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PSE&G / bad service & cheaters

1 NJ, United States Review updated:

I called pse&g to schedule repair appointment for my central air conditioner. I have service contract as well. One day I called and no one answered for about 45 mins and then I hung up. Next day, I tried again for 38 mins and finally some one picked up and I scheduled an appointment for friday may 1st from 4 to 8pm. I come home from work so that I can attend the technician but I waited until 8pm and no one showed up and no one called to cancel or change the appointment. I called up customer service to find out what happened and they told me that some one did show up at my home around 1:30pm or something and they don't know why.

Okay, then I asked to re-schedule for next day and so rep scheduled for next day may 2nd from 12 to 4pm. So, next day when no one called and showed up until 2pm I called the customer service to make sure that the same mistake does not happen like yesterday. Rep told me that yes I do have an appointment scheduled for today so I should wait until 4pm. I asked to call the technician and find out approx time when he/she will be here. Rep told me they can not do that and I will need to wait because they will show up. Guess what, I waited until 4pm and no one called and no one showed up. Then, I called customer service again, and I was shocked to hear that in the system there was no appointment scheduled for today rather it was scheduled for may 30 from 8 to 4. So, somebody changed my appointment and made me look like fool. Now, I am waiting to hear back from a supervisor but I doubt any one will call me back.

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  • Tc
      8th of Aug, 2013
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    We are also having major issues with PSE&G. I think they need to be investigated and reprimanded for ripping off consumers. Month after month our bill seems to steadily increase. I am not home for at least 12 hours on a daily basis due to my work schedule but yet my bill is always dictating differently. They have not come to do a physical manual real reading on my meter in I can't even tell you how long! How can they continue to "estimate" my bill and OVERCHARGE me month after month! I want to know where we as consumers can go to lodge a formal complaint and have PSE&G investigated for overcharging and deceiving customers! My neighbors are also having similar problems and this is a real concern. They will turn you off in a heartbeat for nonpayment but they continue to get away with falsifying charges. How would they like it if I "estimated" the amount in which I want to pay! They can estimate how much they would like me to pay! Fair is fair after all!

  • Bs
      25th of Sep, 2015
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    PSE& $ I agree 100 percent if your late they will make you pay a huge deposit and they make the money on yours ! ive been here 6 years and been no more than a month late due to travel for work and always payed they are a monopoly and should be broken up ! They have to much power ! they will tell you they are not and say go solar or get a generator is what i was told ! they told me to ask a church for help really because you want to overcharge people and hold there cash and power as LEVRAGE ! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ big brother

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