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Transworld Systems reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jun 25, 2008. The latest review Calling daily, weekly, monthly collecting any information or debt. was posted on Dec 17, 2020. The latest complaint Rude employee was resolved on Mar 31, 2010. Transworld Systems has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 19 reviews. Transworld Systems has resolved 5 complaints.

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Transworld Systems Complaints & Reviews

Transworld SystemsCalling daily, weekly, monthly collecting any information or debt.

They call frequently still, we have seen many complaints fishing us for any information on regards to debt or any information about ourselves. It gives us another name and number to call. We get a kelly may.
The number is [protected], please give us any information to identify yourselves to transworld systems.
It is an automated system, no real people to deal with.

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    Transworld System Inc. — their billing's are insane.

    I went to the CVS Medical clinic a few months ago & since then I have been receiving bills from thi...

    Transworld Systems Incorporated — trying to collect debt ( I have none)

    This company continually calls me and I block them. They change a digit and today my child handed me the...

    AAFES/Transworld Systems INC — AAFES/Transworld Systems INC Took all of my $5000+ Tax Refund

    I became behind on my Military Star Card when my Fiancé got discharged from the military and I lost my job...

    Transworld Systems, Inc. — Illegal Charges

    In June of 2012, I reached out to AAFES to attempt to pay off a military star card, not knowing it already...

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    Transworld System Inc.Wrong date

    Transworld Systems Inc. sent a letter dated 14 days before the letter received. The letter was addressed correctly and the letter was not damaged. I doubt that USPS took 14 days and believe that they use a false date on collection notices. I owe them nothing. The company, that passed the debt to Transworld Systems Inc as if we owed money, had billed the wrong party. This has been cleared up. However, if anyone else has a false date used and I can help you prove it --- please add a comment. I imagine the Transworld uses it to add fees or escalate earlier.

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      Transworld SystemsHarrassing calls with no information

      We have received over 40 calls from this company in the last two months. It is our policy not to answer if we do not recognize the incoming # or party. Finally, thinking the calls were solicitors, I called back. The man who answered did not identify himself by name, used the company name, Transworld Systems, then launched into a rant asking why my husband & I did not answer calls. It took a while to learn that he was attempting to collect for two bills we never received. The company was sending invoices to an address from 3-1/2 years ago, even though they have our current phone & address on file from sending out the last two years of our tax returns. We paid up immediately, in person, to the tax preparer. Transworld Systems is still calling. Their collector was extremely rude, abrasive and accusatory. When asked why they could not leave a message stating the nature of the call, he replied that they never leave messages. Apparently, they don't send anything in the mail, either. Since the collection agency has our current phone #, it isn't a big stretch to look up the address; it is listed.

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        • An
          Anita1408 Oct 14, 2014

          This Company, Trans world Systems has been calling me everyday on my home # and Cell #. I asked what this was in reference to, the woman keep telling me that, "this call will be recorded". I hung up on her. If this is the way they try to collect by phone, they should hire people that are not rude and abrasive.
          I don't owe any company, or medical anything!
          They had all my information, and insisted that I be recorded before being told what this was about.
          I don't know whether this is a scam or not, but I don't give out any information without being told what the reason is for the call.
          I have read all the complains about similar phone calls. If I were a business I would not pay this co. to collect for debts that are not owe!

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        Transworld Systems — Scam

        From: Rey Ramos [mailto:reynaldo.[protected]] Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2010 Subject: Re...

        Transworld SystemsI just know that is not what they say when recruited

        They tell you that its a need and that it works, for what I saw, no way the "district Manager" earns what they say... that for sure... incredible rotation on their sales people. You have to get a big company, like a lottery in order to earn at least respectable income. Just be carefull because its just not what it seems.

        Some of these district manager are uneducated much less to be espectable leaders, their convention in Las Vegas, was in one of the older Hotels downtown, if is such a great company I think they can afford a better accomodations, of course you pay for it any way.

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          Transworld SystemsDo not use this company

          I met with a transworld rep, Brian White to be exact about opening an account today. I meet with several reps a month for different services as a dentist. This was the worst meeting that I have ever had with a sales rep. He was rude, condescending and beligerate. He made statements about he does not do the dont call me I'll call you line when I said I have to check his company's references. Then he went on to say that his meetings run with the dr either doing it or not. I would never consider opening an account with them if this was how they do business. I would not have any patients left! Do not use this company I surely will not!

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            • Ch
              charlie96 Aug 15, 2016

              No paperwork was sent, no email was ever sent like AKA Yvonne said now I have harassing phone calls after I worked so hard to make repairs to my existing loan and even agreed to pay them still no follow up papers sent they don't play fair with their word and stick to what they say they will do for you for school loan program. seeking a lawyer now

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            • Su
              superficialman Mar 08, 2011

              That is how they do business. They sued me (Monterey) for $250 in Rohnert Park with some hack lawyer named Anthony "Give Boys" Head. Wasn't worth traveling 200 miles to fight. They got judgment, had local sheriff enforce it. I'm glad their reputation is being exposed here and all over the internet. They never pursued true deadbeats with such aggressiveness.

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            Transworld Systems Complaint — Collection Agency

            A year ago I was having a major issue with patients not paying their bills. No matter how nice we were and...

            Transworld SystemsHarrasment

            Brandon Moen is obnoxious and feels he has the right to call and harass me for money that I pay monthly directly to the doctors office. I know for a fact that he gets updated when my payments are made; but he feels he has the right to call me and make comments on my character.

            I have already documented his last two calls and have called an attorney. I will pursue this if he calls me again. The funny thing is, that I he will get himself into so much trouble if we have to stand in front of a judge and I show proof of canceled checks!

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              Transworld SystemsAbsurd calls

              I should have known right off the bat that this call was no good... blocked number and the egomaniacal voice of a debt collector. I wasn't sure it was a collector at first because he'd mentioned the name of a company that we do business with.

              Turned out to be the most insane call ever because I couldn't 100% tell if he was a possible client or a collector, but now I've got a good persona in mind for anything of the sort again. But he called us accusing us of being the other party.

              Deposition this, file that... he got the wrong company and now we know something is going on. I can't believe collectors are so brash as to call any company affiliated with them, use a pick axe to dig out whatever info they can and making it clear that something is up with the other company. That's some bad bad business.

              Not to mention being such a total *** on the phone, "I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what it is you're asking here." Typical reply, "You see what's not adding up to me here is..." Around and round this went.. Questioning our integrity, my honesty, and our legitimacy.. screw that guy!

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                • Yd
                  ydog Aug 31, 2011

                  They are dishonest. Do NOT work with this company. No customer service either

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                Transworld SystemsAttempting to collect nondebt

                Card service international, First Data was notified over a year ago by phone, by mail on their cancellation form and by fax on their form. They continued to charged for six months even after repeated phone calls.

                After freezing the credit card they were drawing on they discontinued all contact and never sent the any refund or forms for reimbursements. The only contact has been thru Transworld Systems Inc. in an attempt to continue.

                In response I expect a refund of $336 dollars and collection attempts to cease.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Transworld SystemsRude employee

                  Man called was very very rude, asking to speak with my sister who works 12 hour shifts I explained that she was asleep, he demanded I wake her up, when explained that was not a possibility he continued to demand this, when I asked to speak with his supervisor he refused to put him on the phone with me. Continued to be rude until I finally hung up on him. I am not the type of person to hang up on someone way out of my nature.. this man was completely rude. He was very demanding and unreasonable, you should be more careful with how you are approaching people onthe phone . Offered to take a message to tell her what was in reference to, he said she knows what this is in reference to... for the record she has no idea what this was about.

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                    • Lv
                      lvncntry Aug 28, 2012

             This is the site for the FEDERAL law that these companies are supposed to be following. Unfortunately none of them do.

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                    • Hl
                      HLT2 Apr 25, 2012

                      I got jumped by 2 ladies at once...the first lady was so rude she would not even let me speak, just kept yelling over me when I tried talking to her. Then she had her boss get on the phone without even telling me she was listening in on the conversation or getting on the phone! The second lady who claimed to be the boss was the same way and I was trying to explain our financial situation and set up payment arrangements I could afford and she said I had until 5pm tomorrow to pay the FULL balance( which is just totally unrealistic for us)! And she said the bank I owe the money to would not accept that and that I was just making every excuse in the book, how rude and unprofessional is that for someone to call you a liar when they don't know you or your situation and your trying to set up payment arrangements!!! So I called the bank and they told me they don't even deal with them anymore after the debt is turned over!!! Also, she told me she was going to call the bank to tell them that I refused to I am assuming she is 16 and in high-school if she feels the need to tattle and lie? I informed the bank of this also and they told me the lady who she would speak to isn't even there this again another lie!!! I do have to say though I feel better about directly talking to the bank I owe the money to since this is small town and I know most of them and getting the facts!! This company is rude, unprofessional and untrustworthy!!

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                    • Ut
                      utexas77 Feb 28, 2012

                      Oh these people are crazy!!! they were so rude to my mother when she said I wasn't here asking all kinds of questions...bordering on harrassment!!! She continued to speak to my mother rudely and would give no information. That is completely disrespectful on every level and makes this company look extremely bad. You get bad customer service from one person and that will ruin the reputation of the company. It was for some bill that she said I owed from 10 years ago and demanded I pay it. I have no idea where she came up with this information. THIS IS SERIOUSLY A SCAM...DO NOT PAY THESE PEOPLE!!! NOT COLLECTION AGENCY..FRAUD COMPANY!!!

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Transworld Systems Inc. — Birds of a Feather

                    Transworld Systems Inc. handles collections for another extremely cheezy employer by the name of Securita...

                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Transworld Systems Inc — Fraud

                    This is a debt collection company who bought a debt from a company, Karsh Consulting, with whom I did...

                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Transworld Systems DBA GreenFlag Profit Recovery — SCAM

                    After 8 plus hours of so called training (selling their company) they ask for $200 for selling materials to...

                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Transworld Systems — Beware

                    I have been a client of Transworld Systems for 5-6 years with mediocre results. I submitted an account which...

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