PNC Bank Mortgage / refinance home, nightmare

Middletown, DE, United States

We have been trying to refinance our home with PNC since November 2011, its April now. We have done everything they have asked for... PNC has lost our paper work, They have restarted our loan 3 times.. hit our credit report also 3 times, which has lowered our rating each time it hits..
Each time they say something different, asked for me to prove that I will collect Social Sec. for the next 3 yrs..what doctors is going to put their name on the line to say that. didn't ask if my husband was gonna have a job for the next 3 yrs..
Second would not use all of my income..
Now the last straw..would not count our whole property in the appraisal, We have almost 6acres a small horse farm in 2 states. But the property has to be sold as one, can not be divided.. We were upfront with PNC from beginning. about the house .. Even the Mortgage rep said he cant find the reason why they wont let the refinance go through...Now PNC wants PMI...want a scam...this has been going on for almost 6months and now this. Don't try PNC.. they have put us through hell.


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