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Portfolio Recovery Associates / Poor service

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It is time for action against companies ripping off (actually it is “stealing” from) the public with the courts, politicians & attorneys all working/conspiring (The BBB of Florida says this is an A+ Company) together to perpetuate this crime. We would like to know why politicians support and encourage the predatory business practices of "sacred cow" business entities and allow them to skirt/twist the law, or use the law to steal from the public? This is no big secret, this is common knowledge, it is completely inexcusable and borders on complicity.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC is in operation, and is by their own admission, operating in all 50 states. This interstate (criminal) activity should be looked at under RICO, and the perpetrators be prosecuted to the fullest extent. But realistically this "sacred cow" will continue to steal and defraud, with the help of the courts, politicians, & attorneys. The courts, attorneys & politicians have one set of laws for the general public, and another for “sacred cow” businesses.

The following is a good start on where Attorney General’s of the states & Federal Prosecutors need to start with this company. If this is not done, this company and others will continue to break the law with impunity and immunity.

"We take action in those cases that appear to pose the greatest amount of harm to the consumers of the state of Washington." Ferazza, Michelle (ATG)

The typical political response from the Washington State Attorney General office. The business is doing wrong, we will ask the company if they are doing wrong, and when they respond, we will take it as coming from the bible. Does the Attorney General do this with all the criminals? How stupid do you thinkthe public is?

Its nice to know a double standard exists here. Ya’ll know this company is breaking the law, yet you don't care, refuse to do your job, and even assist this company.

By your actions, we know who butters your bread.

You don't like this email tough! Do something about these criminals. Is the AG afraid of criminals with millions, and their morally inept attorneys. Click the link, google this company and see what they are really up to. But your afraid to act against these criminals.

“Must apologize, lost it writing to these political people, “If Mr. has a more specific complaint -- i.e., ” Christopher D. Welch Senior Investigator Consumer Protection Division Office of the Attorney General. Seems they all hold the same opinion, “this is not our problem”. We are wondering what is “more specific”?

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  • Dr
      6th of May, 2010
    -3 Votes

    You think that Portfolio Recovery Associates are criminals? I hate to tell you this, That company complies with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. People dont pay bills that they incur, so Someone has to collect on it. People that think its criminal to assist Original Creditors in collecting unpaid monies need not have credit extended ever.

    PRA does not participate in Racketteering and in fact, have Hundreds of thousands, if not more satisfied customers.

    You cant pay your bill? then tell them, explain take the time out quit being a rude self righteous ### and explain that you have hit hard times, that ego of yours cant be that big.

    you can pay but you refuse? one word for you "THEFT" If you loaned me money and i didnt pay you back and I refused to pay you back, you would say well i loaned him money, but he didnt pay me back so he stole my money...

    get real ###

  • Ts
      8th of May, 2010
    -2 Votes

    What is funnt to me is all the popel complaining about paying the debt hey owe back and the methods used to collect it. I paid my debt with PRA and was treated fairly, and even given a nice settlement offer. Maybe because I calledi n like a mature responsible adult, instead of ducking and dodging phone calls or acting like a jerk off whn I got a call. All of you complaining about paying back your bad debt are the same people forcing banks to raise my interest rate to cover thier loses. Grow a pair and pay your debt!

  • Gu
      1st of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Glad to see that Portfolio employees frequent this site, even if they are posing as "satisfied" customers. Perhaps they would care to comment on why they are still charging interest and late fees to West Virginia debtors when state Attorney General Darrell Mcgraw has already ordered them to cease and desist once. As I'm sure you are already aware, West Virginia law on credit card debt, freezes the amount of the debt to what the debt was at the time of default and interest, penalties, and collection fees are forbidden on state residents. Yet I have forwarded the AG's office multiple copies of your "settlement offers" in which the amount of the debt mysteriously increases on both your correspondence and the debtors credit report, without any explanation. The good people in the AG's were VERY interested in this information, as I'm sure you know they are probably the most pro-consumer AG's office in the nation and have sued and shut down multiple debt collection operations. If things go the way I expect them to, you may have to soon change your motto to "Operations in 49 states."

  • Gu
      6th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes


    ATLANTA, GA--The law firm of Turner Law Offices, LLC has filed a Class Action lawsuit against Defendant Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc. ("PRA") in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia on behalf of all persons in the State of Georgia who, since October 28, 2010, received a non-emergency telephone call from PRA to a cellular telephone through the use of an automatic telephone dialing system or an artificial or prerecorded voice and who did not provide prior express consent for such calls during the transaction that resulted in the debt owed. The action is captioned Kimberly Bartlett v. Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc., and is numbered 11-CV-00624.

    According to the Complaint, PRA violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act ("TCPA") by using automatic dialing systems or an artificial or prerecorded voice to contact cell phone users about purported debts without their prior consent. As described in the Complaint, Ms. Bartlett, the named plaintiff in the action, was repeatedly contacted since October 28, 2010 on her cell phone about a purported credit card debt. The Complaint avers that Plaintiff never consented to those calls, nor did she provide PRA with her telephone number.

    Under the TCPA, PRA could be ordered to pay attorneys' fees, litigation expenses and costs of the lawsuit, and statutory damages of $500 for each negligent violation, and/or $1, 500 for each knowing and/or willing violation. According to the Complaint, the potential Class Members are estimated to number in the tens of thousands.

  • Ex
      11th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Another interesting fact is that PRA have been using the signature of a woman who died in 1995 on their affidavit filings in many states just check out this link

    Is this the action of a supposedly ethical company lol.

  • Ex
      12th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Draven I hate to welcome you to the "real" world but PRA do not comply with the FDCPA in the slightest. They phone and harass people outside of legal hours and are also abusive to those people. Add to this that they are trying to collect debts that legally they are not entitled to pursue and you have a company run by criminals (Legal definition someone operating or conducting an illegal act).

    Additionally PRA will not negotiate a fair resettlement with those who do owe money they either insist on an unreasonable amount up front or start garnishment proceedings without advising the client that they are doing so.

    My advice to anyone contacted by these scam artists is to insist on a written verification of the supposed debt and never give them any info no mater how they try to BS you. It's my belief in the majority of cases they will be unable to do this as most of the debt they buy on about 1 cent on the dollar is so old that the original data is long since lost or past ant legal collection action.

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