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Publix / politics at publix

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I have worked for Publix for7 years 4 of them were as an asst.deli manager. In the 4 years I tested for deli manager once a year and had high passes and was denied promotion. Just 2 stores away a younger girl with only 1 year as an asst.deli manager gets an instore promotion while I was working there so she could have her weeks vacation. What a slap in the face!!! So when I get there I work as hard as ever because that position was not filled yet. 1week of correcting all things that was wrong in the deli, shining ever so brightly so I thought. During the week an afro-American came to me with concerns of racial slurs made to her, I immediately went to the store manager to help with this issue, I did what I thought was right for the associate. Well now Friday is here and its time for me to return back to my store really believing I was finally got the promotion, and it was over. I went to bat for an associate and her rights and I was wrong cause that’s not the way Publix and politics. Needless to say "IF YOU DON'T PLAY, YOU PAY." I worked for Publix for another 6 months and was treated so badly that I walked away after 7 years. And today 2 months later my associates still call me and complain to me how they are be treated with no respect and no dignity.

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  • Fr
      5th of Jun, 2008
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    hello, and good day. Recenty i was at one of your stores located on Bermingham Rd. And there were
    two cashiers standing on the end caps where the magazines are located. I was walking throught and
    i spoke to each of them and i did not get a reply. Just
    a look of why are you saying good morning to me. Now i know first hand that publix has great customer
    service. I have always been greeted in a friendly way
    shopping or not. But i think that it important for the
    customer to always feel welcome. And when the two
    ladies did not speak. I did not want to go back in there.
    Thanks for listening

  • Wh
      10th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    well the deli sucks, working for publix sucks, the managers suck, and good thing you quit that hell hole, go get another degree and get out of retail, and to the other lady they dont care about you they just want you to checkout so they can get paid, publixs customer service has went so far down the sh&* hole, this coming from a manager of a publix haha

  • Ak
      24th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Publix is a waste of time, management is all young kids and dumb as hell... OMG i got to find a better job. Any sugestions?

  • Pu
      7th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    ### Publix. Their store managers are complete ###wads.

  • An
      1st of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Publix needs a New York City style laborers union in the worst way. Publix is the WORST job I have ever had. They treat employees like they are modern day slaves. I think publix as a company should be investigated. So they have a good retirement, if you can stay the 40 YEARS!!!

  • Or
      20th of Aug, 2010
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    I worked in two different stores and I started off as a front service clerk / bagger. I worked in that position than moved to Custodian and then to Grocery. I was then request a transfer to a store near my house and which I receive. When I started working there I was later told by a cashier that the Common Area Manager use to babysit her when she was young. I also found out that the cashier's dad was my previous store manager and was buddy buddy with my store manager. She got her way and I was all into "I love Publix" back then. I got transferred to Produce and then to Seafood. I will tell you that ALL managers do NOT care about you and they do not give two cents about you either.

    I worked for that company for twelve years yes you read right twelve years and counting and never once did they let me go full time. They came with all their Bravo Sierra about it all the time. Also now every department has this demo from 4pm to 7pm what the crap is that. I am a Seafood clerk and they tell me I got to work Meat to as a part time. They can go and you know what.

    Benefits are only good if they let you work fifteen hundred hours a year and every year you got to do fifteen hundred hours. That sucks and how fair are you to the employees. Also the good thing is that they give employees stock which in the true nature is not that much. Also they give you retirement money to after five years of service.

    Every five years you are invited to breakfast and hear all their Gay speeches for all the big shots.

    The only thing I like about that place is the cashiers that work there. Some are good looking and most of them are not.

    The only thing is that some employees that I work with wanna be friends with other Publix employees and have the mutual bonding after work. Also the conversations in the break room is "Publix, Publix, Publix" and nothing else. The more you suck up to management the more they like you.

    Oh and for taking pictures in the store they think you are one of their competitors and trying to make you store better than Publix. I also know this for a fact. They do not like when you take pictures or even film inside the store.

    Also if you are not white they think you do not speak English. They must be dumb because I was taught British English growing up. They hate it when I speak another language.

    Plus now they have this Gay event when only GAY people can shop at the store and mingle with other GAY customers. They already did it at one of their stores in Miami and I REFUSE to shop at any Publixs in Miami.

  • So
      11th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    I was supposed to attend my saftey class tonight and i cant start working until the class is done how ever my baby sitter decied to not show up leaving me in a rush to find a replacement. I found one and was running very late when i went to drop her off long story short I forgot to run a razor over my face I drove fourty minutes and upon entering the class was asked to leave due to dress code violation. I shaved sunday morning and there reallly wasnt a lot of hair on my face but nonetheless i was sent home now i have to wait another whole week until the next class. I called the manager of my store and insted of discussing other solutions he simply said " Not a good start buddy" for a company the supposed to take care of there employees they certinly arent living up to the hype is this what im getting myself into a company that niether cares nor understands that stuff happens. Ive been unemployed for a while now and really cant go another month without a job my work scedule was already made and I wont be allowed to clock in until this class is done now im really afraid that they're going to fire me insted of letting me drive to another location to attend the class Im freakin out and not sure what to do I turned down several other job offers because i was told that publix is such a great place to work and I really dont want to go back to squre one. IIm also a recoverung drug addict and was really on the verge of turning over a new leaf I fear that the loss of this job willl greatly hinder that process if not destroy it all togeter

  • Aa
      25th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Working for Publix. What a joke. The motto should be "Where working is a living hell." Over the top management, absolute hypocrites. Managers and anyone who is at the customer service desk gets to sit around on their phones or stand there and talk while "watching the front end". Everyone knows watching the front end takes four people... Oh and I have no problem cleaning up a spill on my own in five minutes, yet it takes 3 managers 30 minutes. My question, where the hell are the higher ups to fire all these [censor]??? Get on everyone's case about nothing, and then giving them [censor] scores on their evaluations after they bust [censor] so they don't get a raise. Oh and if you're a bagger, I hope you can hold your own and be the custodian as well. I didn't know custodian was in the job description. Worst company I have ever worked for. Hands down. It's to no surprise that most of the workers talk about bringing a gun in and killing everyone if they could. If you're not an [censor]-kisser or a two-faced whore, don't work here.

  • Pu
      11th of Aug, 2011
    -1 Votes

    i must say Yes, Publix is very challenging and one sided. they talk about how much benefits and growth and so on. and in realtiy it's All ###...You first can't even qualify for the benefits if you don't work 1500 hours in one calender year which means it may take you two years at 32 hours a week just to qualify. there employee evaluations are made in a way to make it practically impossible to get more than a .15 cent raise and this is a company with record profts of .55 cents a share and all they can give to there part time employess is a bias meger raise... Shame on the Publix board members that compose these rediculous rules and benefits. oh by the way, all of the board members are family of the foudners and are all multi millionaires. I would love to see them survive on a $9.00 an hour partime job at publix. you can't even get fulltime as they hate hiring 40 hour a week employees. They save money by exploiting and hiring mostly part time workers. How did they ever make it into the top one hundred companies is beyond my belief... Shame on Todd Jones and all of the Jenkin clan for discriminating against the partime employess. Do the part time employee not work as hard as full time?? Or do your really think partime employees work part effort as well? not a chance with all the cameras overlooking... yes as one of the otheR complains stated, Publix really deserves to be unionized... Publix board members, you know better... TREAT your partime employess with respect and real benefits that they deserve.. by the way, the part timers are the ones that really work, the full timers are busy playing the system screwing off the whole day...You have the possiblities to really make it a " Were working is really a pleasure"

  • In
      12th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    I work for an inventory company that does Publix inventories (full and partial). From what I see the management is clueless on how to actually run a store the only thing they care about is making themselves and their numbers look good. I have had managers ask for a section of aisle that I just counted accurately and to the best of my ability (given the fact that their shelves are so jammed packed and so close together that it is nearly impossible to count) come back and say they I completely screwed up and that they want it recounted. All they do is look at their variance reports and if those are wrong it is automatically assumed that it is my fault. They never even think of the other multitude of factors that it could be. Not knowing which employees are full time and part time, I cannot make a distinction of which ones are worse all I know is that throughout the many inventories I have done for them the majority of employees are very arrogant towards me as if working in retail grocery is so above working in inventory.

  • Ju
      31st of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    I've worked for Publix in Lakeland for 7 years now and am quitting this year. This is one of the worst companies I've worked for. They treat employees like crap and refuse to let us even apply for other jobs within I.S. Tom Larson, Doug McLarty and Ryan Richardville are complete suckups and yes men. Larson being the vice-president is a real jerk. Just ask him ... he is proud of it. Doug and Ryan just like licking Tom Larson's boots so they can move up. Biggest hypocrites I've ever met. I don't worry too much though ... people like that usually get what's coming to them sooner or later. Just hope it's sooner!

  • Ge
      31st of Dec, 2012
    -1 Votes

    People like the ones you describe aren't big enough tools to remain at a company for SEVEN years if the company sucks so badly. Let me're super brilliant, creative, and industrious...the only reason you aren't in charge is you are either "too honest" or you won't "kiss a**"

  • Li
      17th of Oct, 2013
    +2 Votes

    I worked at publix for 8 months. The one I worked at thought that I was a slave.I was a bagger, they would not give me a cashiers position because they already had met their affirmative action quota. Only the black baggers were sent outside to get carts, and escort customers. All the white baggers stayed inside all day but I stayed outside my entire shift pushing carts in 90 degree weather because I was in Florida.
    Long story short I made my concern known to all of the managers even the black sell out one who was the only black manager . I got ignored and even called tattle tail or snitch. They had me clean the garbage bin, and scrape up gum and all humiliating tasks, as if they did it on purpose. I have PTSD post traumatic stress disorder from being raped they had me clean the mens bathroom everynight and I wasnt allowed to tell the customers that they couldnt enter the bathroom while I was in there cleaning. One guy started to take a piss in my presence I had to run out of the bathroom and I was very terrified. I told the managers to get a man or teenage boy to clean it because I didnt feel safe. They ignored me and nothing changed . I had my schedule changed thats what it took they did not care. I couldnt deal with it anymore I almost passed out one day from dehydration from being outside my entire shift in 90 degree weather. I quit that day and they knew they were wrong because Im still hireable at publix. Ive developed heel pains on both feet from working at publix. I pushed carts my entire shift and then had to walk home so now my feet are screwed up and thats my story .Please publix is racist, sexist, and discriminates against the disabled.

  • Li
      2nd of Jul, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Worked publix 4 years. I don't kiss ###. I work hard. My managers hated me because I wasn't a good old boy that knows their family somehow. I worked grocery For 4 years. I ROI for produce for 4 years, managers hired new people off the street into produce before they would ever put me there. I never could get benefits or full time. I was the soul trainer for my department for all new people, because I was good and taught the right way to do things. I have been called lazy, incompetent and stupid by my assistant store manager. New people coming into my department were all friends of the managers. They were also hired in making more money then me. Again I was there for 4 years. My assistant store manager hazed me and harassed me, picked on me while the ### kissers got his praise. I called corporate In retaliation they were just as useless. I left publix for another job, after I left I still had to shop for groceries but every time I went in is get looked at like a piece of crap. I won't shop there anymore as a result. As a customer manager never would acknowledge the 10foot 10second rule. I played by the rules and still got rep remanded. I love my new job I've been there 4 months and am a manager already. My boss tells me he appreciates all my hard work. I get paid well and good benefits. They are even thinking of putting me into corporate as a marketing analyst. I have always thought I was the reason I never went far at publix but now I know it was publix who is a fault. I came to this conclusion after my new boss said he wanted to call publix and thank my old managers for giving him me lol. Rule of thumb if you don't get anywhere at publix after a year you will never get anywhere in the company, cut your losses an get a new job trust me. I've missed oh on extra college work and a rewarding career elsewhere due to my ignorance.end statement: everyone of us is worthy, we all posses strengths and weaknesses to let a company tell you your not good enough simply won't do especially when you feel it in your bones and muscles at the end of every shift. This shows the level of work you put forth, you body doesn't lie greedy corporate pigs do. You are not a slave you are a special human being stand up defend yourself have honor and dignity they can't take it from you even when your dead. Do not kiss the feet of organized slavery, do not agree when you disagree. Individually we are weak together we can move mountain stand up for yourself and the human being next to you because your all each other has.

  • Jo
      5th of May, 2017
    +1 Votes

    Places like Pubix only care about cheap presentation not quality substance. suburbanites are a bunch of brainwashed minions they forget why you go to a Grocery Store, not for the nice expensive overhead and wide aisles but for the quality of the food! Pubix has the worst Meat and Seafood Dept. It's way over priced and of poor quality. Reason Pubix cheap meat is so expensive is to pay for the things you don't go there to buy like their cheap expensive overhead, stores, shopping carts, and wide aisles, I don't go to a Grocery Store to walk up and down the wide aisles or to push their shopping carts around' then again it's the only fun you can have in the bland boring flavorless suburbs' I go for the quality of the things like fresh meat and Seafood which Pubix is the worst. Suburbs are where the Sheeple live! Where ever I live I don't want to see a Pubix with in 100 miles of me because I know the deadly suburbanites are on their way to stink up another country town!

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