PNC / mortgage blunders

Saint Clair Shores, MI, United States

I closed on my house in July 2012. I received a Winter Tax bill in October 2012 and called PNC. After speaking to several customer service reps, I was able to get them to understand that PNC needed to pay my taxes with the escrow they are collecting in my house payment. In February 2013 I received a past due Winter Tax bill and called PNC. This is when it was discovered that PNC sent $900 of my money to another city for somebody elses taxes. After many calls and much discussion, I was told that everything would be straighten out and that is when I received a statement from PNC that my mortgage escrow was short and my house payment will go up. I was told to continue to pay the old house payment amount and they are stil working on straightening my mortgage out. In April, I receive a letter from PNC that I did not pay enough in my house payment so they took money out of my escrow to cover the difference (even though the I was told to pay the old amount and even though PNC took $900 of my money and sent it to a city that I don't live in).

Apr 06, 2013

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