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I joined planetfitness just gym in BellviIle.I cancelled my contract beginning of september because I was told that I can't transfer to Cape Town, and I was told that by the end of the month it will be cancelled. I asked the just gym manager if money was deducted for august and september, the manager told me that I only need to pay for september, which I payed for. 3rd of October I went to join Planetfitness in Cape Town City Centre. The system still didn't show that I owe money. I had to pay R160 for the month of October in Cape Town gym, but they charged me R340. When I asked them why am I being charged that much, they told me that the R180 is a transfer fee, which myself and the Cape Town manager failed to understand because I wasn't transferred. I called the planetfitness call centre, the guy I spoke to told me that I owe R169 for august(which I was told by just gym manager I don't owe) and he told me that the manager didn't see it that time because their system is slow when it comes to updating the records. So we agreed that the R169 they say I owe will be deducted from the R180 they owe me(this was a month ago). I can't access gym because this thing is still not fixed and now I'm being called by debt collectors saying they have been sent by planetfitness. I've been waiting for planetfitness to sort out this issue, still not sorted and I have a very strong case against them if they decide to place a bad paying record under my name for something that is their fault

Nov 29, 2015

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