have 20 years experience butchering and 4 in meat management and I am amazed at how little meat gets cut and how much butchers do meat wrapping duties. And they want you
    to stay til 10:30 PM and then come back at 8 AM again? They don't seem to know that wearing a hat look 900% better than a hairnet
    alone. Don't get me wrong, most the people are kind who work there, but the procedures and work hours expected of a person in
    a skilled position just don't impress me. Not only that, I could mention numerous stores that look better. Please no more hospital white everywhere. I should also mention that in my dept, I pretty much have to learn all the procedures myself as no one really takes the time to train. Meat people: ask during your interview what hours you will work. They don't tell you that you'll be there til close and then again at opening.

  • Sh
      9th of Apr, 2012
    +3 Votes

    I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who feels this way.
    I'm 20 years old, I've been working for Publix 1196 (The first and only job I've ever had) since I was 16.
    Now, I may more biased than the most of you, for I've never worked for any other companies...
    Regardless, I feel as though Publix is VERY unfair in the way they manage their employees.
    I'm not going to sit here and tell you I'm the best worker in my store like most of you seem to claim, I know I have flaws and I know I can improve... Problem is, I no longer have the desire to.
    4 years with this company and I currently make $8.80 an hour. I barely make enough money to LIVE in this world. Now, most of you are worried that you don't get enough hours... I can tell you honestly, you CAN work as many hours as you want at Publix. There are ENDLESS ways to make your 35h/week. whether it be working in another department an extra day, or asking your manager if you can stay a few hours to help, trust me, you'll get hours if you really need them.
    But what's the point in [censored] for a company only to receive $200-250 a week? My ###ing car insurance is $233 a month. That's a QUARTER of my monthly income.
    I finally reached my boiling point when my Deli manager hired FOUR (NEW, not current employees transferred from another store) employees to our department making $9.50 an hour.
    These new employees who can't tell the difference between a smoked ham and their left testicle are all making more than I am after being a dedicated, hard-working, and most importantly, LOYAL employee my ENTIRE working life.
    And as if it's not already degrading enough to WORK with these new employees, my manager decided it would be a good idea for ME to train them.
    Imagine that; I'm training employees that make more than I do. It's disgusting.
    It had been bothering me for weeks and it was beginning to affect my work productivity.
    I was depressed, unmotivated, and all-around ANGRY that this was being happening to me.
    Bringing my concerns to my manager's attention only fueled my anger. She basically told me "Get over it or find a new job."

    I could continue for hours, but I just wanted to share my support for any others who may feel the same as I do, and because most of the comments I've read seem a bit one-sided and exaggerated. I'm going to quit working at Publix very soon because I honestly feel like I'm going to do something bad if I don't...
    -Shawn Briest

  • Ha
      14th of Apr, 2012
    +6 Votes

    The bottom line is that publix is a horrible place to work. The people who are questioning that are questionable themselves. You have to be blind to think publix is a great place to work. People who have been with publix more thAn five years and are over the age 25 make me sick. Before I stayed with publix. Publix is a joke. They brainwash you and hire people desperate for jobs, then mistreat and work them to the bone. There whole image is a ###ing joke. The managers are a joke. If you want a job like our political system please work at publix! Let's all get used by people who have nothing but power over you. I have never felt so revengeful in my entire life. I'm not speaking out in anger, but in disgust. I could go on for hours about all the ###ed up things that happen at my job, but I'd rather not throw up this morning... To be continued !

  • Jb
      28th of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes

    The comment left on May 17the of 2010 is a LIAR!

    First of all, thee baggers have to wear tags saying "DO NOT TIP"! I am not sure why thee comment about not being tipped was left because Publix encourages employees not to accept tips. THAT'S RIGHT!
    When I started Publix it was terrible withein thee 3rd monthe because I got to know people. The older cake decorators are mean, impatient and incompetent towards decorator apprentices. I was verbally abused, put down just because I asked questions and kept to myself. I can't help if I enjoy coming to work drama free and have a peaceful environment!
    Let me tell you theis:
    If you are a young woman, expect to not only do your job but to assist customers whetheer you are a clerk or not. Despite me and anotheer apprentice being dedicated and well behaved we had to do so many tasks AND help customers. Once I left thee position to be a clerk, thee decorator told thee manager theat clerks had to help customers while all theey did was decorate all day.
    If you are a young and a MINORITY (woman), expect a lot of your complaints to go unanswered/unresolved. Once my manager ignored my complaints, I knew it was time to turn my back on Publix for good.
    If you are a young, minority and ATTRACTIVE (woman) theen you will have h*ll to pay. I had to deal withe so many overly jealous people in thee bakery. The customers would always tell me theat I should model and yes, I was hit on by managers and coworkers meanwhile theings got worse withe thee decorators theat I worked withe.
    Finally if you are all of thee above and intelligent withe a FUTURE, you will have coworkers trying to be your boss. I had so many bosses to thee point where I was stressed at work and home for a week withe a serious ulcer.

    Can you tell me if your healthe is worthe a paycheck from Publix?

    Also you will have issues if you are homosexual...theat rights! The apprentice theat I worked along side was homosexual. The decorators found out and asked me about it. I just smiled and said "Yes, I knew theat before he told anyone." I don't care about personal lives really...but he was insulted by thee old ugly decorators. One of theem even told him theat he wouldn't amount to anytheing, just anotheer form of jealousy because he was very talented and kind like myself. I was upset when he left too. :(

    This place is also very sexist, theere is always women helping in thee bakery and men in thee meat department. I always see a variety at otheer stores but thee divide at Publix is so unbelievably clear.
    I have never in my life had so much stress put on me, I always met every standard, I asked questions whenever I unsure of sometheing and still received crap for being myself!

    Please if you're anyone of what I listed don't botheer working for Publix. If you need extra money go elsewhere!!!

  • No
      19th of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    @JBenson89 The part about clerks taking care of the counter while decorators focus on orders and production is actually Publix standard. Unless it's absolutely necessary for a decorator to jump in and help with a customer. I can understand the unfair treatment due to jealousy though. I'm a decorator and I work with an older woman who tends to go behind my back and nit pick to our managers about me. My managers themselves have informed me not to worry about it bc it's jealousy on her part. Finally, the thing about sexism. It's not really sexism it's just the natural tendency. I've seen male bakery managers and decorators in my district as well as female meat cutters and meat managers. Yeah it's not common but it's not Publix that is at fault there.

  • Bi
      12th of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    This is my schedule go in 630am next day go in 2:30 pm next day go in10am next day 8am then off then 8 am then 2:00 pm then 10 am then off then 12:45pm then 8 am then 6:30 am ... Sorry I'm not a robot with a on and off switch Publix sucks

  • Ar
      2nd of Jan, 2014
    +2 Votes

    I have worked at a Publix in TN for about 5 months.. I know its not a very long time but I have experienced some really awful things. On my first day in training I was told I may not be a good fit for my job for not achieving proper carryout. The same manger gossips and does almost nothing most days. I have almost been hit by a car on the crosswalk 4 times now.

    After my first month er so I started feeling better about my job and started feeling mildly good about what I was doing and slowly I was getting more hours. Until, recently a girl in the customer service staff has started not letting me go on brake until she feels I deserve it. As far as my work goes I try my very hardest to be kind to every single person I bag for. However, I am required to grab peoples carts from them and take them out side without ever asking them to take there carts out. So I end up with people yelling at me because they think I am trying to steal there Food, Purse, Wallet, or child. I also get behind peoples carts who have children and there children start screaming. Recently, I and one other bagger was pulled into my mangers office so we could watch videos of our selves not doing carryout properly. He then told us that it was just a warning and that if we kept it up he would restrict our hours and consider not giving us a pay raise. I check my schedule this week and funnily enough I'm working 5 hours. I have been doing carryout constantly even though I end up having more stressful situations that way.

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