Power Windows and Sidingsales forced on home owner. false terms and conditions!

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I know its long, but please read in full to understand, thanks!

I was close to getting the siding and everything done on the outside ( facade, trim etc.) And i got a quote of $51, 000. That’s when I said politely said NO THANKS!
Then he said, "BUT wait, today only you can get it for $26, 000 bucks, complete, done, out the door!" So i told him to write it up so i can see the payments and terms, so he sat back down for another hour and wrote it up, and here is what he originally said.The loan was going to be $407 a month for 72 months (6 years). We spread it out through two loans, a GE and a wells Fargo, at $187 a month for 72 months and 220 a month for 72 months. In the end it was a grand total of $29, 304, including the loans interest. . I agreed since i knew i could afford it at that rate and term length ($407 a month for 72 months aka. 6 years)

A few days went by and i got a phone call from there " finance guru", telling me that the sales guy messed up and that my new payment would be spread out over the two loans like before BUT..., the loan was to NOW be $170 a month for 108 months (or 9 years) and the WF loan was going to be $250 a month for 59 months.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Crandford, NJ now I knew right then and there they were trying to play me. Here’s how…
If you take the "Original" quote and agreement that I agreed to of $29, 304 in total and calculated there "new" term lay out then the grand total was now $33, 110. That’s a $3, 804 difference!!! Remember the cost to do my house was only $26, 000!
So I asked how the interest went from $3, 304 to $7, 110? He had no good answer!!

What made me very angry is that he kept saying it was a "minor detail", and "its not a big deal"... "Must have been overlooked". That’s a difference of almost 4 grand, that’s a “minor detail” to them?? Come on…
Now if the company took the hit since they messed up and kept my interest at the $3, 304 like before then I would have continued with the job, but over the next 2 days, and talking to 5 different people, it still was no good. Not only did they not admit fault to such a lie, but also they wanted to extend my loan term from 72 to 108 months. That’s 3 years longer! Also they could not tell me why my interest basically doubled from the original quote.


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  • Sh
      Feb 12, 2010

    This company is beyond shady they are extremely crooked. Unfortunately we opened the door when a salesperson claimed to be in the area. Do not give them your information, the harassment of phone calls are through the day and night. The sales pitch is extremely long but do not be fooled by the nice salesperson at first that offers you a great deal if u sign day of. Once they know you are credit worthy they try to obligate you to financing you never discussed. If you have a bad feeling please believe it and go with your gut, there work ethic is very questionable. If there is a company that represents what you do not want to deal would be them. This experience has been very eye opening and quite ridiculous at the same time. The calls continue and they change there story each call whether its the new price they want to offer, financing changes anything they can think of. Stay Away, there are many companies that do the right thing by there clients and this is clearly not one of them. Please Beware!!!

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  •   Sep 02, 2010


    I'm sorry you are a pompous *ss. Although your grammar skills are better then those of Sharene's this in no way makes you a better person or her (or if it were 2 people, their) story not true.

    Grow up and shut up.

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  •   Sep 03, 2010

    You are a [censor], I am not talking about your actual age I am talking about your mental age. Just because someone makes a misteak on the difference between their and there or even to, too & two that does not make their statement any less true.

    There are a lot of people who make that same misteak. These people, as far as I know do not walk on water and are allowed to make misteaks.

    So in your theory anyone who refers the word there instead of their is the same person. That is just plain stupid.

    I never said it bothered me I am just stating the facts, and if you don't like that you can just bend over and shove your head back uup you *ss where it belongs.

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  •   Sep 03, 2010

    That is because I do have a life that exists outside of the internet world.
    Oh well about the spelling, I will probably spell something else wrong in the future, I don't care, I like to piss off the people that are spelling or grammar police, as a matter of fact I was toying with using the word plane instead of plain in my last post.

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  •   Sep 03, 2010

    oh and sometimes i like to not use punctuations or capitalize words it is so much fun to see all the comments that come at me for doing so i will run my sentences together and not us proper grammar wont use the ' in words and wont seperate my sentences and just keep rambling on with missssspellled werds

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  •   Sep 03, 2010

    This post is to all the people out there who make purchases with a company and decide to have it financed.

    I worked in the finance dept for a company, the companies who offer financing have nothing to do with the interest, however power windows and siding should not be telling you anything as far as how long the loan would be for because they won't know until the approval comes from the lender.

    What our company does is we have a straight talk finance form that states what the APR could range from. Since the sales Reps do not know your credit history they can not make any promises on financing and any company that does make promises before they get a response back from a lender, well they are in for a lot of trouble.

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  • Ir
      Sep 04, 2010

    Lasareath, your statement " Maybe 50% of the posts here are made by one person. ", is incorrect, it should have read as "the same person", therefore it deems you inelligable to really continue to make a fuss about any other writers grammar.

    Secondly, laughing at your own ridiculas post when you told Tammy (who is a good person) to smack herself in the face was really stupid. If you are as smart as you think you are, the facts given and the percentage calculations made by the OP make it more than obvious that a scam is in the making, how you can discern the OP was not telling the truth because the word their/there was used incorrectly. also, you need to learn the difference between a typo and an incorrect spelling, it is very easy to pick up. also, I read my emails any time I would like, if you dont like it then...Pucker up and kiss my irish [censor]!!!

    Leave my girl Tammy alone.

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  • Ir
      Sep 04, 2010

    OMG, look at all my errors! I am flabbergasted ! Must need another drink.

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  •   Sep 07, 2010

    Thank you Irsih, and you too are a good person. I hope you had a great weekend.

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  • Ri
      Sep 29, 2010

    The Truth

    About Me
    Full Disclosure: I was an installer / sub contractor for Power Windows from 2009 to the beginning of 2010 in Northern NJ area. Leaving them was the best thing I ever did, I now have a great show room in Bergen County NJ and no longer have the need to sub-contract for them. I was raised in the window business and I'm a true professional when it comes to this business.

    First of they do hire off of Craigslist and that is how we found them. The salesman claim that the installers go through a tremendous amount of training is BS, they just make sure you know what your doing before your a regular. One of the first things Michael (who runs the install department in NJ) said to me "We tell the home owners that your an employee, I hope that's not a problem". Obviously, that's how much they care about the customer. They also make the installers buy the materials (caulking, coil, trim nails, insta-trim) from them, especially that stupid blue white caulking that doesn't even match the window color. At one point they started refusing to tell the installers what there schedules was, so the installer would still come to work with a full crew and give them one or two windows, which leaves the sub loosing money for the day because he has to still pay his employees.

    The price they are charging is a joke. I sell vinyl windows furnished and installed that are similar in quality if not better for $350 dollars with Low-E and Argon to qualify for a tax rebate and an extra hundred a window if it is a lead job (pre 1978 home with lead paint). There siding and roofing prices are even worse, on average they are slightly less then double the industry norm.

    They are very unversed when it comes to the installation. They are high pressure which now in days obvious still works for them but I do not think that's the way business should be done. If you notice the salesman takes very broad measurements because he has no clue what the real measurements will or should be. A lot of times the salesman comes to the job to quote on quote check on the installation, reality is they are there to sell you more ridiculously priced products.

    Measure Tech
    These are the guys that come make the final measurements and make sure the salesman didn't sell you something that can't be done. For the most part these are guys that at one time worked for themselves as a subcontractor or on a crew. They are in this low paid position because they were not good enough at higher paying job as an installer and simply couldn't hack it. Also they use them at 28k to 35k a year (full time)because it would cost a lot more for a real pro to run around all day measuring windows. There have been many jobs that they have messed up on the measurements where it was my job to fix it by doing extra work to properly fit a poorly measured window They also let the installer know what moldings the job needs, after awhile I stopped going to Home Depot to by the moldings in the morning because half the time the were wrong and would wait until I got to the job to see what I would need.

    My Opinion
    The company is a sales and marketing company and structured that way, It doesn't matter what they were selling. A company like this will eventually fail once enough word of mouth gets around. I did not like my experience working for them due to have having one or two good jobs a week and the remaining being jobs that made me unprofitable for the remaining days of the week besides them being unorganized. I wish these people no further success and every buyer out there should always see what there reputable local window and door company has to offer them. Leaving them has giving me more time to concentrate on my own business and we are doing very well with giving people a great product at a good price

    Thanks For Reading


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  • Mi
      Nov 29, 2010

    These guys are [censor]! They did two jobs for us a front window and siding. With the window I'm having issues with the pane is sinking I called them and they said it was the window it self not the insulation and because the window manufacture is now out of business I would have to buy the window myself ($1, 400). There is nothing wrong with this window.
    The siding looks as if its buckling so I called them and they say they sent someone out to look at it and they determined that it was my neighbors sun porch that was causing this. I informed them that my Neighbor doesn't have a sun porch than it changed from their large bay window to my car windshield which conveniently isn't covered.

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  • It
      Jan 03, 2011

    The industry is rigged 300% mark ups = 100% of labor/materials/overhead after discounts...That probably still wont stop you simple SHEEPLE from continuing to succomb to one-call close methods BAHHHH BAHHHHH

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