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On TWO separate occasions I tried to cash a check that was written by my boss, whom is a Dr. The first time on 6/5/18 the teller called two different people over about the check. When I asked what was wrong he said he needs to check something. Upon asking again he said the signature is not my bosses signature and it's not even close. Then one guy that he called over had the audacity to ask me not once, BUT TWICE who wrote the check him or me. I had my boss call the next day to verify and the branch manager he spoke with assured him that everything was ok and that I can come in and cash the check no problems. The branch closes at 5pm and I get off at 5pm- 5:30pm. I came again 6/7/18 and apparently the manager that spoke with my boss just left out on medical leave 6/6/18 and there are no notes because it was a verbal conversation and they couldn't do anything for me. This was a complete waste of time and BOTH times they made me feel uncomfortable and as if the check was not valid. They first day the teller called my boss to verify on 6/5/18 he never left any messages. Then on 6/7/18 I called my co worker to see if our boss was in surgery or out playing golf(he does in his free time) and the teller had the never to tell me " I googled the office and they're closed". My response was "yes we close at 12pm EVERY Thursday". His tone and demeanor each time was as if I was lieing and trying to get over. All of this trouble over $100 check. My boss called me back and he will be handling this AGAIN on 6/8/18. He as well as myself is not very happy. I was embarrassed and very upset by the way I was treated and the side conversation that was going on. I will no longer be banking with PNC after this fiasco.

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    This was the PNC branch in East Norriton

Jun 07, 2018

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