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Pogo - Ea Sports / WON'T PAY- OR EXPLAIN

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I emailed Pogo because they did not send me my 250.00 prize money. if you start at the bottom of this email and read up you can see how they get out of paying … i never did get any more response from pogo or ea sports. And still have NO CLUE what they found on my computer? How did they look in my computer? What the HECK is going on? How does POGO know what I have on my computer?

06/26/2008 04:00 PM
Why can’t no one tell me exactly what was found so i can
At least get rid of what ever it was. Or tell me what
Exactly I did wrong other than submitting my tickets?

06/24/2008 12:52 PM
Can you please tell me exactly what was found that my
Winnings were taken from me? Because I know I do not
Have any bots or anything else helping me. Other than my
Husband logs on to play sometimes. The only thing I did was
Entering tickets into a drawing.

06/24/2008 07:20 AM
Hi there, 06/23/2008 12:57 PM
I don’t understand. I did nothing illegal i have no bots
Nor anything else that was mentioned above. And don’t
Know why you would feel I did anything illegal I won
That by submitting tickets into the drawing? Please
Check into this matter further I promise you I do love
Playing pogo games and I do not cheat06/22/2008 08:57 AM
On 4-15-08 I was told I won the $250.00 drawing. and have
The confirmed email, I have not received this prize as yet and was told to contact you
If I do not receive it after 6-14-08 all my mailing
Information is correct. Can you please update me when I
Will receive my $250.00 or is their something else I am
Suppose to do to claim my winnings?



Response (Brian S.) 06/24/2008 08:36 AM

Your incident has been reviewed numerous of times as
Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt, but
Unfortunately your case will remain ineligible due to a
Terms of Service violation. Such a violation may
include the use of an automated device to play our games
or the manipulation of our games code. Unfortunately,
due to the results of this account’s review the prize
has been forfeited. I understand your frustration on
every level and I apologize for any inconveniences. If
you have anymore questions please feel free to respond
back to this email or please visit our website and
review our extensive Self Help Knowledgebase

Thank you for contacting EA Customer Support!

Brian S.
EA Customer Support

Response (Pogo Ana)

Thank you for contacting Technical Support.

Due to the nature of your issue, more time is required
for investigation. I apologize for any prolonged delays
this might cause, but please rest assured that we are
trying to handle your issue in a timely manner. During
this time, you may still update your incident with
additional information that might help us resolve your
issue without causing any additional delay. To update
your incident click the link above that says, “To view
or update your question from our support site, .”

We appreciate the opportunity to assist you and look
forward to getting you back in the game

Please accept our apology for any troubles or errors you
may experience from time to time and your help.


Pogo Ana
Technical Support
Need further help? Try the ‘Answers’ area on our support


Response (Pogo Irene) 06/22/2008 08:11 PM
Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Club Pogo Support.

The message you received was in regards to this
accounts’ questionable interaction with our games
after the account had been reviewed for meeting the
prize eligibility requirements. It is not until a player
claims a prize, that their account is reviewed.

Cheating in online games are activities that modify the
game experience to give one player an unfair advantage
over another player. Depending on the game, different
activities can constitute “cheating”.

The uses of macros, “bots”, “auto’s”, code
manipulation, “double-browsing”, token exchanging or
using 3rd party websites to assist a player in playing
Pogo games, are considered violations of the Terms of
Service Agreement. But in many typical cases, an account
being found ineligible, is do to the result of sharing
the account or through the use of so called “badge
helper” websites and services. Such an event could
have been at any time and in any game unrelated to the
game or time in which the prize was won.

Typically such services may claim they are untraceable
by Pogo servers and may not mention the repercussions to
player’s accounts for having used their products or
services. Sometimes you may find names such as
“Helpers”, “Buddies”, “Bots” or “Autos”
used to distract the player into thinking they are not
considered cheats, when in fact they are. Use of these
services allows players to have an advantage over
others, by increasing their token balance, status and
rank or reaching the Jackpot Spinner more quickly and

As a result of this review, the prize has been forfeited
and the account will be ineligible to receive any
additional prizes for a period of six months starting
from the date the prize was won. The account will be
eligible to receive prizes again after the 6 month
period of ineligibility. All future prize claims will
also follow this same review process, with the review
period starting after the win date of the previously
claimed prize.

Due to the internal and confidential nature of the
information viewed during the review, we are unable to
share any specific details of the review with you. Other
questions regarding this matter will only be discussed
via e-mail. We will not discuss the details of any
reviewed players account over the phone.

At any time a player can view the Terms of Service by
clicking on the link at the bottom of the Pogo website.
The Official Rules of Pogo Prizes can be found by
clicking on Prize Rules under the Prizes button on the
Pogo home page. Use these rules as guidelines for your
online conduct.

Pogo takes these types of violations seriously because
of the adverse effects it can have on all players in our
community. Pogo ultimately holds the account owner
responsible for any actions taken on their account. As
stated in the Club Pogo: Official Prize Rules, “By
participating in the Games, the entrants agree to be
bound by the Official Rules. These rules will be
interpreted in Pogo’s sole discretion, and all
determinations made pursuant to these rules by Pogo are
final and binding.”

If I can help you with anything else, please write back
and let me know.


Pogo Irene
Customer Service Representative
Club Pogo
Need help with Club Pogo? Click the ‘help’ button on the
top of most Club Pogo page

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  • Am
      8th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    im sorry for they way i talked in private chat but please donot take away my pogo i really like coming to play here for hours and hours and would hate not having it and i promise i will not use that kind of talk again can u please give me a chance to show u im not like that

  • No
      1st of Apr, 2012
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    agree with the fact that their customer support is virtually nonexistent and that they have a LONG history of not listening to any of their customers nor taking them seriously
    there are reports and comments to that effect all over the internet, and indeed, even
    all over their own forums on their own websites, both pogo and ea

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