PNC Mortgagestimulus modification loan nightmare

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To: executive.[protected]

I hope this is reaching an executive at PNC MORTGAGE

If you look up our account number you will see our numerous attempts to pay the arrears on our home and we have done more than complied with this whole stimulus package nightmare.

We fell 2 payments behind after a lay off and economic downfall, we notified PNC of our situation. When we submitted the next months payment it was declined and sent back to us stating that PNC MORTGAGE does not accept partial payments. We called the day this letter was received to tell them of our position and that the 2 months in arrears would be paid up to date within the next 2 months. They said they do not accept partial payments again and now that we were 3 months behind we had no choice but to become a statistic of the never ending stimulus.

Please look closely into our account, we have called and called to try and communicate but it has been to no avail.
After our last denial for the stimulus(third attempt), PNC MORTGAGE offered and made payment arrangements with us, we stated that we needed two weeks because we had to pull funds from our 401K. They sent us our paperwork with the payment arrangements written out clearly on PNC PAPERWORK, we were told to sign and date and return with the funds. The day after receiving this paperwork, we received a letter dated a day later, after payment arrangements were made stating that we were in FORECLOSURE and to contact Cal-Western Foreclosure? Cal-Western could give us NO info. We immediately called PNC MORTGAGE and GAYNOW (the resp at PNC) stated that "THEY COULD NOT TAKE US ON OUR WORD FOR RETRIEVING MONEY FROM OUR 401K" so the process continued into foreclosure regardless of the arrangement made with them. Now we are in foreclosure and it does not matter that PNC MORTGAGE made payment arrangements with us? And to top it off we are now hit with more penalties added by Cal-Western!!

In following the payment plan agreed to with PNC we have now pulled funds from our 401k and lost money in penalties for early withdrawal of $3, 200.00 and then still PNC MORTGAGE will not accept the payment arrangement that they made with us? Due to pulling this amount from our 401K we had yet another penalty added in that we can NOT invest into again for 6 months! Thank you PNC!! I do believe you should reimburse us for our continued loss of $$ due to trying to deal with your company.

We pulled all money necessary which was $10, 888.89 needed to get our home out of arrears and PNC MORTGAGE DECLINED? Then turned around and assessed more money on us for a foreclosure company. More money that we do not have after depleting our 401k!

We are begging for some executive assistance and authority, customer service does not care and they do not convey messages to you when a homeowner has funds to pay the house up to date... CUSTOMER SERVICE DOES NOT CARE and they do not know that we have put a lot of money down on this house, its our home and our 3 boys home, they do not give us to a higher management personal when we ask.

PLEASE, help us. We sold our last home in Lake Elsinore California which was also mortgaged with you, to buy this house and create a better life in another state for ourselves and our children. Please, I am begging you- HELP US?


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  • Zo
      Feb 02, 2010
    Pnc New Jersey - OVerdfate Fees
    PNC BANK ,New Jersey
    New Jersey
    United States

    Be Aware of business scams at this Bank .you are not going to beleive this.
    I was Vacationing In SC with my family last week of DEec209. I miss calculated the amount of money I should of have deposited on my checking to cover that week transactions by $60.00 or s0.
    on Jan 4th 2010 about 14 transactions were posted in my acc totaling Approx to $6000.00 about sixty dollars above what I had on my checking. those Transactions were an average of $20.00 wth as little as $4.50 Transaction. one transaction 5200.00 was the largest Transaction due to my Mortgage Payment.
    in any ways, on Jan 5th, 2010, they Hit with 5x $36.00 Overdraft fees .those fees also created a negative balance of Approx minus240.00 .those traction I charged were not done at the same times, some of them Dec29, 30, 31 th, 2009 .they were just were posted late at the Bank ( on Jan4th)
    On the 4th of Jan 2010 I checked my Acc that after noon, and ONLY one transaction did not post of an amount of 110.00 which was not posted yet, with an available Balance of $63.00. in normal case whene that transaction is posted late that afternoon you would think that you will charged only one over draft fee of $36.00.THIS IS WHAT YOU WOULD THINK.
    I called on Jan 5th when I saw the 5x36.00 OVDFT Fees .I called PNC and they said that they don't post the transaction as they come on that day (chronochly) even it may show on you acc on the bigining of the day .instead what they do, they go over them at night (in my case Jan4TH night ) and then they post them by amount, Large one First. and sine I had 5 small transation posted last totaling of Approx $65.00 even though they arrived first that morning, they had left them to the end.
    I Argued my point with the Agent, and actualy, believe or not she was convinced, but since it is the way they do business for long time and she can not change the rule even if it is not disclosed to the customer when they open theire ACC at PNC, she agreed to refund on 2x36.00 .


    Sorry I can't display my Bank statment but if you after this Bank and you attorney needs a copy I will glade to pass one to you

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  • Mi
      Aug 19, 2010

    Hi Chrissy- I am sorry to read about your PNC nightmare. I hope things have been resolved for you and your family.

    I am unfortunately in a near identical situation as yours. I was unemployed for 7 months and current with every obligation I had... but I was approaching the end of my resources and something had to give. After reading about the government stimulus and PNC's modification programs online, we called PNC to explore our options . We were told that we would definitely qualify and we were perfect candidates and we were sent the paperwork... mind you, we were current at the time.

    We were told that we should stop making our payments while the application was processed which should be within 30 days... and then the B.S. starts... "nothing is moving as quickly as it should because so many people are in the same situation...but dont worry because you are perfect candidates and it will be approved... and blah, blah, blah"

    First denied because I was unemployed and had no income... Second denied because I now have an income, but I make too much for the modification... Now in the process of the third try we get denied because our loan is owned by an 'investor' who has different criteria for approving modifications. "

    We are now five months behind and while PNC is telling us we are fine and not to worry... and I'm telling PNC I have the money to get caught up and I am ready to be done with this... and they tell me that I am fine and we dont need to worry and I should still wait to see if the last attempt at modification is approved because it will benefit me for the term of the note... and ugggh!

    Two weeks ago I get a certified letter notifying me that my home will be sold to the highest bidder on the courthouse steps on Sept. 7th. What! I have the resources to pay and PNC encourages me to wait and see... then they throw my note into foreclosure have a lawyer list my home for sale by auction. What!

    It should come as no surprise that the loan is for less than 75% of the property value (there is a second note for another7%) and they are guaranteed get their payment in full with enough left over to pay the attorneys then throw whats left over to the second mortgage holder.

    I have 2 weeks to save my families home and I can't even get a return phone call from the people at PNC Loss Mitigation who at last contact said they were working on it and of course... "not to worry."

    I'll figure something out. I can't believe I was so naive... what a scam!

    Chrissy... if by some miracle you actually have the contact information for someone at PNC who might be able to help, I would be forever grateful.

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  • Mi
      Aug 20, 2010

    This is happening to me too. Except I have not receive any phone calls or letters. Are ya'll getting anywhere with this?

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  • Ch
      Aug 20, 2010

    Here is some email addresses to executive office and a phone # to try. They are total jerks. We finally caught up but it was hell getting there. When you get your newest accounting info make sure they remove charges that have not happened. Such as auction posting, auctioneer, etc.
    here ya go

    Good Luck

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  • Cl
      Aug 27, 2010

    I found this today regarding PNC Mortgage and their bad business.

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  • Mm
      Sep 04, 2010

    Wow! Add us to the list of PNC Home Remodification Nightmare Stories!! After losing my job, having 2 kids in college & being diagnosed with fibromyalgia PNC suggested we apply for a loan modification. We were told that within 3-6 months we would have an answer. After a year of paying our agreed upon reduced payment, we were denied! Although we income qualified at the time of application, my husband now had a second job. The position is perdiem and not guaranteed income. Despite this fact, PNC counted it against us. They are now seeking over $5000 from us the difference of our full payment and our reduced payment. In addition, they have hired Steven Baum’s office and are starting foreclosure!!! We feel like the program is a TRAP! We paid monthly, in good faith, for the entire year and no where in the agreement did it say we were jeopardizing losing our home!!! Had they told us up front, we would have NEVER gone through the process!!!

    Marie Marion

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  • Mm
      Sep 04, 2010

    Wow! Add us to the list of PNC Home Remodification Nightmare Stories!! After losing my job, being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and having 2 kids in college PNC advised us to apply for a loan modification. At the time ALL of our payments were current. We were told that within 3-6 months we would have an answer. After a year of paying our agreed upon reduced payment, we were denied! Although we income qualified at the time of application, my husband now had a second job. The position is perdiem and not guaranteed income. Despite this fact, PNC counted it against us. They are now seeking over $5000 from us the difference of our full payment and our reduced payment. In addition, they have hired Steven Baum’s office and are starting foreclosure!!! We feel like the program is a TRAP! We paid monthly, in good faith, for the entire year and no where in the agreement did it say we were jeopardizing losing our home!!! Had they told us up front, we would have NEVER gone through the process!!!

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  • 53
      Sep 30, 2010

    Unfortunately, it looks like I am in good company! Due to a divorce, I tried to get a conventional refi and a was denied due to debt-to-income ratio (no small wonder since 2/3 of my household income was now gone!). So, I tried the HAMP program but the payments were still too high. PNC said I could try a regular loan mod application, but it could take up to 12 weeks. In the packet I explained that I was filing BK so I could keep my home. So I sent it and in the meantime they started foreclosure proceedings because partial payments are not accepted and I could not pay the entire mortgage by myself. Their reason for denial was debt-to-income ratio, and I told them I was filing BK-they told me to apply again once I had the court discharge. Problem is, you can't reaffirm the debt if you're not current-a real catch 22. So, I did file BK and sent them my NEW and improved loan mod packet. I told them they have until 10/8/10 to get me a loan mod or the debt gets discharged. I even wrote my state senator, who did respond stating they had contacted Freddie Mac (who funds y loan) but no update as of 9/30/10. I can only suggest that we all file to the agency that regulates them and send them our complaints. Other option is to try class action lawsuit against PNC. You can contact me at [protected] if intersted or just want to vent. Hang tough, all!

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  • Pa
      Oct 01, 2010

    Oh my God!!! We are going through the same thing!!! I was out of work for six months and we fell behind on our mortgage payments as well. We notified PNC of our situation and tried to make partial payments, but they returned it telling us that they did not accept partial payments!! We tried working with them and having our loan motified, but they denied it. They gave us a number to catch up and to end further proceedings, we got that amount to them 1 day after their due date and they declined it and told us they were starting foreclosure proceedings!!! The amout was around 14, they want 25, 000 to stop the foreclosure proceedings and have given us 3 weeks!!! I feel as though they are totally taking advantage of people who experience setbacks!! Any help out there!!

    Thanks from Santa Cruz, Ca

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  • Mm
      Oct 01, 2010

    We advise that PNC is under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. You can reach them at the following address, telephone number and web-site:

    Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
    Customer Assistance Group
    1301 McKenny Street, Suite 33450
    Houston TX 77010

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  • Ja
      Oct 04, 2010

    We are in the same situation except we went through bankruptcy. They signed the reaffirmation agreement, which is a legally binding docuement, but now are foreclosing even though we are making payments. They started rejecting them in Aug, but our atty said to keep sending in the checks. We have 28 days before the house is to be sold on the courthouse steps. My atty keeps saying they are in the wrong, but PNC continues forward. I am taking the day off from work to find out what to do.

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  • Fl
      May 29, 2018

    @jamesr86 That same exact thing happened yo us. Isn't there a class action law suit?

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  • De
      Oct 05, 2010

    I lost my husband in April of 2009. After his passing, I listed the home that we lived in with our two sons. That house had been on the market for over a year with the same realtor with poor showing results and no offers. I attempted to auction the house in July of 2010 in order to pay the first and second mortgages on the house as I was unable to make mortgage payments since my late husband's passing. I worked for him and therefore was left unemployed shortly after his death when the businesses were sold in order to pay off loans he initiated with PNC. The house did not sell at auction either, in fact no one showed up to bid on it which I feel was the result of my realtor's actions. Shortly thereafter that same realtor came up with a purchase contract near the end of the listing agreement. Since I was still under contract with the auctioneer I am having him represent me in the sale. All requested documents have been submitted to PNC numerous times, including the sale contract and request for short sale consideration. Each time I contact them I am told that there is another piece of missing information in my file as if they are looking for excuses to close my file/short sale request and foreclose on my home. Today they informed me that they needed an updated listing agreement because the current listing agreement had expired on 8/31/2010. When I asked why that was even an issue because we are asking them to consider the sale contract that was written when the listing agreement was in force they could not answer me and transferred me to the processor, Linda Roberts, whom of course was not available. I am at my wits end with PNC, I sincerely feel that we have one shot at selling the house located in Dayton Ohio due to the current state of the economy but PNC Mortgage is ignoring that fact in an attempt to foreclose on the property instead. The offer that we have received is fair and more than what they will receive in an additional attempt to auction the property since the 1st attempt failed completely. I have no money for them to come after as my husband's estate is likely insolvent and I am unemployed. Since dealing with PNC for several months now to become part of a work-out program and now to hopefuly hopefully sell the house in order to put this all behind us, I have come up against repeated rejections and excuses. No-one there seems to know what they are doing or is willing to help resolve real issues. The buyer has completed all necessary inspections and we are just waiting on PNC to accept or reject the offer which they seem to be incapable of doing. I have the Estate Attorney, Laura Martin, involved in this process in order to expedite things however we are both coming up with continued delays and we are concerned that we will lose our buyer over PNC's lack of action and repeated excuses as to why they cannot process the file. I need your help, what can I do, where can I turn to get PNC to take action and stop sending me the ridiculous form letters that have been sent out so far that do nothing but delay and frustrate matters?

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  • Ch
      Oct 06, 2010

    Well this is Chrissy Carder
    I can tell you that I contacted via email, The US Treasury Department, My State Attorney General, The US Comptroller and my local news station. My State Attorney General contacted PNC immediately to establish an open line of communication. Although the line was open and they responded to our attorney general. I also wrote a letter directly to the PNC executive office executive.[protected] and a Courtney was my contact there- subject line FORECLOSURE IMMINENT- HELP NOW. Needless to say I did not get a response from PNC until a week later maybe more and only after Idaho Attorney Generals office contacted them.

    I was in my last 3 weeks till foreclosure and after all of my efforts, PNC is the big corporation and without money to hire an attorney we had no recourse. This all started with a call to PNC stating we would not be able to make 2 payments and when we tried to make the next payment after the 2 missed they denied our payment and now put us 3 months behind and said we must enter the stimulus program. The stimulus hell lasted about a year with one denial, lost papers, more papers needed, forbearance and payments followed with a final denial and a payment arrangement made for the arrears. Two days after payment arrangement was made we received a letter from PNC (payment arrangement contract to be signed) another letter received the same day but dated 2 days after payment arrangement letter date stating we were now in foreclosure. We called PNC and they said they could not take us on our word. We made a WD from our 401K with a $3, 000.00 penalty for early WD only to be told by PNC that Foreclosure is happening unless we came up with our arrears and now the $4800 in foreclosure fees.

    It is ugly, the foreclosure fees were unjustified as the actions of PNC against our family and home. Nobody from PNC was accountable and no employee at PNC was capable of helping or describing with knowledge why, how, or what to any questions we had or help that we asked for. Bottom line was we either come up with all arrears and now the foreclosure fees or our home would be taken. We luckily saved every months payment while in the stimulus minus some that was used due to hard times, hence the 401Kwd, but we also had to sell everything we owned and pawned the rest to come up with the foreclosure fees.

    Email all of the above (your state) and do contact your local news stations. I can tell you that nobody I know that tried to save their home with this stimulus package was able too. The banks make more from the stimulus by foreclosing on the home then by helping the homeowner keep it. I will be pursuing a small claim against PNC to try and reclaim some of the foreclosure fees that were imposed unduly and I will also be filing a small claim against PNC for the penalty fees of $3000 on our 401K because we wd for our payment arrangement that they reneged on. I have also been asked to participate in a class action law suit against PNC for their inconceivable negligence in banking practice and lack of business ethics. I have yet to read on the class action lawsuit and will have to see if the other suits will cause a conflict. Good luck sister!

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  • Mm
      Oct 06, 2010

    We would like more information about the class action law suit! We hired an attorney and we're putting our payments in escrow. PNC also added foreclosure "Fees" to our account after we were told several times that we were not in danger of foreclosure! We did not miss any payments during the reduced payment period or full payments prior to applying for the loan modification! This feels like a nightmare that I just can't awake from! We are honest, hard working middle class people. How can this be happening? We did everything that we were supposed to~ this sure doesn't feel like the American Dream!!

    Marie Marion, NY

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  • Ba
      Oct 07, 2010

    Add another to the PNC home modification nightmare. I have tried 3 times and every time there is another excuse. Now we are losing our home. Not sure what to do.

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  • Ch
      Oct 09, 2010

    And the saga continues the banks are stopping auctions. Check out this news clip. Lets take this bank down!!

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  • Ch
      Oct 10, 2010

    I seemed to have deleted the invite for the lawsuit, if anyone is aware of this suit can you please post the information!

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  • Me
      Oct 13, 2010

    I wish I did not have to say this but it looks like I am heading down the same road. I got papers to apply for federal mortgage help last month but have been down very sick for the last month and could not get the papers done until today.I have been tring to make one payment to them for 5 days now at last today I got in touch with them and they would not accept one payment because I am 2 months behind on payments so they said I had to make 2 payment which I could not make they said I could not make just one payment and they said it was in my contrct with them. well I never had a contract with them my contract was with first city bank which they bought out and my mortgage was tak3en pver by them. I can not belive this bull ### about not being able to make one payment I have done this in the past more than once and then get caught up later in the month I feel I am getting lead down a bad path here and by hearing other accounts here it look like I am right. leave it Obama to set up a program to help people and fined out their are so many holes in it that it help the banks screw us harder thanks for listening to me spew. I have called on many government agency to see if they can help me with this but no one will or they say wright up a complaint and we will look at it. Something has to be done about this it is not right they are making alot of money by screwing us and the government has given them a way to do it.

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  • Ch
      Oct 14, 2010

    This is exactly how it all our nightmare began. Call the Comptroller and your states Attorney Generals to help get that payment accepted before you fall further behind. I can understand during normal life occurrences, the mortgage needs paid and we better find a way. But when the economy is in a recession/depression then the bank really needs to practice discretion and help.

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  • De
      Oct 26, 2010

    We are in the same nightmare. They gave us our paperwork after many duplicates being sent, because they said they never received. Then they said we were fine and the modification went through. We sent the certified check and signed paperwork as we were told.Then they cashed the certified check they asked for, then mailed us back a bank check for that amount. Then PNC told us to go to one of their branches and cash the check, get a certified check for that amount and send it interoffice mail. Hopely this will stop the forclosure, we have done everything we were told. I'm very sad, and stressed. Getting sick from all the events. Can no longer function anymore. I would like to be apart of the lawsuit. Deb

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  • Au
      Oct 26, 2010

    Count us in. Our story is a little different, but the net effect is the same. We were current with our payment, our credit in good shape, but we had a medical and financial hardship when we inquired into the loan modification process. We wrote our hardship letter, and within 30 days, received step 1 of the two step process, with a reduced monthly payment. All payments were met the first of the month as agreed. After the final payment was submitted, we were anxious for step 2 offering the modification. That's when the requests for duplicate paperwork previously submitted, began. We continued to make the trial payments by PNC's direction on time until, August of 2010, at which time, we were presented with a modification, which not only didn't work for us (payments were too high) but they back dated the documents, to when the modification should have happen. Needless to say, we rejected the modification, with a request for other options. I was told by their representatives we are being considered for other in-house options, but felt a sense of their willingness to work with us. So, when I called in payment for September 1, 2010, it was refused. My hsuband and I were very concerned. We were told, we are not in a program at this time but are being considered. October 1, 2010, our payment is again refused, stating they are backlogged, they will notify us with a decision, requesting we wait another 30 days. I found out from a radio show about a making home affordable workshop, and my husband and I decided to attend. There was an attorney there, PNC representative, and this neighborhood advocate who provided us with information. We also, ran into our concilman. Optimistic, we will get final resolution in this stressful, protracted process, were PNC is in breach of the agreement, not the borrower. Clearly, that have demostrated "Bad Faith". We just received a denial letter from PNC, our first, which is absolutely unacceptible. If we were approved in August 2010 and decline in October 2010, someone has to answer this question. I am looking for a legal remedy.

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  • Th
      Oct 26, 2010

    Our nightmare with PNC started with a simple refinance. We are currently in good standing and have always been. We could have gone with any mortgage company of our choosing, but we chose PNC thinking it would be easier to go through our current lender. Wrong! Sixty days has passed and our loan is still pending. We have provided all the documents necessary to close the loan in a timely manner and their underwriters sit around picking their noses and wasting time. Now we must resubmit redundant information and possibly need another appraisal because of the unnecessary delay. To add, once they get you "hook, " their customer service is crappy, one-hand doesn't know what the other is doing and they make excuses time and time again!

    If you are looking to refinance, DO NOT USE PNC! Unless you have time to waste. Despite the loss of time, money and energy, we are pulling out and going with another mortgage company. PNC doesn't deserve our hard earned money, and after reading the the above complaints, we don't regret our decision.

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  • At
      Oct 27, 2010

    I am dealing with PNC for the same issues. I am two months behind because of a change in income and sharp increase in expenses. I am looking for employment but am working on a forbearance to get the loan current. Everytime I call, I am told that it is still processing. I have worked with paperwork before and I had to have paperwork processed in a timely manner or I was in trouble. If they are behind, they need to hire some of the tax payers who bailed them out of trouble. This would be a win-win because we could get the paperwork handled and some of us in trouble could pay our loans and make them current.

    If you want to complain, go to these websites and email your complaints to:

    and also to your attorney general.

    If there are enough complaints, there can be a class action lawsuit filed against PNC and the other banks who are not living up to the rules, regulations, modifications, and standards set by the federal and state lawws.
    also contact your local politicians

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  • Pi
      Nov 02, 2010

    Why and how is PNC Mortgage and Bank still in business. I've been dealing with a short sale from PNC Bank and Mortgage since May 2010 and it is now November 2010. After months of negotiating the 2nd mortgage submitted an approval which is usually the hardest and longest to acquire. The closing date was set for Oct 28, 2010 but did not take place and no one could give a reason why. Of course the buyers bailed out! Now we risk going to forecloser or trying to negotiate another sale. I've have all my documents and plan to write to my local news station. PNC purposely held back to push this house into foreclosure. FOLKS, don't be fooled, these banks are getting gov't relief for the amount of foreclosures they can write off.

    Raleigh, NC

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  • Ja
      Nov 07, 2010

    I posted my situation in another forum post ( This company is ruthless. I forgot to add in my last post that we went into foreclosure after sending in the two months of payments we were behind with. They sent it back as well and proceeded with Notice of Default. This is all a result of attempting a loan mod on a horrible loan. I stopped counting, but I think we were denied 5-6 times. I tried myself with National City, then again with PNC, then again 3 more times with a loan mod company. PNC broke these people down despite that fact they prided themselves on attaining loan mods with banks such as Wells Fargo and B of A!! I had to cash out a 403B acct, which was COSTLY to get my home back only for wanting to feel better about the inflated payments I write to the Private Nazi Corp (PNC) every month! I am in for a class action lawsuit, hope it happens, and am still pursuing contact to the state controller! We have pursued options for personal finances and are hoping for one day ridding ourselves of PNC as home values increase, if we make it through!! Might happen on the property we have. The values are slowly rising in a bad economy-stricken state! I have much more to share, but will save it. I do remember being told by an attorney, however, that PNC received tons of bail out money, but is refusing to use it!!!

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  • Be
      Nov 17, 2010

    Feb. 2009: applied for a Mortgage Mod. June 26, 2009: Told there are 'no loss mitigation options available'. August, 2009: accepted into the HAMP Trial Program / Told to miss a month's payment to get behind on the mortgage. October, 2009 - March, 2010: Made reduced payments in the HAMP Trial Program. August, 2009, and October, 2009: Asked PNC for a copy of the Trial agreement we signed, and was ignored. April 19, 2010: We were sent a check for $692.77 with a letter stating this amount was insufficiant to "reinstate your loan from default". April 20, 2010: We were informed we were not eligable for HAMP Modification due to stated income, which was incorrect (in their letter), attempts to resolve the issue went nowhere. April 27, 2010:Recieved a notice of Loan Default, with a demand for $8, 270.63 to bring the loan current. March and April, 2010: We were told by thee different representatives in Loss Mitigation to ignore the Default Letter because Loss Mitigation was working on an 'in house modification'. Atempts to recieve written verification were refused. June 23, 2010; recieved a letter stating we were refered for foreclosure. June 23, 2010: recieved a letter staing to direct all further communication to PNC's attorney, Tiffany and Bosco of Phoenix, Az. June 22, 2010: Foreclosure was filed.

    We have since had the foreclosure reversed, all fees waived, and our credit scrubbed.

    We were sent a 'HAMP Backup Modification' offer in late September that was recinded four days later. We were sent the same mod offer last week, with a deadline of Thanksgiving. The modification offer nets us a savings of $47.70 a month, is above the average current interest rate, and $250.00 to $300.00 a month over what a curent market mortage would cost us! This is the 'fruit' of our labors to get a mortgage modification!
    There are several law firms around the country investigating class action suits against these business practices by loan servicers and PNC in particular. As imple google search will get you firms.
    Our hearts go out to all who are suffering under these calloused and arrogant practices. Stay positive and keep fighting!
    Contact every senator on the Senate Banking Committee, your state Attorney General, newspaper and TV news outlet. Keep pressure on any way you can!

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  • Sh
      Nov 22, 2010

    I am also in this situation. I have an attorney now and he is filing my Chapter 13. There was no other way out. I am shamed for falling for this. It took them one year to get my house from me because I believed all their talk about the modification and stimulous assistance. By the time I figured out what was really going on it was too late. I received an intent to foreclose. I got an attorney and that night they sent me the notice to sell my house on the steps. Please let this Chapter 13 save me. There is no other way out. PNC is ruthless. They talked me into being an idiot. I had a perfect credit report and payment history. I applied because the market went down and I hoped the 300 hundred a month less would help me over the rough spot. It did... then they started in with repeated requests for the same thing over and over. then told me I had to pay the balance plus fees to go back to my original payments. I wanted out. It all ended up a nightmare. The sale is December 13, 2010. I pray my lawyer can save me and my home. My credit is already in the toilet.. they made sure they did that too. Did you know that if you have a secured loan (i.e.FHA) the mortgage company does not get the property, they get the money and the bank gets the house? What a deal. Why would you work with anyone with a modification. Did you know that if you have a lot of equity in your home... it looks like gold to them? you bet! What a scam! I WAS A TARGET> Good Equity, Single Woman, Hard Times... they had my number!

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  • Gp
      Nov 22, 2010

    WOW...I hate to see so many people are experiencing the same poor quality responses from PNC that I am yet kind of glad to know I am not alone!
    Here is my story...I made partial mortgage payments to PNC in August and September of 2010 when I was forced into reduced hours at work. In October (when my hours were reinstated and I started my additional part time job) i was ready to start making full payments again. That was when I got my first check back from PNC. They were returning my partial payments. On the same day I got some (not all) of my payments back I also got notification from PNCs attorney that my house was being placed in foreclosure proceedings. I have the money to bring my mortgage currect, as well as enough income to make my house payments. Yet, PNC says I have no other option but to particiapte in their loan modification programs all the while the foreclosure process moves forward. I have a lot of equity in my house and believe that PNC sees a real cash cow when they look at my property. I have worked hard to get where I am and do not want to lose my house...I am NOT just another number of someone that got in over their head.


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  • There has to be a way to start a class action lawsuit against PNC Mortgage. PNC is a nightmare of a company and our fate is in the hands of someone sitting behind a desk with a pile of paperwork in front of them. It's impossible to get a hold of someone and when u do, they cannot help u and then u get a foreclosure letter in the mail.

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  • On
      Nov 29, 2010
    PNC Bank - Mortgages - Unfair charges
    PNC Bank - Mortgages
    United States

    I had a HELOC account with PNC years ago. Out of the blue their collections department calls me claiming back charges are due for insurance on a house I haven't owned for nearly a decade.

    I've followed their instructions multiple times, in writing, and they won't even respond, yet the collections notices keep coming... for a bill that should not even exist!

    Mistakes happen, but the total refusal (or ineptitude) to respond appropriately is not OK. I'll never do business with PNC again.

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  • Pa
      Nov 30, 2010

    i dont know what to do any more im just like everyone here. i been through this issue over 1 year 1/2. i want would to know what the lawsuit site is because i dont want to lose my house. I had complied with all the paper work. They said they never received it or was not on time which is all lies . please someone guide me...i dont know what to do

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  • De
      Dec 02, 2010

    I have the same horror stories as all of you above. I have been working with them for 1 year and not one time have I receiced any type of agreement or modification. This modification is a JOKE. There is no such thing. Diann - Boston, MA . They should be closed down they are not helping anyone...

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  • De
      Dec 02, 2010

    I have all the same nighmares that you have all experienced too. I hate this mortgage company and as far as Obama's Loan Modificaton program "There is no such thing" with this company. they did everything to me as all of you have stated and I would like to be added to a class action law suit against this company as well! Dianne - Boston, MA

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  • To
      Dec 14, 2010

    I'm having the same issues as everybody else. I was told they dont accept unemployment as wages so I dont qualify for a loan mod. This is after them telling me not to send payments is cause it would mess their numbers up in the mod papers. Now I'm almost a year behind and in foreclosure. I sent a complaint to our state attorney general Tom Corbett. I'm not sure they can help me in time, but hopefully they can get PNC straightened out for those just starting into this nightmare. Tom York, PA

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  • To
      Dec 31, 2010

    I am amazed that there are this many people, me included, that have fallen for PNC Mortgage false statements. My situation is exactly like the umpteen stories that I have just read. Unfortunately, my home is gone now. I lost my career due to illegal CEO hedge fund trading, then my children and I were served a notice of sale. We packed up our home in 3 days and had to leave. It was a hard fight and just because I got behind one payment and they wouldnt accept a 3 month repayment plan to get caught back up. Modifications are a joke. I went through this process and fell for the lost paperwork, need more information, etc until the day I was supposed to have some kind of answer came in the form of the foreclosure notice. Being a single dad that raised three children for over 14 years without help from their mother made me feel strong until this event. I truly hope that our pain results in some kind of positive result, and not just positive income for these mortgage companies. I am saddened to see people still buying their stock and raising their value. It's a hope that "We the people" is returned to this country, as "We the wealthy" have seemed to replace it. Best of luck to you all, my prayers are with you all. Tony K- Washington State

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  • Ry
      Jan 04, 2011

    Letter that I wrote to our PNC Contact:


    I wanted to follow up with you- I made the decision to ditch the home owners affordaballity plan that was being offered by PNC for two reasons.

    1. Because this program had destroyed my credit- The letter that I requested back from Rhonda in June was never sent to the credit agencies nor was it sent to the credit union I was trying to get my loan from.

    2. Because one arm of PNC was not talking to the other, I was in fear of losing my home. A month after we went through all of this- I received a letter stating that I had not been accepted by the home owners affordabillity program. That I was denied based on one small document that I had been asked to provide. I had a tracking number saved- where I had mailed the requested form in.. Still I was denied the program because they said the document I sent in was not received. I had made my requested payments in the trial period I was accepted for on time every month throughout the trial period. ----- PNC stated that I now owed approximately $3500 dollars in back payables that was marked as the difference between the amount I was paying on the program versus the real amount I should have been paying--- Worse, we were able to skip a payment at the beginning of the program while we waited for our program packet. All these funds were due- and due in short order or the bank was going to foreclose on us. All this time of course they had been reporting late to my credit even though I had followed the payment structure outlined in the program to the letter.

    I was receiving letters and harassing phone calls from PNC collections// some of the collections officers that I spoke with acknowledged that they spoke with other people who had similar luck with this program--- and were put in a very bad position (like mine) as a result. I was furious, I called every department within PNC// even PNC corporate - repeatedly asking for supervisors names and numbers trying to escalate my situation. Finally a case manager for the Home Owners Affordabillity program contacted me- admitted that she saw the error in my documentation and agreed to reprocess my file--- This of course would require me to again go through a six month trial program which again would report as late on my credit for my payment / and possibly leave me with a greater balance owed if I again was denied at the end of the trial. I was told by multiple sources in multiple departments that this was my only option.

    Furious, I opted out of the program that was being extended to me. My wife and I were able to come up with the $3500 dollars and money enough for the next mortgage payment on our own. We had no interest in any more programs and simply wanted PNC to honor our original contract for our mortgage. In addition, we requested that PNC still send the letter they should have sent all the way back in June to the credit agencies that we were always current and never late. PNC refused to send any letter updating the agencies- stating that their records with the agencies were correct- that technically I was in fact late on my payments- even though I had paid everything that was asked of me in the trial program // and was willing to completely pay off the past due amount after being denied by the program... We had no choice, so we simply paid the account's past due amount to current - That was on August 25th.

    We have been current and have made our regular payments ever since. My credit score plummeted from approximately 680-700 to 520!!! Lenders believed that my home was going into foreclosure!! Our only saving grace is that the house was only under my name and not my wife's who kept her good credit intact.

    We were still able to get the car loan through her name alone- but because they couldn't add my income/ use my credit I had to come up with an additional $4, 000 dollars out of pocket to bring the sale amount of the vehicle down!!!

    To add insult to injury I subscribed to - and regularly have checked to see if PNC would even up to my credit since August showing that I was paid up and current. The latest report reads no update from PNC since may!!! That have not reported a thing!!! At this point, I have no clue what to do-

    In my opinion PNC used the home owners affordabillity act as a tool to take advantage of people that were in a bad situation - start them on a trail- let them accrue a large balance in the difference-- then deny them forcing them to come up with a huge lump sum payment that was impossible to make... Had we been in any other situation-- we would have foreclosed on our home and PNC would have had their way... Instead I climbed through the obstacle course- Paid PNC their ridiculous lump sum demand and still PNC has yet to even show me current with the agencies since August!!!

    In my opinion the very least that PNC should have done is corrected my credit to reflect the good / timely payments that we made- but if they are not willing to do that they at least owe me what ANY VENDOR WOULD DO - which is report me as I am, CURRENT..

    I am reaching out to you hoping that you can give me some point of escalation- I want someone high up/ some department that I am able to send my story to so that we can at least get that letter into the agency to fix my credit. Additionally, if PNC cares at all about it's clients, I am sure that they would want to make sure that something similar doesn't happen to individuals also going through these programs.

    The other day I read an interesting article:

    This is what happened to me... I would greatly appreciate any information you can give me to help my cause... I just want my credit fixed // and if that can't happen I at least want them to report me as current (which I am, and have been since August).

    I am extremely disappointed in the generic and faceless responses I have been given. Aside from you, PNC has been a soulless corporation that almost cost us our home and has destroyed my credit.

    I am an elected official in Plainfield/ I am a local business owner.. I know to PNC I am small - but I will use the resources that I have to make this public if the situation is not rectified! This is not a threat, I am simply saying that this needs to be cleared up-- Or I will make it my goal to expose something that is wrong.. I would appreciate anything you can do to help this situation..A contact, anything..


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  • Li
      Jan 26, 2011

    Mortgage-Related Issues and Home Affordable Modification Program

    Law offices of Strange & Carpenter IN LOS ANGELES is investigating mortgage-related issues and whether Wells Fargo; CitiMortgage; American Home Mortgage; Litton Loan Servicing; OneWest Bank; Aurora Loan Services; Ocwen Financial Corp.; Wachovia; Saxon Mortgage Services; and PNC Mortgage are complying with the loan modification requirements of the federal Home Affordable Modification Program ("HAMP"). Please contact us for a free consultation if you are the borrower of a mortgage loan with one of these lenders/loan servicers who applied for and was determined to be eligible for a HAMP loan modification, but did not receive a permanent loan modification.
    0 mins ago by LIVESTRONG2011 0 Votes

    12100 Wilshire Boulevard,
    Suite 1900
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
    Toll-free: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]
    Map and Directions

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  • Lo
      Feb 27, 2011

    It is alarming to see the large number of people who are sharing the same nightmarish experience with attempts with PNC to
    assist with the current downturn in the economy. Naively my husband and believed that the Obama program would prevent
    many of us in similar situations from losing our homes. We
    have submitted time and time again the documents required by
    PNC to no avail...At ages 72 and 80, we cannot imagine joining
    how many other homeless people in the U.S.A...??watching the
    thieves in mortgage companies getting wealthier by the minute??
    and whatever happened to accountability for all the massive
    funds received by these lenders. They just keep on requesting
    bail outs and our government just keeps doling out our money.Now I am wondering who will have all the funding to purchase all of the
    homes that have been sold at forclosure. Of course! the same CEO's
    that get massive bonuses for the outstanding job they do...
    there is an end to this somewhere but I have lost faith in any of our government's programs to provide assistance to those of us who are caught up in this tragedy. another fellow victim

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  • Se
      Mar 02, 2011
    PNC - Kenilworth NJ - Nasty teller at PNC
    New Jersey
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    This place is the worst. VERY POOR WORK ETHIC. One teller, Alicia, should be so ashamed of herself. She's just plain nasty! Very low class/no class operation. Doesn't greet customers with a smile. The management is awful. I was harassed by two men and no one did anything. I do not feel safe in there.

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  • Ne
      Mar 04, 2011
    PNC bank - Botched Loan denies me title, But PNC threatens to hold me to loan
    PNC Bank
    1850 W. Henderson Rd.
    United States
    Phone: 614.442.3820

    Stay away from this bank. They can really ruin your life!

    I had purchased/financed a used vehicle and they botched up the paperwork so badly that the manufacturer will not release the title, but they established the loan and still hold me responsible. I cannot drive or license my $33k car due to PNC's horrendous handling of the title work. And they are still holding me to the loan. It's been two months and no sight of a resolution. The manufacturer got their pay-off and they consider the car still owned by the prior owner, who is unreachable.

    They are destroying my (once high) credit, costing thousands. I'm so sick from this I cannot stand it. Attorney fees will be through the roof. This started with the PNC Branch on Henderson in Columbus, OH.. and has progressed to their upper tier loan centers with no resolution (all of PNC has been useless in trying to resolve this). Henderson Road, Columbus is horribly managed (well all of it is). And this after being an excellent customer with a prior vehicle.

    PNC is heartless and will not resolve this. They simply say, "sorry". So, please find another institution to finance through and save yourself the pain. These people are thieves! I'm still trying find resolution as of March 2011.

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