Planet Fitnessunethical behaviour

Date of Incident: 1/8/17
Description of Incident: I am from Pittsburgh, PA and contacted the Edgewood/Swissvale branch of Planet Fitness via telephone to inquire about the current special: 10 down; 10 monthly. The fine print states that a $40 (39 and change) is to be automatically deducted from my checking account. Unfortunately, I don't let anyone automatically deduct from my checking account. Upon expressing my concerns to this condition to membership, Haley (22yr old female) told me that if I could not do that, she could not help me. She became quite condescending, referring to me as "hon". I am 50. My daughter is 23 years old and would never refer to me as "hon". That being said, I cannot imagine that I am the only person who refuses auto withdrawal from their checking account. Ballys and LA fitness tried to do that in Pgh, but now are out of business in Pittsburgh for this reason. I would love to work out at your gym. However, I will not let staff condescend to me, nor will I let someone take money directly from my checking account. Alert Hayley that women older than she is are not her "hon" nor will we sign up for a gym that condones her behaviors. I am sorry you will not be getting my money due to a condescending staff member.

Jan 08, 2017

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