PNC / class action lawsuit - yes! mortgage loan process slow and maybe unlawful

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Nov 2016 - I wish I had looked first at the online reviews. Maybe I would have suspected that after we’d passed the first "30-45 day” close mark, and two other dates, that the process would be the nightmare described by others. The documentation re-requested by their underwriter was uncalled for (like transcript of 60 days past PayPal transactions, a note from my mother, etc) I questioned the PayPal request due to email addresses and private information displayed from small gift monies to family and friends. (Like, what if I bought adult toys??)

PNC wouldn't accept electronic signature on documents they emailed, but neglected to tell me until weeks later. When signed a second time in "wet-ink", the documents were rejected again and sent back for my initials (next to my existing signatures) Ridiculous.

My credit score is always around 780. I make good money, and more interesting, PNC holds my checking account. It's why I thought I could trust them with a mortgage loan.

So... now my elderly parents are packed to move, and PNC home-close failed a third time. PNC also required me to get home insurance on a home I still don't own. On top of that, I paid another month of furniture storage with the moving company waiting to drive it out-of-state, reschedule cleaning crews, construction, and new appliance deliveries etc (over $3000 extra expense). My elderly parents are sleeping on airbeds in an empty house, they’re stressed, and mom caught pneumonia last week. She recovered, thankfully.

At this point, wondering if I was just having bad luck, I read the reviews and found many other hapless PNC customers. I shuddered to see that the close date in their complaints was pushed out for three or more months. I decided that night to go with another bank and start all over again, knowing that at least there would be an end to it all in 30 -45 days. PNC responded with a flurry of activity, and a promise that we would close in another week.

So here we are, two weeks later, at a fourth attempt "ready to close" and they forget to send the loan package to the attorney for sign-off. I'm a week out from having to pay more exorbitant fees for the delay. Stay away from PNC.

Nov 19, 2016

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