Planet Fitnessthe customer service from the front desk boy!!!

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Hello I went into to start a membership and was so disappointed and disrespected I dont know if ill ever go back!!! The boy who was there alone at the front desk did not know how to sign my friend and I up!!! So after asking him what he was doing working alone if he didnt know how to do things he told us "he didnt know what to tell us" and was so so rude and disrespectful!!! I can not believe they would ever allow someone like this to work for them.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Hagerstown, MDIve never been treated or talked to like this!!! And was told oh well he didnt care if we called his boss and continued to say he didnt know what to tell us for everything we asked or said!!! Hope you can get this problem resolved and get this young rude boy out of there!!!

Dec 11, 2016
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      Dec 12, 2016

    Was he actually rude or was it that he just couldn't answer your questions and that made you mad? Based on what you wrote, I get the impression you were giving him a hard time. Do you honestly think this BOY scheduled himself to work alone? Do you think this BOY is in charge of the gym work schedule? If he's not properly trained, is that HIS fault? Your beef lies with management, not with this BOY!

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  •   Dec 12, 2016

    I wish I had been there to take up for this boy. I call this type of attitude "Walmart bravery". People are always so bad [censor] when someone is on the clock and can't defend themselves without risking their job. I wonder what she would have done if he had jumped at her. Probably crapped herself.

    Me, I would have called the cops and had her arrested for verbal assault. NO ONE should have to put up with that [censor] at their job.

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