PSI / fraud

Kempton, United States

Psi state exams is a fraud if Ive ever seen one. I took their real estate salesperson test, confidently knowing I studyied hard and long. Failed. The questions they produce on these tests are absolutely deceiving, usuary, and several other harsh words I don't want to mention. I missed by 6 questions. The proctor tried to insist I retake it the next day at another 56.00. Do I have fool written on my face? without even knowing what I missed or how to restudy for this, why would I give them another 56.00 to fail again????? the state needs to do do something about this fraudulent business that is taking good peoples money. Don't even try to tell me I didn't know the material. I did. they will not get anymore of my money.

Feb 18, 2015

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