PSEG (Public Service Electric & Gass ) / smart meter

Marlton, NJ, United States
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Smart meters are fire hazards and I do not want one, especially on a gas meter which could cause an explosion. Smart meters send pulsed radiation signals through your home to spy on you and to collect data "every couple of minutes" about your energy usage. They can burn out your appliances and they allow PSEG to shut down your power remotely and arbitrarily.

PSEG (Public Service Enterprise Group) which "serves" New Jersey and Long Island, New York is trying to force this dangerous, pulsed radiation Smart Meter on me ( PSEG will not allow me to opt out nor will it support me finding me another energy supplier. In their most recent letter, PSEG has tried to force a Smart Meter on me by lying about it. The meter they want to replace my old one with IS A SMART METER!

PSEG is doing this so that they can potentially charge customers 5 to 10 times what they are paying now (this is based on experiences of utility customers in California, Illinois, Michigan, and Texas after smart meter installation).

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Sep 15, 2017

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