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I have done my banking services through a small-town family-owned bank since I was 12 and NEVER had a problem. Now that I am a grown adult- starting out my career, I opened my first "Corporate" Bank Account around a month ago...And it has been a headache ever since! First off, the Bank Manager who opened up my account at PNC Bank in Dunwoody, I find out a week later, keyed in my Social Security # wrong (mistyped the last number)...Boy! Let me tell you! I have received NONSTOP Emails-Phone Calls-Mailings from the Government-Homeland Security, stating I am under their radar for providing a false SS#...I had to fill out W-11's OVER AND OVER with my correct #, I even went into a local branch and tried to get them to correct my #...Still not fixed, and still getting hammered by Homeland Security! (Worries me that people who work at this bank obviously key in numbers incorrectly...) Then, I call because it has been a month now and I STILL haven't received checks for my account...Well the Branch Manager never ordered them, even after I PAID for the order last month!!! And what was the last straw?? Today, since it is the first of the month, that means BILLS, BILLS & MORE BILLS to pay...So I go into the branch today as I can transfer my rent money into my Landlords account...and guess what?? THEIR COMPUTER SYSTEM IS DOWN!! So my money is non-accessible, which equals an UNHAPPY LANDLORD. STAY AWAY FROM PNC! Not only is Homeland Security thinking I am an illegal alien, I also have no reliable access to my MONEY!!! I am closing my account and just sticking with the small town bank...

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  • Bu
      3rd of Apr, 2012

    Uh, I have went into the branch and showed my SS# to change and correct number, and they gave me W-11 form to fill out. So, obviously it isn't easy to fix. :)

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  • Bu
      4th of Apr, 2012

    I completely agree. It is very confusing situation, LOL! I kept asking why I have to fill this form out every time I come in the branch, I even get the form in my mailbox twice a week...?? I think I will just go to another branch near by and fix this...The funny thing is the person that opened my account and the person I have dealt with thus far HAS been the branch manager! Talk about scarey! Where, why and how did they hire this person! LOL! :) Thank you for your time.

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  • Cr
      17th of Jun, 2012

    Same thing happened to me, they keyed in wrong information, and now I have not received my ATM card in 3 weeks. When I went to correct it, they did not put the complete address either. Next day, I call customer service, and apartment number was missing. They told me they would cancel my current card, but I had to call them back in 3 days to order a new one. They are unprofessional, I withdrew $100.00 in a rush and they did not give me a receipt, they said they would take care of it later. They have 3 separate accounts with different numbers in 1, one for checking, one for savings, and something else. This is inefficient system. I am going to cancel this account.

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