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S Nov 14, 2017 Review updated:

Me and my Fiance went to check in at airport yesterday on time. Checked in fine, mine had an issue because I didn't realize my passport didn't expire within six months of the date of departure. Call Priceline, explain the issue, they said for another $1200 I could go on the flight at 6 PM tomorrow. I ask, if the passport agency doesn't fix it by tomorrow, is that refundable? They said no. So we decided to re-find Both our tickets so that we can rebuy and go together. They refunded mine. They said they couldn't refund my fiancé s because she had already checked in. So she had to fly last night since the assistance wouldn't refund her ticket and we couldn't lose the money. The Passport agency fixed my passport this morning. I called Priceline support, they were of no help. I understand you can't help book or take credit card over the phone, I told him I wasn't trying to do that. I just wanted help, . We got an Uber to Dallas Texas for this fligh from Oklahoma. I had to sleep on a bench outside The passport agency last night. Have no internet access except on my phone to research for plane tickets which was about to die... and I didn't exactly have access to a charger, because it's in my fiancé's luggage on way to to Nepal. The way I view it, is because you guys wouldn't refund her ticket, we're stuck in a situation where she is alone for days in a Third World country, she is not the type of person to be able to do this alone. And I'm not getting any help to get there


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