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In September of 2012 I signed the paperwork to a Home Equity Line of Credit with National City Bank. They told me PNC had purchased them and that my account would transfer over to PNC. No big deal. Boy, I am regretting it now. I was told I could make extra payments to the principal and at first I could. PNC removed this option from on-line banking and when I try to go to the bank to pay the extra on principal only there are always problems. In April of last year I paid an extra 1, 000 on the principal and it was changed the same day to 842.84 principal and 157316 interest. My monthly automatic payment for April was never taken out. When I called in May to protest and have it corrected I talked to Cindy Christy in retail escalation. At first she said, "Well, you didn't make any payments to interest!" It took some time but I finally got her to understand that I wanted all of that to go to principal and my regular payments to continue. We agreed that I owed a payment and she had me sign papers authorizing her to take a one time payment out of my checking account. She applied the entire payment to my principal to correct the error of April's payments. I don't know who went into my account and took out a payment in May which was due on the 15th but it is dated May 6th and the payment was for 184.14 to principal and 154.76 interest. This would have been correct but it was removed the same said date and no payment was therefore taken for May. I did not check any of this because I thought the issue was resolved in April. In June I see my payment was taken and the entire 338.90 was put to interest! What is happening here. I called and spoke to Becky Merrick, also retail escalation department. She said she would get back to me and left a message days later saying I owed that because I paid 1, 000 to my principal in April. I left her several messages since that it doesn't make sense to me to owe MORE in interest after I have paid 1, 000 to lower my principal. Never heard from anyone again. I got the number of the retail escalation's regional manager. Debra Baker is the Executive Client Relations of Enterprise Escalation Group. first she was on vacation and then when I finally spoke to her she said she would get back to me after further investigation. Never heard from her again. I filed a claim with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This took some time as I wanted to send paper copies so no one could say they had never received my complaint form. I got a case number and had to call back a month later and ask where the forms were they were suppose to send. "Sorry. Someone had not marked that the forms were to be mailed to me." One month later, still no forms. I called and asked if someone at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau got paid to loose any complaint forms for PNC? TA DA! My papers finally arrive December 11th. I fill them out and send them back ASAP. I received a letter of acknowledgement that my complaint forms were received on February 23rd! I receive a letter from PNC on April 21st, "Please allow me to respond to your complaint filed on February 20th". This was from Debra Baker and her explanation of what happened does not mention anything about the May payment being negated nor does she mention the June payment going solely to interest. Also, my July payment was divided as 113.47 to principal and 225.43 to interest. August was 157.06 principal and 181384 interest. Before all this started my principal was 169.13 and interest 169.77. It's like they punished my with extra interest because I tried to pay down my principal. No way were they not getting their money. I have so many more issues with them...Making comments when I withdrew money one Friday "Are you planning on making a big purchase this weekend?', looking at my accounts and saying "You have a lot of money in here!", while trying to send money overseas, "You do not have the correct information that we need. I do not read or speak German." Well, I can't change the name of the bank to English for them and I can't change the account number for them because it has too many digits to fit into there forms! Now I receive a letter saying they are adding a clause to their accounts that any claims must go to their arbitration and cannot be settled by judge or jury. What is up with that! I have had enough. I am getting out ASAP!!!

May 16, 2015
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  • Ha
      4th of May, 2011
    United States

    PNC SUCKS ### --- they take all of your HARD earned money in fees...###ers living lavishly...stop putting money in the banks they are jerks over $300 in fees this month what jerks...ONLY ONE PERSON IS GETTING RICH AND IT AINT YOU !!!

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  • Be
      1st of Oct, 2011
    PNC Bank - Won't Guarantee Signature
    PNC Bank
    District of Columbia
    United States

    PNC Bank refused to guarantee my signature, even though we've been customers of the bank for 32 years.

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