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BMG Rights Managementcollection company

I received a call today from a company claiming that their client - bmg payday is suing me for "check fraud against a financial institution" and they wanted to transfer me to their legal department. I said no and asked what it was about. I was told it was about a bmg payday loan. Never have I had a bmg payday loan. I refuse to be scammed and threatened into thinking that someone is suing me. This is a bogus complaint. The phone number that called me is [protected]. They are leaving me voice mail messages. They are also using my maiden name, and I have not gone by my maiden name for numerous years.

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    • Updated by bkrh · Oct 31, 2017

      The company that actually called me is called Evans Goldstein and a woman called me, but the voicemail message is from someone named Paul Brown a "supervisor".

    PBM Greenfield Publishingmy money I was getting

    I had a 10 million dollar ticket they called me and ask me do i have the ticket i said yes they told me to tell them the numbers thats on the ticket i did and then they ask for my social security number and a credit card and said they will be taking taxes off.

    my money I was getting

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      BMG Customer Research Inc / Dennis HawkinsI never got paid

      I recently received email from the company BMG Customer Research Inc/Dennis Hawkins (Hunt). I worked for this company about 2 months, and they promised to pay per assignments. After I made several assignments, the agent with whom I spoke all the time, told me that they would pay at the end of the month. I still haven’t received money, and I wonder if someone had the same situation and can offer good solution. Thanks.

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        BMG Payday Loansfraud

        i was sent an email stating i did a pay day loan my information is in the email i called to speak to "attorney nicole willson" a mark twig answered with an accent from india i called the number he gave me [protected] a man answered with same accent wouldnt give information about company and wouldnt give contact information about nicole willson he told me to deal with mark twig and hung up on me.

        LOAN DATE 8/19/2008
        LOAN AMOUNT - $400
        DUE AMOUNT -$ 700

        My name is Attorney Nicole Willson . and as you know I have you listed as the primary suspect in question on a case being downloaded in county today at time. The nature of my e-mail is to as certain your attorney information so that I can be able to fax the affidavits to your attorney before the allegations are pressed. Do you have that information handy>?

        Now if you would please allow me to relay all the information from the affidavit to you first then ill address any questions you may have okay?

        U.S. national bank Is pressing charges today against name and S.S.N # Regarding three allegations. They are,


        Now they are further stating on The affidavit that on date you were monitored using your email soliciting funds on a website owned and operated by US national bank. The funds were deposited in your bank account Utilizing a E.F.T which stands for electronic funds transfer.
        When they attempted to extract the funds back the E.F.T was returned constituting under state statutes of an electronic check. As of today’s date rather than chasing you or making harassing calls or disturbing you at your P.O.E for the money they have opted to simply write the money off deeming it to be stolen and press charges against you in county at.


        1). if you’re on any state supervised probation or payroll you’ll need to contact the attorney and make them aware that these charges will constitute a violation.

        2). if you have any prior convictions including but not limited to worthless checks, grand theft or money laundering please be aware they will treat your case of that of a habitual offender as name the respective state is a zero tolerant state.

        3). Lastly you do have the right to an attorney and if you cant afford one, then one will be appointed to you . Now since you’ve not been briefed on the case I’HAVE INFACT documented HERE that once you are picked up on the charges that you need to have on appointed to you. That way if the judge sets a bail you can have someone on the standby to get you out.



        Regulations have been set in place for the exchange of the currency via and/or check E.F.T. which means electronic fund transfer by state and federal law making bodies AND you’ve breached those regulations.


        Utilizing an instrument of commerce to as certain some good or service and upon the remittance of that instrument of commerce It proves to be of no value.


        You willingly gave an instrument of commerce with the knowledge that it was actually useless.



        PHONE NUMBER- [protected].

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          • Ka
            Karen 8181962 Aug 27, 2011

            I received 2 e-mails from 2 attorneys, and when I looked up there "personal number", it was a cell phone number. They claim that I owed $800.00 and $425.00 to BMG payday loans. After reading the testimonials online, I will definitely take steps to stop this once and for all.

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          Sony BMGscam

          Hi all,

          I came across a job ad (secretary for Sony BMG UK's Chairman himself) in a popular job search engine in the country (Best Jobs Philippines) and sent my CV. Two days after, I got an appointment letter from them. I knew it was too good to be true because (1) the Chairman of Sony BMG UK himself emailed me and answered my queries (2) for a long term contract (5 years), there is no kind of interview (3) the salary and benefits is a dream come true, especially for a secretary's job--high salary, free accommodation, 4 vacations per year, three weeks per vacation!, and (4) the domain they used is not Sony BMG's. They sent the email address of the "Immigration Office" instructing me to forward my signed appointment letter to them and ask how I can obtain a UK work visa and clearance. The domain of the "Immigration Office" does not look like an official one either. I am certain, especially after reading threads of job offer scams here, that that is where they will attempt to cheat me of my money.

          Of course I wanted to believe everything is true and luck just shone on me, but I wasn't born yesterday. I am alarmed however that since it is posted in our country's popular job search engine, that lots of my countrymen who are raring to leave the country and pursue dreams abroad, may fall into this trap. How can I warn them?

          I have pasted and attached the emails they have sent just in case others have received the same and still wanting to believe it is true.

          PS. I have used the scam-o-meter (is it right?) and have obtained from it that the domains are free web-based ones and the telephone number of the "Chairman" is a +44, a number that directs call to a mobile number.

          Ged Doherty
          Chairman & Managing Director
          SONY BMG Music Entertainment UK
          UK main office
          Bedford House
          69-79 Fulham High Street
          SW6 3JW
          Opening Hours:
          Mon-Wed: 10:00-19:00
          Thurs-Sat: 10:00-20:00

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Attorney Nicole Wilson For BMG Payday Loan — being accused for receiving a payday loan from bmg payday loan

            I was sent a email from a attorney nicole wilson threating me saying I owe $700.00 for a electronic payday...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            BMG Paydayunpaid debt

            I've recieved calls from three different debt recovery businesses, they are interchex systems (Will be refferred to as is) , greenberg wies & associates (Gwa) , and yesterday from cis. All three claims there is case against for a fraudulent payday loan is says titan group, gwa says mte financial, cis havent spoke to them as of yet, but i can imaigine the link between all three bmg payday loans. Is told me i took a payday loan back in march 2010, gwa says march 2009. Is has given me the runaround on hwen this date was, at one point it was march 20, '10, then it was april 9, 10, then yesterday morning it is now in march. The investigator (That is my next order of business) yesterday morning, said the april 9 date was for this year when the loan went over to titan, and he doesnt have the dte when the loan was taken originally (This guy is an investigator, uh huh) . Gwa was telling me that it was in march of this year, but quickly changd it to '09 when i told her i had info i can fax her stating i never recieved the loan. Also they have been sitting on this for two weeks, and they have to get it settled or go to cvourt.
            Now i have piad all the pdl i owed last year when i recieved my severance package from my former employer. The bankaccount in question with these folks was closed and charged off due to nsf. I was asked if i had anything stating that they were paid off, i said no, i didnt thiunk somehting like this was going to come up. The lady at gwa got snotty with me on that one by saying yuouve several so this one slipped your mind. I have proof that some pdl were paid with my new account, howeve r it was through other debt recovery businesses and does not show who pdl place was. So all in all, to save arguement, i settlements with is and gwa. Now the investigator part, if these people are "investigators" why are they not investigating matters? If they realized bmg, mte and titan group are recieving complaints about fraudulent practices, they should look into that. Anyway, if anyone had to deal with these debt recovery places i mentioned here, let me know. Thank you! Lets beat those scammers!

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              • Ma
                Mary Kirwan Jun 06, 2016
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                I just got a call from an Investigator claiming to be from the county I live in, he transferred me to a "law office "which told em that i took out a pay day loan through this BMG payday loan service and that i closed the account to avoid paying for the loan. They now want over 2000 dollars if it goes to court not to mention i'd be facing a criminal charge as well but if i can pay today they would take a little over a 1000.00. I have no recollection of taking out any pay day loans in at least the last 5 year sand I have paid these off to the best of my knowledge, i went through this one other time and he claims he could access some sort of data base that showed there no further check fraud issues i am so confused and scared at this point. waiting to hear from my local law officer to see what i should or shouldn't do. I am on disability have been for the last several years i never commit to anything i know i cant' afford.

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              BMG — payday loan scam

              We have been getting phone calls from bmg aka global group holdings too. They have called my cell looking for...

              BMG, CMG, Northern Teir LLC. — payday loan scam

              These 3 companies are trying to scam me out of money, they are saying I owe money when I don't. Please help!!!

              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              BMG / National Recovery Agency — fraudulent collections

              BMG may no longer be in business as of this posting. BE WARNED! NRA and otgher collection agencies are trying...

              BMG Networklies

              This company charges a $50 "registration fee" to non-union actors & ignore people who have managers, are members of the unions or have experience. Actors are "cast" in roles but the products are never filming.

              The CEO, Bennie Barnes aka Bennie Balbonie wrote bad checks to a number of people, lied to a group of writers about the status of the shows and has made others write scripts for free. Employees have NOT been paid, investors have NOT been paid, no advertising has been done and no headshots have been given to actors.

              He has NO FCC license, no contract w/Time Warner, Dish Network, DirecTV, Verizon Fios, Comcast or any other cable provider and no basic financial materials such as a business plan or an operating budget. I spoke to someone at WRNN & learned they have NEVER heard of the company.

              Do not give money to this company as an actor or an investor unless you want to kiss it good-bye! You've been warned.

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                BMG Direct Brand Music Incnever ordered anything from them

                I recently pulled my credit report and as I was reviewing it I came across a collection for 158.00. from national credit debt collector for a company called bmg music I called them and told them i have never ordered anything from this company. They told me it was from 1995!!! Are you serious they waited 15 years to put this on my credit they put it on in feb, 2010. I told them I never ordered any cd's. I was told they had no contact info for bmg. I hung up and got on line to find bmg services and what i found out is every number listed has been disconnected!!! Melissa Akron, Ohio

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                  • Te
                    Teeney Jul 26, 2010

                    I received a letter in the mail today from ACS International collecting on behalf of BMG / Columbia Records from 2002. I also checked my credit report and it's on there now too...I have not received any bills from any of the above companies in I don't know how long, I really can't remember if I ever got one I know for sure I haven't received a bill in at least 6 years. Hasn't the statute of limitations run out? Isn't it only 4 years for Pennsylvania? Please Help!!!


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                  • Bo
                    Bob Jun 16, 2010

                    A debt from 1995 is no longer enforceable. The statutes of limitations has run out. It CANNOT appear on your credit report without verification.
                    Write to your credit reporting company and tell them this is a fraudulent attempt to collect a debt. They will have to verify it with the collection agency.
                    Call Lemberg & Associates right away. You may be entitled to a judgement of $1, 000 and it will cost you NOTHING! Look them up on-line.

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                  • Mi
                    missyfickert Apr 22, 2010
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    I would do that for sure. From what i have learned this company has been going around and doing this to a lot of people for a long time. I am so tired of companies thinking that it is okay to do this.

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                  • Ma
                    maxima2126 Apr 22, 2010

                    I have the same thing happening to me. They told me it was from 2007, so I would have remembered it. I am definitely going to dispute this and force them to prove it.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  National Credit Solutions And BMG Musicfalse claim on my credit

                  About 5 months ago I was contacted by ncs out of no where and said I had a account in negative from 12/2008 and that I ordered dvds and never paid. I almost dropped dead in my seat. I never have ever opened nor had a bmg music account in my life and they were saying it was mine in which I denied. Then I called bmg music and they said it was under investigation and that they were going to remove it from my credit and make sure it gets taken care. I did not pay much attention to it for about 5 months until two days ago. When national credit solutions called my phone and said I had a new bmg music account from 6 years ago now??? I told the guy about what happened 5 months ago and did not know what happened and he almost mocked me. I dont understand?? If I talked to ncs 5 months ago why did they not bring the debt from 6 years ago??? And from 12/2008???
                  These people are are scammers and if this has happened to you please file compaints with the federal trade commission and the attorney general within your state and within oklahoma and new york.

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                    • Cf
                      CF87 May 02, 2011

                      I have encountered the same problem with BMG. While checking my report I saw that BMG was on my credit report and never had an BMG account. This is what I did to have that inquiry removed.

                      They never contact me about this debt, but they put it on my credit report.

                      I wrote a letter to these places and sent it by certified mail.

                      I wrote a letter to BBB of my city and the city of the collection agency, The collection agency itself, Experian, Consumer Affairs of my hometown, and explain that this is not my debt and the collection agency did not give me anything in writing/ proof that this is my debt.

                      Try it, It worked for me.

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                    • Bo
                      Bob Jun 16, 2010

                      HEY...I disputed a BMG Music Service Club account that appeared on my credit report, but the reporting agency says it investigated and the debt stands.
                      I contacted the collection agency, National Recovery Agency, and they told me it was opened in FEB 2006. They had no other information and refused to give me anything else.
                      I quoted the FDCPA and then they let me talk to their "attorney" or "superviser". I got the address from them so I could send for a "validation of debt" and also a "request for confirmation of creditor" so I could get the address and maybe contact BMG (who as of today may be out of business).
                      End result...They MUST remove anything that appears on your credit report. They MUST VERIFY the debt by contacting the original creditor. They MUST abide by the FDCPA or you can make them pay YOU!

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                    • Su
                      Sue Armstrong Sep 28, 2009

                      Don't be like me check your credit at all 5 bureaus before you apply for credit.
                      www.trans union

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                    • Sp
                      sparx1_1 Sep 25, 2009

                      A couple of phone calls does not make a debt go away. You need to follow up and get your information in writing. Most deadbeats do exactly what you did to avoid their debt so it's a given that the agent is not going to believe you. Professional deadbeats sound very sincere over the phone, they're great actors.

                      As for the other debt there are two likely expainations.
                      1. debts are moved between agencies all the time, it could be that this particular debt had not been sold to them yet.
                      2. The older debt did not have current information on it so it was listed as a "skip" and was not picked up until you were finally contacted on the other file. Since debts are prioritized in order of value and likelihood of being collectible it would not have been a priority to get to something that old.

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                    BMG Music Service — fraud/larceny/breach of contract

                    BMG Music Service is a subsidiary of Direct Brands, Inc. I was a member since...

                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    National Credit Solutions, BMG — validation, providing proof, identity theft

                    BMG has warranted a lot of complaints. I think that this is because mail-order contracts are binding and can...

                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    National Credit Solutions - BMG — bmg

                    I recently found a collection on my credit report from the company, National Credit Solutions, located in...

                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    BMG / National Credit Solutionsunsubstantiated collections

                    I received a durogotory listing on my credit report for non-payment of an alledged $229 overdue for CDs from BMG from 2004. Who keeps checking or credit card records for five years? Why didn't BMG contact me at all during that period? When I wrote to BMG, they informed me that I have a $0 balance. Thus, the dispute with National Credit Solutions begins.

                    My credit ratings with the three agencies range from 763 to 802. I just refinanced my mortgage at 4.375% which would be impossible if I had a history of late payments.

                    Check out and /URL removed/ We are not alone!

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                      • De
                        defineboredom May 07, 2010

                        I believe the above "complaint" by Lisa19072 is in violation of FTC guidelines for contact concerning debt collection. If this person is in the employ of NCS, NCS could be held liable in court for harassing contact.

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                      • Li
                        Lisa19072 Jun 08, 2009

                        So you’ve found a debt on your credit report from National Credit Solutions

                        What to Expect

                        If you see that NCS has reported something to your credit report this means that the account has been overdue for an extended amount of time and the original creditor has transferred your uncollected debt to National Credit Solutions for collection.

                        You may or may not have been contacted by the original creditor for attempts to receive payment before they handed over the account to a 3rd party collections agency. It is frustrating to find something on your credit without warning however once the account is handed down to a collections agency they have the right to report it to the Credit Bureau without notification (With the exceptions of 3 states). NCS is a certified and licensed collections agency and works continuously to stay in compliance with the changing state laws. They are also rated A+ with the BBB.

                        If your debt is not paid and the open collection appears on your credit report you might experience drastic changes in your credit score. A low credit score has many disadvantages including its affect on job eligibility, high interest rates, high insurance premiums, and difficulty acquiring loans or purchasing a house or car among other things.

                        NCS contacts the credit bureau ever Friday for updates. Many other agencies contact the credit bureau every month making any updates and clearing your credit a much slower and strenuous process. After NCS receives contact from you or contacts you personally, 5 days from this initial contact you will receive a letter stating your rights and the amount owed. If they do not hear back from you it is assumed that you have received the notice.

                        After receiving this first notification from NCS you have 30 days to send in a formal written request for validation. After these 30 days NCS is not legally obligated to send you a validation but may or may not as a common courtesy.

                        What are your options?

                        It is very important to resolve any issues with collections agencies in order to avoid increasing fees and most importantly to maintain a good credit score. Some people might say don’t pay, reporting to your credit is just a bullying tactic. This is bad advice because the longer you wait to pay your debt or if you do not pay it at all it only hurts you, your credit score, and costs more in the long run. In extreme cases your credit card may be cancelled, you may be refused a loan or unable to make any serious purchases.

                        Full payment, payment plan, settlement

                        There is a difference in each of these options and how it affects your credit report. Also keep in mind that the quicker you resolve your debts with the agency the better -- as the account sits in the system it accumulates interest fees and becomes more and more expensive with time. Stay calm and make an informed decision, but do not blow your payment off. This only costs you more in the long run.

                        Full Payment
                        Sometimes time is an issue. Payment in full is the quickest solution and fully restores your credit.

                        Payment Plan
                        National Credit Solutions offers various payment plans over extended periods of time based on how much you are financially able to pay. This process takes longer to clear your credit but eventually does. They can set up automatic withdrawals according to the payment plan you have established.

                        Hardship Settlement
                        On a case by case basis NCS may or may not qualify you for a hardship settlement after assessing your situation and financial standing. Different factors affect our ability to settle such as ownership of the account and what kind of account it is. If you choose this option your credit report will show that you settled for less than the legal amount owed. They can not guarantee to what degree your credit will improve however a paid or settled account is much better than an unpaid account.

                        Contact thier office by phone for the quickest response to any questions.

                        Best way of paying
                        They accept payments over the phone or by mail, from checking, savings, credit or debit cards, mail orders, or cashiers checks. (Discover, Visa, MasterCard only) They will encourage you to pay over the phone. This is beacuse lots of people say they will mail in payments but never do. Paying by phone is safe and a lot faster. Paying by mail can interfere with payment in full...( due to the amount the check was made out to verses the new total with the additional fees that accumulated in the few days that your payment was in the mail.)

                        They really will work with you and it is in thier best interest as well to close out the account.

                        After I pay how long will it take to get it off my credit?

                        NCS reports to the Credit Bureau with any updates to your credit every Friday. This ensures quicker updates than many other agencies out there. All that NCS can do however is notify the Credit Bureau and after that it is their obligation to make any changes as they see fit. The time that it takes to see any immediate results or removal varies.

                        Procedures: Request verification, cease and desist, dispute

                        Requesting a validation
                        If you do not remember the alleged transaction that has incurred debt under your name or you do not trust the agencies allegations you may formally request a validation. It is important that you send in a WRITTEN request that very clearly states your demand for verification. If you request validation over the phone you may hear from collectors that the agency is not obligated by law to give you validation unless they receive a written request. This is frustrating but it is the law. It is also important to save any documents you receive including any validation documents. The agency will have all interactions carefully document and once they have sent you one validation they will not send you subsequent copies.

                        When the agency receives your written request they have 30 days to respond with a validation letter. Validation includes an itemized statement of your transaction, contact information of the original creditor, and your last known billing address. Keep in mind a company such as National Credit Solutions handles over 3.5 million accounts. Employees at NCS are on the phone working with consumers up to 12 hours a day trying to resolve each case to best of their abilities. They are more than willing to send consumers validation documents in order to secure good faith and ensure a payment suitable for each individual but this process takes time. Once you receive validation this means that the debt is in fact under your name and the agency that you are dealing with has legal authority to collect the debt.

                        Cease and Desist vs. Dispute
                        Cease and Desist is a formally written request. Be advised, cease and desist does not make debt go away. Requesting cease and desist will simply terminate any written or verbal communication towards you from NCS employees. NCS respects these requests completely and without any exceptions. However, the debt will still show up on the consumers credit report, the account is still open, and the individual is still held accountable for the debt.

                        If you are disputing the debt it is best to file your dispute through or, or mail it directly to NCS addressed to Blake Taylor for the quickest response.

                        IF YOU ARE FILING A DISPUTE KEEP IN MIND:
                        1.) After a dispute is received by NCS they commence an investigation that can take up to 30 days
                        2.) You must provide proof

                        If you feel that this debt is not yours and you have legitimate proof to clear the account from your name then you should file a dispute. After NCS receives a dispute an investigation is taken up that lasts 30 days. After this 30 day period NCS has 30 days to contact you. This process takes time. They won't close out an account if you simply state that the debt is not yours and provide no proof. If for example you are disputing the debt on the grounds of identity theft you must provide a police report and the identity theft affidavit for that relevant period of time when the debt occurred, or if you were overseas at the time of a transaction that took place in the US send in proper documents.

                        How do I know this is a legitimate agency?
                        You know that an agency is legitimate and not a scam if they are willing to provide you with validation (after a written request) and if they are able to use credit reporting in conjunction with the Credit Bureau. Credit reporting capabilities are not available to everyone, a business goes through a lot in order to be able to report to your credit.

                        Contacting the original creditor
                        In most cases the original creditor does not have your account anymore and therefore they are not able to pull up your information. They will often refer you back to NCS and may be hard to get through to. However if you do receive notification from an original creditor that your account is able to be closed obtain a written statement personally and send it directly to the NCS office.

                        Filing a complaint

                        The easiest and quickest way for your complaint to be heard and the best way to warrant a response is by filing your complaint at
                        Professionals will investigate your complaint and respond back to you as quickly as possible.

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                      • P0
                        p'd off in KS Apr 19, 2009

                        they did the same thing to me and I have never ordered from BMG, my score went from ~800 to 690. I have opened complaints with the FTC, NCS and BMG's local BBB, KS AG office (I live in KS), disputed the info on my report but still no luck. the address on the BMG statement they sent me as proof the account was valid was for a rental property I owned.

                        I have never ordered from BMG and I am not paying NCS $200.

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                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      DBMG Technologiesunauthorized charges

                      This company is not professional at all! I called this company several times for services and got over charged. I bought a 10 min call which is according to their website 21.90 and somehow got charged over 40 dollars every time I called. I had called about 5 times that month and was over charged by more than 100 dollars. I called the line about it to get it fixed and they told me that I would be receiving a cal from the owner. A gal called me saying her name was annabelle and then saying her name was brandi telling me that I bought 20 mins each time I called, used 20 mins, and she wasn't going to give me a refund because of I had 'buyers remorse' as she calls it. I wasn't asking for a refund of all my money, just the money that I was over charged. She was very rude about it, telling me that she had reports saying that I asked for the 20 mins and used all 20 mins each time I called, when I tried to tell her I didn't and tell her to give me the money back that was over charged she refused. I charged back the money because she refused to give me a refund of the money that was over charged and then the next thing I know I call another service and they say that the owner of dbmg technologies has blocked me and sent my name/address/phone number/ and credit card information to all the other phone companies out there. So now I can't use any service. I did a search on the company in google and found this website with a girl who had complained about the company not paying her so I thought I would go ahead and make a report to. It's not worth calling this company, it just isn't. They are rude when they are the ones making the mistake and they don't correct it. When I had to charge back the money that was over charged I was the one who paid for it in the end with everyone in the business knowing my name and information. they even called and talked to my wife. This company states that they are discrete but they are not discrete at all, now my wife knows about it, and so does every other phone company out there and probably their employees as well.

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                        BMG MusicI do not owe

                        I received a phone call from a collection agency saying that I owed money to BMG Music. The name on the "account" was my married name "Seratt". That has not been my last name in about 5 years. The man on the phone could barely speak english and i don't think he could really understand what i was trying to explain to him.

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                          • Br
                            brendasyd Apr 01, 2010

                            I still had 5 Free CDs coming from BMG Music when I received a letter saying that they were being bought out and would not obligate the agreement. I kept my end and earned these points with purchases. They need to let me have my 5 Free CDs.

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